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Epoch affiliate programs with broken join forms

Some Epoch sponsors running back-end haven't set their join forms correct and affiliates aren't credited for sales. You should contact the program if you are promoting it.
The correct join form link looks like this one
There are other ways to get Epoch join forms for paysites, but they aren't supported by EpochStats tracking system in terms of affiliate promotion.

In order to track joins correct program owner will need to use join form linking codes from Epochstats: -> Program Reports -> Setup -> Linking codes -> Select Site

Those are the sites which haven't set it right. Please notify us via 'Feedback' button if any of those gets the issue resolved

That's a list of EpochStats porgrams listed by SignBucksDaily,
IWAM 5050
Webmaster's comments:
XERTOR (more than a month ago) + Reply
yeah - really have liked some of epoch's sites. hoping to make some of it work via AR + VR ads...