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New updated galleries and promo for IvyJean.com! Hi guys - Sorry this has taken me so long, but I've been trying to get some great new promo stuff together before I sent out new galleries. The new galleries are written in responsive html and will be automatically formatted based on the type of browser and device your website visitor is using. They also match the theme of IvyJean.com so I think it's a much more integrated and smoother experience for your leads :) So please feel free to post these to both your desktop and mobile galleries! You can always visit the IvyBucks Gallery generator to grab the other versions :) There are 3 new gallery types: ivycombo1 - mixed gallery w/ 10 photos, a gallery viewer, & a video clip ivyjean_photos_1 - 16 photos with a gallery viewer ivyjean_photos_sm_1 - 10 photos for smaller photo only sets I am linking mostly new sets below, but there are a few repeated mixed galleries that some of you may have already used the photos from. There will be new emails each week with new updates, but here's the catchup list :) --------------- PHOTOS ONLY GALLERIES: Pink boyshorts (more versions from this set & all others listed available on IvyBucks): 10 photos of me showing off my swollen, natural breasts http://ivyjean.com/galleries/20131020miniupdates-ivyjean_photo_sm_1-pink_boyshorts/?PA=2430140 Big Boobies: 10 photos of my huge boobs from back when they were what I was known for! http://ivyjean.com/galleries/20131020miniupdates-ivyjean_photo_sm_1-big_boobies/?PA=2430140 Hot Pink: 10 photos of me in a stripper thong and top showing off my round ass and curves http://ivyjean.com/galleries/20131020miniupdates-ivyjean_photo_sm_1-hotpink/?PA=2430140 Pearl Gem: 10 photos of me in nothing but a pearl necklace (not that kind) masturbating with my fingers http://ivyjean.com/galleries/20131020miniupdates-ivyjean_photo_sm_1-pearl_jem/?PA=2430140 Blinds: A self shot iphone set using the lighting and shadows late in the day coming through my blinds (10 photos) http://ivyjean.com/galleries/20131020miniupdates-ivyjean_photo_sm_1-blinds/?PA=2430140 Summer Day: 10 photos of me outdoors next to a golf course flashing, doing cartwheels, & goofing off http://ivyjean.com/galleries/20130909updates-ivyjean_photo_sm_1-summer_day/?PA=2430140 Wild Trail (this promo has been released but is a new responsive template): 10 photos of me flashing and playing around with the photographer, my BFF http://ivyjean.com/galleries/20130909updates-ivyjean_photo_sm_1-wild_trail/?PA=2430140 MIXED GALLERIES WITH VIDEO AND PHOTOS: Fellatio: 11 photos & a vid with a striptease, and then close up of a simulated sloppy, deepthroat bj http://ivyjean.com/galleries/20131020updates-Ivycombo2-fellatio_mobile_mp4/?PA=2430140 Jeep: 11 photos and a sample video of me sucking and fucking "halfman" in traffic in a jeep http://ivyjean.com/galleries/20131020updates-Ivycombo2-jeep2_mobile_mp4/?PA=2430140 Morning Wood: 11 photos and a sample video of me fingering myself to orgasm in my yard in the morning. http://ivyjean.com/galleries/20131020updates-Ivycombo2-morning_wood_mobile_mp4/?PA=2430140 Daytime Shower: 11 photos and a sample video of me showering and then cumming using the shower head & a dildo http://ivyjean.com/galleries/20131020updates-Ivycombo2-daytime_shower_mobile_mp4/?PA=2430140 Car Ride: 11 vid caps and a sample vid of me masturbating using my fingers and a lip gloss in the car http://ivyjean.com/galleries/20131020updates-Ivycombo2-car_ride_mobile_mp4/?PA=2430140 All sets below have been released previously but are now responsive, mobile friendly templates with longer sample vids! Gold Chain: 11 photos and a vid of me dancing, teasing, & using an anal plug, dildo, & vibe to cum http://ivyjean.com/galleries/20130828upates-Ivycombo2-gold_chain_mobile_mp4/?PA=2430140 Green Couch: http://ivyjean.com/galleries/launch-IvyJean_Mobile_Movie-green_couch_mobile_mp4/?PA=2430140 Halfman Adventure Day: I take Mr. Halfman outside and suck and fuck him to a creamy cum. 11 photos and vid. http://ivyjean.com/galleries/20130828upates-ivyjean_photo_1-halfman_adventure_day/?PA=2430140 Home Office Part 2: 11 photos and a vid of me working in my home office befoer getting distracted by youporn and masturbating with a glass toy and vibe. Voyeur style. http://ivyjean.com/galleries/20130828upates-Ivycombo2-home_office_part_2_mobile_mp4/?PA=2430140 Thank you so much for your partnership and support! As always, NEVER HESITATE TO CONTACT ME IF YOU WANT CUSTOM PROMO OR HAVE SUGGESTIONS! Just reply to this email or send requests, feedback, and/or comments to webmaster@ivyjean.com. Regards and happy sales! Ivy Jean
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