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Gian (1 hour ago)
Lucie Makes Porn / Manica Money
Linking code no longer available in manica money. Redirects to commonsensual
Mihail (3 days ago)
porncz.com aren't counting clicks - disabled
Mihail (3 days ago)
I checked the statistics today and see this: * There are no items to display in the current view Also they do not respond to email. I disable them.
Mihail (3 days ago)
ref-code is now working normal and count clicks.
(4 days ago)
you know if sales are registered in CCbill?
babeterminal (4 days ago)
The Female Orgasm / Cum Bucks
i could only find this link from cumbucks i will test all cumbucks links today http://refer.ccbill.com/cgi-bin/clicks.cgi?CA=923545-0006&PA=2205104&HTML=http://tour.onlyzahra.com/about.html http://albagals.com/zahra/#.W-jjUOKnzIV
Gian (5 days ago)
Punish Teens / Paper Street Cash
Linking code no longer available in the PSC program.
Mihail (7 days ago)
The Female Orgasm / Cum Bucks
You will merge two programs into one or everything will remain the same?
tfcash (7 days ago)
The Female Orgasm / Cum Bucks
babeterminal, we are taking over the cumbucks program, and I wanted to see what you meant by the codes do not work for the site?? If you want you can email me at tim -at- tfcash.com and I'll look into what is going on! Thanks Tim
Mihail (8 days ago)
My Boobs Paradise / Radical Cash
My Boobs Paradise now on Rradical Cash - don't forget to update your links.
Mihail (8 days ago)
MyboobsParadise moved to radicalcash - disabled
Mihail (9 days ago)
Hey guys see new affiliate program. looks very interesting
Mihail (10 days ago)
Looks like they not counted clicks, now i register on porncz everything works there, but they're definitely suspicious guys.
Mihail (10 days ago)
Kirsty's TG Playground / Blue Pixels Profits
kirstystgplayground is now closed - disabled.
(11 days ago)
any answer? also do clicks register in ccbill stats for you?
Mihail (11 days ago)
This sites disabled due to redirect. Johnny Castle Unleashed Glamour Pornstar
Gian (11 days ago)
Glamour Pornstar / Spiz Cash
Linking code for this site not available in the program anymore.
Toby Lonewolf (12 days ago)
Possibly VideoBox
What (13 days ago)
Hoovers? Is that a typo for something real?
babeterminal (21 days ago)
the above comment was for lotzadollars.com dreamcash guy NOT KELLYCASH