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Gizmo (14 days ago) + Reply
is it just me or does their stats really suck, so basic and at same time confusing
Mihail (14 days ago) + Reply
Don't you think, it is really not good stats )
Mihail (more than a month ago) +1 + Reply
Note: AdultEmpireCash - Pay only 20% for rebills
Mihail (more than a month ago) +1 + Reply
we registered long time ago. but there were no problems. write them about it info (^@^)
bubon (more than a month ago) + Reply
How join to this AP? I completed and submitted this questionnaire last week. No response till now.
bubon (more than a month ago) + Reply
What percent they pay?
SBD editor (more than a month ago) + Reply
SugarInstant moved to AdultEmpireCash
SBD editor (more than a month ago) + Reply
TLA Gay Video and TLA Video moved to AdultEmpireCash from TLA affiliates program
SBD editor (more than a month ago) + Reply
Shemale Strokers Bucks to Transition to Adult Empire Cash *** Please be aware, this change does not affect the Rodney Moore Sites. If you promote Rodney Moore, please continue to promote as you do now. *** The week of April 17th, or sometime shortly thereafter, membership site is joining the Adult Empire Cash affiliate program and our growing network of high quality membership sites. Adult Empire Cash is an award nominated affiliate program, which has been paying affiliates on time for over 15 years. A completely redesigned and updated will launch corresponding with the transition of the affiliate program to Adult Empire Cash. The new site will feature a new responsive design optimized for increased e-commerce conversion and a vastly improved user experience. Here are some important notes to help you prepare for the transition to the Adult Empire Cash affiliate program: Shemale Stroker Bucks signups and rebills will be tracked prior to launch using your current NATS links. Affiliates will need to be signed up with Adult Empire Cash and have affiliate links updated to ensure they do not miss out on any signups. All current customers will be transferred to the new site. Affiliate rebills will also be transferred to the Adult Empire Cash affiliate program. You will need to have an account created with Adult Empire Cash to keep your rebills. Linking procedures and payout structures will use the Adult Empire Cash program standards, which can be found here:
Support Team (more than a month ago) +20 + Reply
This week we were forced to end our relationship with Paxum. We are hoping to soon offer a replacement, but for now our current international payout options are PayPal or mailed check. You can change your payout method by visiting this page: (must be logged in) and clicking the green “Change” button. Apologies for the inconvenience. Best, Ryan Wayne Affiliate Manager adultempirecash
Support Team (more than a month ago) +26 + Reply
Hey guys! Check out our great new DigiFlixxx technology! It's available to all adult studios that we work with, free of charge, so that every producer can offer a digital version of their content to any customer who buys a physical copy of it! WARRENDALE, Penn. — AdultEmpire is taking a page out of the mainstream playbook by bringing its customers a “buy once, watch anywhere” distribution model, which it calls DigiFlixxx. AdultEmpire is a 17-year-old Internet-based adult technology company specializing in web, video and retail sales. According to the company, the launch of DigiFlixxx marks a first in the adult industry, by granting consumers the choice to watch their purchased DVDs and Blu-rays anywhere, and on any device, by adopting a similar approach to Hollywood’s UltraViolet initiative. “Modern consumers expect to be able to take their films with them,” says Colin Allerton, AdultEmpire’s Director of Business Development. “DigiFlixxx allows consumers to buy a movie once, then instantly stream it anywhere and on any of their favorite media devices.” “With the DigiFlixxx library, we’re satisfying consumer demand for unfettered access to their purchases,” Allerton adds. “Additionally, your unique DigiFlixxx code grants you access to extras, behind the scenes, and additional bonus footage that simply would not fit onto a conventional DVD or Blu-ray disc.” Allerton says that the importance of choice to the adult customer in the market today cannot be overstated, so to this end, AdultEmpire is making the DigiFlixxx technology available to all adult studios, free of charge, so that every producer can now offer a digital version of their films to any customer who buys a physical copy of it. “For the adult retail industry to continue to flourish, we need to make technologies like this available to all the adult content producers out there,” Allerton concludes. “We’re not going to revolutionize customer satisfaction by keeping this to ourselves.”
Partner details:
Sale Revenue: 50%
Minimum payout: $0
Pay method: check, ACH, PayPal
Program's type: in-house script