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Downblouse Loving Cash

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SBD editor (more than a month ago) + Reply
Hi, we just wanted to let you know that we have decided not to move to another site as planned. We hope this is good news for you. Please continue to promote through our affiliate program We're sorry if you've received this e-mail twice but we weren't sure who we had sent it to and it's important to make sure all affiliates receive it. Downblouse Loving is now an even better site for you to promote because we've added 2 free bonus sites to Downblouse Loving making it a lot more attractive to join. Also this will increase member retention so that means more rebills for you. The 2 new sites are: These 2 sites can't be joined. If someone tries to join them they are redirected to join Downblouse Loving. You will now have the option of being able to promote with your Downblouse Loving Cash affiliate code. This is the linking code you would need: Just replace the xxxxxxx with your Downblouse Loving Cash affiliate code. When a surfer you send to Panty Loving tries to join Panty Loving it directs them to join Downblouse Loving. It also clearly states on all the pages of Panty Loving that access to Panty Loving (and our Archive site) is gained when they join Downblouse Loving. So you will get credited for a sale if that person joins Downblouse Loving even though you sent them to Panty Loving. We do have some old Panty Loving banners so please let me know if you require them. I believe this would be the correct affiliate linking code if you wanted to link directly to Panty Loving: You may be interested to read more about our plans for developing Downblouse Loving here: If you have any questions please get in touch. Adam
SBD editor (more than a month ago) + Reply
Hi, we are in the process of moving over to a new site and we want to make sure all Downblouse Loving cash affiliates are aware of this. We’re very confident that the new site will be a big improvement and will be better for affiliates to promote. It will be a much more attractive site to join as there will be a lot more videos. It will still have all the videosfrom Downblouse Loving in a section called Downblouse Loving. But it will have othersections as well. In the meantime you can keep promoting Downblouse Loving. When we make the change over you can sign up to our new affiliate program and then just change the affiliate link you have on any promotional content on your site if you like so it links to the new site. That will be straightforward. We are going to do our best as well to make sure any active subscriptions you have to Downblouse Loving will be transferred over to the new site. We’re in touch with CCBILL at the moment regarding this. I’ll get back in touch later when I have more news. Adam
Partner details:
Sale Revenue: 50%
Webmaster's payout: $25
Webmaster's payout terms: weekly
Pay method: check, wire, wire US
Program's type: CCBill AP
Check Sender: CCBill, LLC.