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Fuck My Hairy Pussy / PimpRoll

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Once upon a time, before razor blades were invented, girls used to keep it all natural downstairs and the sexy trend is coming back in full force with PIMPROLL's latest hirsute-oriented site, It features amateurs and famous headliners alike serving up their furburgers with an extra side of pubes. Finally, for hair pie fans and lovers of hirsute, PIMPROLL has the number one site to let all your furry fantasies run wild. "In this business, female performers are expected to adhere to certain pleasing aesthetics, the major one being keeping their pubic area trim and presentable. How this arbitrary standard came to be, I do not know. But from the viewpoint of a progressive company, we're not afraid to go against the norm and give hair fans exactly what they want to see." said Dave K. of PIMPROLL. every new site launch comes with supersized payouts for one full week! That's $50 on $4.99 Trials! $40 on $1.00 Trials! Starting Sept. 26th Ending Oct. 2nd
Site details:
Specials: Bitcoin
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Sale Revenue: 65%, $35 PPS
Minimum payout: $0
Payments: bi-weekly
Pay method: Payoneer, Paxum
Program's type: NATS