NATS became a trend affiliate back-end software over the recent years. It’s a supercharged powerful script providing you all the options to manage your adult affiliate business. While it’s easy to install, you’ll have to go through a bunch of various options to set it right. Especially once you’re moving your current affiliate program from CCBill to NATS. That requires to keep track of traffic and sales, move affiliate data and properly manage transition. That’s the first article of the series on affiliate back-ends to help you set affiliate program right while migrating from CCBill to NATS.
While CCBill and other billing-based platforms are undisputable leaders in number of programs they power, NATS is the most popular stand-alone back-end used by some industry biggest sponsors like Manwin (JuggCash, TwistysCash, Playboy), KinkyDollars, NaughtyRevenue, 21SexturyCash and many others. You see it in the graph below. But if we take a number of sales generated by paysites or traffic amounts it would be slightly different, since average NATS or in-house script program is bigger in terms of sales and traffic than average program running billing’s affiliate back-end.
Keep in mind that none affiliate software is going to bring you affiliates, traffic and sales. It’s up to your paysites and business approach. Affiliate software is just a tool to make your adult business live. You should get a product which sells on the first place, then you can better manage it with more sophisticated script. It’s much complicated to run standalone program no matter what back-end you use, than one powered by billing.

The graph shows the numbers of different systems used to run affiliate programs

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