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These sites have been disabled Due redirect: Sexy Ones Streamaxx Pornstar Flirt Teen Sex Secrets My Secret Time Creamed On Glasses Rimbledon Holey Fuck Teens From Tokyo Sites offline: UK Handjobs Horny Lil Nymphs
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All Tainster network moved to taincash As of today your Tainster network links need to be updated. You can login at with your Payserve ID and grab your new links. All rebills will be counted in the new program and new sales will be counted there as well when you use the new linkcodes. Please note if you never promoted Tainster (sites) you can not login at Taincash and need to create a new account with them. Only active Tainster webmaster can log in. If you have any questions please contact Best regards PayServe
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Hello, We are proud to offer you our latest project and brand new site Group Sex Games. The first 20 galleries can be found in the gallery section.
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New Payserve paysite:
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Dear webmaster, For the webmasters who don't want to push ClubSeventeen because of the word Seventeen we now have Same quality content as ClubSeventeen, same layout and structure, but without the Seventeen brand mention all over the tour. We are proud to announce the relaunch of one of our top niche sites, The site is fully responsive and up to date to the latest standards. The focus is on the content which is this site's strongest point. If you have Old VS Young traffic you have to try out our brand new BATS site.
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We are proud to soft launch our brand new network! Amazing 4k niche HD content which will convert your traffic very well. We added some default banners already and in the next week(s) we will add more promo content like galleries and video content. If you have any questions or custom needs please do let us know.
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Spunk Party disabled by owners request.
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Dear webmaster, Please remove your spunkparty links per direct. We are removing the site from our portfolio. We will forward the site to Slimewave and of course clicks and sales will be tracked. Thank you for your understanding.
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Seventeen Live is offline - disabled
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Russian Sex Chat Cheap Webcam Porn Top Cams Glossy Angels Young Busty Teens these sites have been disabled due to redirect
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My Sexy Kittens updates & Payment July Recently we’ve done some changes to My Sexy Kittens in order to improve user friendliness of the site. The site has for example a new header and new popular scenes are added. New and more buttons are added, so it’s more easy now to join My Sexy Kittens. Some changes were also made to JimSlip website. All adjustments will have a positive influence on conversion ratios of these sites. Please have a look yourself at & Payment over the month July will be done this week. If there’s any question about this, please contact us. This week 18 sites have new appealing FLV’s within Payserve. From Jim Slip, Young Busty to Club Seventeen! All these FLV’s are available in two sizes: 2 & 5 minute duration. Please log in to Payserve to see which FLV’s are best for you to use! Let us know what you need for your (custom made) promotion and we will get it done! Happy selling! Stefan, Marketing manager Email: ICQ: 37099482 (Stefan Payserve) Dennis, Sales Director Email: ICQ: 108483386 (DennisK)
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Affiliate model changing, whales being replaced by self-uploaded clips to the big tube sites. Doing all the work themselves then still giving the tube sites an affiliate share for referred sales. {rolls eyes}
MrDeiz (more than a month ago) + Reply
Looks like paysite models is getting worse (
Siep (more than a month ago) + Reply
These are difficult times in the Adult Industry and simply for that reason we are very glad that we can count on the perfect cooperation we have with you. Developments like Piracy and Free Tubes have caused a major fall and to our regret Payserve has not been fully insensitive for these developments. For the future we have been investing lots of time and money in our sites, but also in fighting piracy. The first, we have always done with pleasure, the second however is a necessity. But HEY all for the future of our sites and affiliate program. In ten years we still want to be one of the main programs within the industry, with our loyal webmasters. Within these "forces" we have decided to take some measures to keep Payserve healthy and to be able to keep updating our sites with quality content. We hope that it will also be clear to you that these measures have to be taken to keep working together in a constructive way. The very intense internal discussions about the mentioned matters have made us realize that these measures are inevitable. Of course we have had your interest in the back of our minds at all times. The question of "how to organize the webmaster's long term interest" has been the theme behind all discussions. Convinced that this will be righteous for all involved we will take the following measures (starting November 15th 2012): The maximum Payout will be set to 50%. Our calculations show that the 50% which we will be ours, is needed for us to keep it all profitable. We will stop with Webmaster Referral Payouts. The referral payout would cause a drop below the mentioned 50-50 split deal. We hope that you agree with us that we have to produce good selling products for the next few decades, this is what has brought us to work together and hopefully will keep us together for much and much longer. Whenever there is any remaining questions do not hesitate to contact us. With kind regards, Siep R. Kuppens CEO International Media Company
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Interactive Pussy-Party for our webmasters! Everybody who was attending our party in Prague last year, was very excited about the whole setup. That’s why we decided to organize a new party during the European Summit in Prague. The party is called “The interactive pussy party”, and it will be a night that webmasters will remember forever! We like to keep a lot of things as a surprise, but the party title is telling you a lot already! It is definitely going to be interactive!!! We have masks on demand available..... Capacity is limited, and if you like to be in, you should send us at least 25 signups in the coming 4 weeks. You have still plenty of time to reach that amount, so that shouldn’t be that difficult. Besides the interactive pussy part we will spoil you with an open bar and a nice buffet. So make sure you get on the list! So if you have stopped promoting our sites for some reason, this is definitely a reason to get started again! Feel free to hit us up if you like to discuss possibilities to get in…. See you in Prague, Greetz, Dennis (dennis AT Ralph (ralph AT To warm you up, here are some pictures from last years event
Ralph (more than a month ago) + Reply
Payserve is proud to announce the launch of 2 new sites and Erostreaming includes all Tainster content, but the site is streaming only! We offer this site for a special cheap 14,99 euros a month. Streamaxx contains all the Bimaxx and GuysGoCrazy content in a streaming only environment. You can now promote these sites in Payserve. Here are the links; Erostreaming; Streamaxx; Other good news, is the fact that we implemented these sites also as exit-console on all the Tainster join pages. Which means that if you are promoting any of these sites, and a customer is joining Erostreaming you still get paid for this signup! The cheap streaming sites are exactly the answer to the economic situation worldwide. The results and conversions during the beta testing were just awesome! So grab your links and start promoting today!
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Payserve is organizing a BIG PORN PARTY!!! Join Payserve in Prague - Free tickets + BIG PORN PARTY for our Affiliates! From the 20th – 23th of September, 2011, Payserve is proud to team up with the European Summit and provide our affiliates with FREE entrance passes to the event. But that's not all, there is much more to talk about! We also like to offer our webmasters a great experience on the European Summit. We will do a crazy GROUPSEX shooting in a bar in Prague and you can be part of it. Just send 20 signups to any Payserve website in the coming month, and you can join us for an evening full of excitement and drinks. The event is scheduled on the 20th of September from 17h00 till 20h30. We will make sure the hottest girls of Prague will be on the porn shooting, and besides watching the porn shooting, you also can have a drink with these hot ladies. A real meet and great with your favorite models! As soon as I have more news on the names of the girls, we will inform you off course. We want you to join our party, and that's why we only ask for 20 signups in the coming month. That should be doable for everybody! If you would like to have a free ticket for the show, or you want to join our Porn Party, make sure that you get in contact with me; dennis AT icq: 108483386. I can get you on the list.... Around 700 people attending this great webmaster summit in Prague, so make sure you will be there as well
Partner details:
Sale Revenue: 50%
Minimum payout: €100
Payments: monthly
Pay method: check, wire, Paxum, CashX
Program's type: in-house script, VXSBill
Check Sender: Sansyl B.V.; International Media Company