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This article is about all aspects of CCBill for webmasters work. Agreed with CCBill administration

CCBill is a major adult billing and affiliate platform for adult programs. And there’s no other as trusted name as CCBill in the industry. For webmasters it means the most durable tracking and being paid 100% on time.
For today CCBill is adult billing, adult affiliate platform, hosting (CaveCreek), mainstream billing and affiliate platform (ECSuite).
CCBill Affiliate is a platform by which 3,000 adult programs are operated in terms of tracking affiliate traffic and sales, billing cascades, 24/7 customer support, payments for program owners and affiliates. CCBill WMS ( is the next generation of CCBill Affiliate, which will be a subject of the next article. My guess is that it’ll take quite some time before WMS will take CCBill Affiliate over which has been for years.

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Getting started

It’ll be more simple to bring you all the information on a real example. Let’s start with creating of CCBill affiliate account. If you have one already, then you may skip this part. You can create initial CCBill account with any program you like. It’ll be used to join all other CCBill programs you are going to promote. Let’s take LatinTeenCash as example to start with: Click ‘Create account’, fill the form and you are done. To join any other program you’ll be using your initial ‘Affiliate ID’, username and password, what makes joining fast and simple. Now you can also login into CCBill affiliate admin ( using the same data.
Right there at the same LatinTeenCash page is so-called ‘account merging’ form for existing CCBill webmasters. Once you enter login details the system loads your data. You just need to specify a site if you’d like to let program owner know where your traffic will be coming from (if it will be other site, than you have entered into initial account). The main account also contains your personal details where CCBill will be sending checks. Minimum payout is $25. CCBill sends checks with only fee for the stamp ($.44 US, $.98 international), but you’ll need to pay some bigger ones when you’ll cash it in (issuing bank fee and your local bank fee). Checks are coming from CCBill, LLC. To increase payout limit or change payment method to wire (US or International) simply request it by sending an email to You need this form for wire (fill it, print, sign, scan and send by email or fax it). Ask in your mail to confirm once the changes will be made. The minimum for wire is $100. It costs $30 to issue International wire and $15 for US wire. Payments are made each Monday for a period before previous (e.g. at Monday Dec, 14 CCBill issues check for all sales made till Sunday Dec, 6) if minimum payout is reached. You can track your payments at, but you’ll see updated information on your current payment at Wednesday or Thursday. The payment is merged into one payout for all CCBill programs you are promoting (so all your sales all over CCBill are coming in one check).
Note, that some programs may not contain some countries like Russia, Croatia and others into their list of countries on join page for webmasters. In this case you’ll need to join any program which has no restrictions (like LatinTeenCash) and then join that program you’d like to promote, but which doesn’t have your country, via ‘account merging’ form. Since only your initial account data matter for payments, there may be any country selected. But be sure to contact the owner of that program first and let him know that you are from country which is not in his list.

CCBill links

Once you’ve created your initial account you can find a link to promote that program into Tools section: There you’ll find all programs you have ever joined (by ‘account merging’ form). To grab your linking code click ‘Get Banners’. Your link will look something like this:, where CA=928339-0000 is program’s account into CCBill (Client’s account), PA=1749630 is your account for that program (Partner’s account). You get new PA each time you join CCBill program, and that PA should be used to promote that program only.
If you’ll click that link you’ll land at program’s site, though in most cases it’s set to flagship paysite, like
The first part of client’s account (928339) is program’s ID into the system, which could have the second part – sub-account (-0000). By default it’s -0000 and can be dropped into code, so it’s the same working code like previous (I bring this because many programs provide codes without sub-account into their linking instructions, just in case to avoid any confusion). Sub-accounts are used if owner decides to separate tracking for different paysites by setting different sub-accounts for each paysite on the join form. There’s such option as ‘Account grouping’, which could be enabled or disabled by program owner into CCBill admin. If it’s enabled then affiliates get credit for all traffic they send, no matter which sub-account they use in their links and actually CCBill tracking system doesn’t require to specify any (it simply couldn’t be tracked). Some programs suggest to use different sub-accounts into linking codes to promote their sites while ‘Account grouping’ is ‘On’ for their own tracking purposes. In practice that option works in this way. If affiliate sends his traffic to all-in-one megasite, which has links to all sites into package, he will be credited if a surfer joins any of those sites as long as they are under the same CA. You can ask CCBill support about ‘Account grouping’ status for any program you promote.
If ‘Account grouping’ is disabled, then each sub-account is assigned to a specific site. Each site should be promoted by its specific sub-account, which should be joined separately (you get new PA for each sub-account). Usually you’ll find join instructions on program’s site. E.g. that’s the way Tushy Cash does it.
If a program has a few sites and ‘Account grouping’ is ‘ON’ you can link to any of them by &html= redirect. It will work only if a program has ‘Multiple redirects’ option ‘ON’.
So now go to
Enter your PA into program’s shell and you’ll get your codes generated for each of their sites:

You can build those links yourself. Just go to ‘Tools’ into CCBill admin and click ‘Get banners’. Then set &html= redirect and you are done. Each time surfer visits part, the cookie is set on his browser by CCBill, which identifies you as affiliate. To be sure that you’ve done everything right, just click your link, go to join form, open its source and search for your PA. It should be there into this string:

<input type='hidden' name='ccbill_referer' value='1749630'> 
<input type='hidden' name='referingURL' value=''> 
<input type='hidden' name='referingDestURL' value=''> 

If you used wrong PA you won’t find it there.
Each program sets cookie lifetime itself and it might be in rage of 1 and 255 days. So if a surfer which has visited your link and then bookmarked paysite visits it again and joins it, affiliate gets credit for that as far as it happens during cookie length. The industry standard for a cookie is at least 1 week, stand up programs set it for a month or longer. It’s very important option and affiliate earnings depend on it. You can negotiate cookie length with program owner.
Some webmasters send traffic to their own built tours (which they believe are more effective for their traffic) with join form and member area links of original paysite. But be sure to agree that with the owner first.
If 'Multiple redirects' option is ‘Off’ then a link goes to default landing page set by program owner and there’s no option to link anywhere else. Very often it’s a warning page, what decreases efficiency of affiliate traffic. The only way to change it is contacting the owner.

You can also get a few PA for the same program (by joining it again) for traffic/sales tracking purposes. Just be sure you don’t refer yourself, otherwise you’ll violate program’s TOS. Clear your CCBill cookie for that program (search it by CA of that program) before creating any additional account.

You can view where you sales came from by going to 'Transactions' and selecting 'Breakdown by URL's' option. Load the stats then click "Referring URL" on the left.

Webmaster payout rate

You can check payout rate for sales you make and billing fee status for each program in Tools section (sometimes it might differ than program displays on its site, but it’s the only one correct into CCBill admin). CCBill takes 14,5% for every join from its initial price. This commission can be paid by program or split between webmaster and program, so everyone pays 7.25%. That’s a formula to calculate your commission for $30 join and rebill on 50/50 revshare program which splits fee: $30-7.25%-50%=13.91. If program sells more it pays less billing fee according to If a program pays billing commission on its own then affiliate gets $15 for each $30 sale. ‘Split fees’ shows what option is set. Some CCBill programs run PPS model (pay par sale), so it doesn’t matter what do you sell, 3 days trial for $4.97 or 6 month subscription for $99.99 you get the same one time flat rate (usually $25-$30). You can negotiate your revshare rate with program owner (it’s possible to set specific rate for any PA).


For now CCBill affiliate platform supports not only CCBill billing, but also Epoch and Segpay. They could be added into cascade by owner, so if customer’s credit card gets declined by primary billing (CCBill, but it could be any of those), then he’s redirected to another one. Affiliates will be credited for those sales if cascade is enabled, what you can check with CCBill support for each particular site.If join form link is then there’s no cascade. If it’s then cascade option is on. Some programs have Epoch, Verotel, Affiliate-Cash or VXSBilling billing options on their join page. Check if they also have account into those affiliate platforms, so they could be promoted by affiliates.E.g. Sex Asians. Join both of their CCBill and Verotel programs and create combined link:
Multiple redirects should be enabled for that CCBill program.
NATS and some other autonomous back-end programs offer ‘payments by CCBill’ option, while affiliates promoting that program get checks directly by CCBill (so sales are tracked by it). They integrate their links with your CCBill link, which work by all the principles described above. You still will be able to find your PA into join form html source and you will be credit for CCBill, Epoch and Segpay billings only. If there’re any other billings on join page for your NATS code, then contact the owner if those sales will be tracked by NATS for your account, because they won’t be tracked by CCBill.


You may have noticed that many CCBill programs offer free hosted galleries in this way: and script on program’s side generates proper link code to the tour, like
The practice shows that sometimes there may be some problems with program’s hosting, scripts and other things. So I always recommend to put CCBill part of the code first and link in this way:
The same with linking codes to tours. Just be sure that ‘Multiple redirects’ are on.

So that’s actually it. Build-up your traffic and you can 100% rely on CCBill in terms of the most accurate tracking up to date and always being paid on time.

Good luck

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how does ccbill webmaster referrals work? i can not see anything which indicates the wm registered via my referral (something like at purchase page as <input type='hidden' name='ccbill_referer' value='1749630'> ) at wm registration form...