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Puppy Cash

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Hello Affiliates, PuppyCash is "Doubling Down" in September! We are doubling your Affiliate Bonus Dollars in September! We know that you have been working hard and we want to show you our appreciation! The Rules are simple. 1) Only full joins count. Trials and conversions do not count toward bonus level. 2) Joins from both ClubAmateurUSA and Badpuppy are combined to count toward bonus level. 3) Joins that are charged back during September and October do not count. 4) Total joins will be counted and verified on October 1 then checked on November 1 for chargebacks 5) Bonus will be credited on or before 15 November 6) Payouts will be made when you reach payout level in NATS 7) You may request to be paid out even if you have not reached payout level. This request must be made in writing after November 15 to No fee charged by PuppyCash for payment via paper check or PayPal. Link codes for a No-Trial option are available through PuppyCash. If you are not currently promoting Badpuppy & ClubAmateurUSA, please take a moment to check out our sites again. We have made alot of changes in the design of our site and the quality of content we provide. We feel you will like the changes we have made, and hope you will decide to promote us again. We provide thru our Adtools: Hosted MP4s, High Quality Image Zips, Collage Banners, and many other promotional banners in various sizes. If you need something made in a custom size, please don't be afraid to ask! Please contact me with any questions regarding our "Double Down" promotion. Have a wonderful month, and Good Luck!! Log in here: PuppyCash Jeremy Koster Affiliate Manager, PuppyCash
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they migrated to NATS
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Shane Slater redirects to Bad Puppy - disabled
Partner details:
Sale Revenue: 60%, $30 PPS
Minimum payout: $0
Payments: bi-weekly
Pay method: check, wire, PayPal, wire US
Program's type: NATS