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Real Sex Cash

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Mihail (more than a month ago) + Reply
2 new sites added A which has older homemade and amateur movies which is still surprisingly popular! Plus a German content amateur site
SBD editor (more than a month ago) + Reply
POV XTC and FacialFoundry - disabled due to redirect
SBD editor (more than a month ago) + Reply
RealSexCash moved to NATS.
babeterminal (more than a month ago) + Reply
yet again back to nats
RealSexPass support (more than a month ago) + Reply
NEW 5+ MINUTE TUBE EMBEDS - MOBILE FRIENDLY We have just added some new embedded movies running just over 5 minutes in length. We have noticed that almost all 'sponsor hosted' embeds cannot be viewed on mobile devices due to player issues so we have made these embedable via iframes so they can be viewed on Apple, Android and other mobile devices as well as dektops. Mobile traffic is growing month on month so don't throw away your mobile traffic - or redirect it. Simply add the iframe code to your website - or you can download the .mp4 files (plus thumb) to upload to your own sites. The movies are 720x404 in size but can reduced down by changing the dimensions in the iframe code. We will be adding more of these embeds for other sites over the coming week.
RSC (more than a month ago) + Reply
Dear Webmaster After almost a decade we have decided to close our existing program for a number of reasons. The affiliate market has changed massively over past few years with many now out of the business. While we have always concentrated more on our in-house traffic, it has never been more so over the last couple of years. Those remaining affiliates who perform best almost never use our ‘hosted’ content or tools. They create their own unique content and sites or market without even having their own site. On the flipside, the affiliate who wants weekly galleries/hosted this/hosted that/promo text… generally perform the worst and is a huge resource on us. It is for this - and other reasons – that is under new management and will be switching to CCBill this week using Sliiing for enhanced stats with less ‘hosted’ tools. This does unfortunately mean that existing linking codes will no longer be tracked and you will need to sign up for a new CCBill account and CCBill will now handle all payouts. We understand that this may be an inconvenience for some but it was either this option or shut completely. By starting afresh, the takeover means revamped paysites and members area. Those affiliates who know just how well we did convert but kept it close their chest, come and try us again on our new system.
Bruce (more than a month ago) + Reply
Hi there, did you enable account grouping for your CCBill account?
RSC (more than a month ago) + Reply
hi "CCBill Account Grouping" is enabled yes.
Bruce (more than a month ago) + Reply
Thanks, I have already changed the links to your sites
babeterminal (more than a month ago) + Reply
all your links do not work going to /t4 ?
darthvader (more than a month ago) + Reply, are redirecting
Partner details:
Sale Revenue: 50%
Minimum payout: $100
Payments: bi-weekly
Pay method: wire, wire EU, Paxum
Program's type: NATS