Great News!
SignBucks is back on track

Freak Bucks

Freak Bucks
This program has been disabled. Profile is available by direct URL only for tracking purposes.
Webmaster's comments (4)
SBD editor (more than a month ago) + Reply
Looks like they are dead - disabled
SBD editor (more than a month ago) + Reply
FreakBucks is currently not accepting new affiliates. Please contact us to be updated on our relaunch. looks very suspicious.
babeterminal (more than a month ago) + Reply
pulled them long time ago
DarthVader (more than a month ago) + Reply,,,,, arent working,, don't present into program's admin
Partner details:
Sale Revenue: $25 PPS
Webmaster's payout: $100
Pay method: check, wire
Program's type: in-house script
Webmaster's payout terms: no 2nd tier
Check Sender: Freak, Inc.