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Mihail (5 days ago) + Reply
Stunr and Stunr mobile is offline - disabled.
Cho (more than a month ago) + Reply Wins "Best Dating Site" -- Promo Day Friday 02/03/12 to Celebrate! Ok, it's official... is the "Best Dating Site" of 2012. We can all go home :) AVN Award Winners: Shall we celebrate with a Bonus Day?! Shit yeah...this Friday we'll be paying out $100 pps on traffic sent to and $75 pps on traffic sent to Fling Mobile. Start sending traffic now to get the max out of this promo. ;) Promo Day: Friday (02/03/12 EST) Grab some PROMOS: Grab some LINKS: View Promo Terms: Let us know if you need anything! Our guys are ready to can hit up: Cho (icq: 640-545-017) Cal (icq: 614-264-181) Blake (icq: 628-648-666)
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Sale Revenue: 55%, $35 PPS
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