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anon (more than a month ago) + Reply
anon (more than a month ago) + Reply
links pulled
Ben (more than a month ago) + Reply
Be careful. They raised minimum to $500, and don't reply to emails about payments owed.
Mihail (more than a month ago) + Reply
bad sign, thanks Ben.
babet (more than a month ago) + Reply
our bitches on epoch not good owessmall amount raise it soon after
SBD editor (more than a month ago) + Reply
We would like to announce the Launch of . A new addition to the sites you can promote here on EasyXCash. Takevan is launched on a Brand new Design and is sure to be a High converting site for your Promotion arsenal. It is also now included in the membership of any of the other sites Promoted on EasyXCash, giving members access to 7 sites which should greatly aid in retention. Filmed in the Czech Republic, the site features 100% Real Street Pick-ups where a team of guys and sometimes girls cruise by mall parking lights, the airport, bus stops, train stations, parks, cemeteries, cafe’s, and loads of other public spaces and use their pick-up skills to lure unsuspecting cuties into the Takevan. Their main mission is to undress them, engage in consensual Sex, and drop them off before they even know what's going on! Forget about what you’ve seen on Fake Taxi or Bang Bus. This is the REAL DEAL! Addicting content shot perfectly for your pleasure. Guaranteed to have you saying ” Wow, how did they do that? ‘ The Takevan wheels get rocked while cruising on highways, sideroads, and backroads with on-lookers in every direction. Being an International tourist destination the girls come in all flavors, English, Czech, French, Spanish, Russian, and beyond. You won’t believe your eyes as Milfs, Teens, Glamour babes, Locals, and Tourists alike, hope inside the van and get fucked and dumped in under 30 minutes. The site is in Full HD and Fully Responsive with 1 exclusive update per week and 6 Bonus sites included. Webmasters interested in Promoting this exciting new site can contact Mea or Wendy at Special Discount pricing and $25 PPS are available as well as the standard 50% revshare. We will be contacting you all soon, but feel free to message us at for any special Discounts or Promo material you may require from us to get started immediately.
Partner details:
Sale Revenue: 50%, $25 PPS
Minimum payout: $50
Payments: bi-weekly
Pay method: wire, PayPal
Program's type: NATS