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Lynx Dollars

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babeterminal (6 days ago) + Reply
links pulled they are connected to the other brit femdom ccbill site that lowered everyone to 1% they were one of the best femodom companies to come out of britain now with all the bs in europe, the end of an era GOOD LUCK LIZA THANK YOU
bubon (6 days ago) + Reply
I checked my link on Everything ok. clientAccnum' value='942440' – 50% revshare. Maybe you didn’t clean cookies?
babeterminal (6 days ago) + Reply
goes to error page does work but is on sub acc 942440-0003
bubon (6 days ago) + Reply
I checked with this my link . name=ccbill_referer value='2410816' . This is mine account.
Mihail (6 days ago) + Reply
Need to waiting ccbill response, they will check. Account grouping disabled or enabled.
Mihail (6 days ago) + Reply
Account grouping is on, it means the sub number is not important. also my password restored by admin.
babeterminal (5 days ago) + Reply
is all i get You attempted to login with wrong username/password too many times and your account is blocked for an hour. what contact did you use?
Mihail (7 days ago) + Reply
was the same at 11/30/17 Lynx Dollars admin set me a password manually, now it again doesn't work.
babeterminal (7 days ago) + Reply
login stop working lost password is messed up anyone can login there?
bubon (7 days ago) + Reply
Yes. The same for me.
John (more than a month ago) + Reply
Introducing Lynx Dollars Hi my name is John and I have just recently been appointed the Affiliate Manager of a fantastic Program that may be of great interest to you! Lynx Dollars has three great CCBill Fetish sites to promote all with a 50% payout. Fetish Liza Glove Mansion Chateau Cuir We are now producing top notch content each month for you to promote the sites with, along with the tools you would expect as a webmaster. Both Liza and Oli, who run and produce the content, really know their stuff. If you are an experienced webmaster I am sure you will recognise the quality of what they do and how that will in turn translate into great sales for you. Lynx Dollars, till now, has been very under promoted so its a great chance to get in on the ground floor and make some very easy money. We are here to assist you in anyway we can, so please take a look at our program and sites. Get started right away. Create your account HERE We look forward to a highly prosperous partnership with you and thanks for taking the time to read this mail. Regards John Affiliate Manager Lynx Dollars
Lynx Dollars team (more than a month ago) + Reply
Dear webmaster, we have redesigned and are now using CCbill as our biller. Therefor it is very important, if you want your sales to be counted, to sign up at and grab the new linking code. If you already signed up there in the past, you can already grab the MPA code and replace it with your Verotel one. Please use the MPA linking codes that we provide. Next week, we will be launching the very first hosted galleries so you can start promoting. If you need assistance, feel free to contact us. Kind regards, Lynx Dollars team
Lynx Dollars team (more than a month ago) + Reply
Dear webmasters, we are currently working on implementing CCbill to our system. In future all affiliates will be paid directly via CCbill. In order for you to get credit for your sales, we urge you to fill in your CCbill ID asap. If you are not a reseller via CCbill yet, please sign up here: If you have any questions please contact us
Partner details:
Sale Revenue: 50%
Minimum payout: $25
Payments: weekly
Pay method: check, wire, wire US
Program's type: MPA3, payments by CCBill
Check Sender: CCBill, LLC.