Universal CCBill webmasters join form

You can join whatever CCBill program you want via this form. Please read the information below before using it!
Client Account*
Current ID

This form might be useful once you can’t find “Webmasters” link for a specific paysite or the form on ‘Webmasters’ page is broken. You should have CCBill Client Account number for a paysite you‘d like to promote. It looks like 948313-0093 Follow those simple steps to use this form:

1. Go to CCBill paysite join form and view html source of it.

2. Search for “clientAccnum” into html code

*3. Contact CCBill support regarding CA "Account grouping" status. If “Account grouping” is disabled for that particular CA you’ll need to join that CA with specific sub-account (’clientSubacc’ into html source). If “Account grouping” is enabled - CA number will be enough.

4. Paste CA number into the form above. Use 90000 CA format for a program with enabled “Account grouping”. Use 90000-1234 CA format for a program with disabled “Account grouping”.

5. Enter your CCBill data and click Retrieve Data.

6. Grab PA you’ve got and build the link: http://refer.ccbill.com/cgi-bin/clicks.cgi?CA=90000-1234&PA=1122233
In 15 minutes check your link, by clicking it and getting to join page html source. If everything is correct you should be able to find your PA in there:
<input type='hidden' name='ccbill_referer' value='2040263'><input type='hidden' name='referingURL' value='>
<input type='hidden' name='referingDestURL' value=''>

7. Click here for more information regarding CCBill affiliate platform.
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