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Time for some more crafty puzzle solving courtesy of the lovely and talented 32GG Tessa Fowler of TessaFowler.Com here on a Friday! As some of you may recall, Tessa was not entirely happy with her earlier time on the Rubik's Cube, as she clocked in at almost 9 minutes on her first attempt, so this time around she wanted to see if she could improve a little on that, and suffice to say she did it in impressive style. We would reveal her times but it's better if you just watch the puzzle solving yourself. It will also make you want to solve the puzzle of how a gal like Tessa can have so much incredible cuteness and awesome all natural big tits at the same time!

8 minutes

Tessa Fowler sets

TESSA FOWLER - RUBIK'S CUBE 2 Tessa Fowler - Hair Roller Chic 3 Tessa Fowler - Diary Day Shower Time 3 Tessa Fowler - Candy Stripes Bikini GoPro 1 Tessa Fowler - Baby Pink Bra 5D 1 Tessa Fowler - Candy Stripes Bikini 2
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