Your very first NATS
The first thing you need to do when both installing or migrating NATS, is to talk to their support representative, get NATS paid for and installed. When you have purchased it, it will create a support ticket in your TMMid area, this support ticket will NOT turn into an installation ticket until you have fully paid for the install. A typical NATS install will cost you $650, including the setup fee and training. If you are migrating you will already have your own web host, if you are starting out your site with NATS, I would severely recommend you get a fully managed web host unless you are familiar with server administration. Throughout these processes, TMM Wiki, CCBill Live Support and your web host are going to be your best friends.
Once you have paid for the install, Too Much Media will normally contact you the same day via their ticketing system at, you will need to know the following about your server:
-Domain name for NATS (this is usually
-SSH Info (used for Too Much Media to install NATS)
-The local time in which you want NATS to run
-The database NATS will use (usually NATSdb)
Once you have all the above information a Too Much Media representative will contact you on your designated method (ICQ, AIM, Skype or Phone) to get the installation underway.
The NATS installation is not overly complicated, and will be complete solely by the TMM Technician, just make sure your host is matching those requirements. The install will typically take between twenty and thirty minutes to complete. Upon completion you will be asked to create an account within your NATS install, this will become the Administrator account. Once the TMM Technician has finalised the install, and upgraded the account you created to Administrator, you are set to go. This is where the fun begins, configuring NATS to work with your website, and platforms.
Included in the setup fee, is a two-part NATS walkthrough, which can be completed on Skype, ICQ or Phone Call, i would severely recommend either using Skype or Phone Call, as some of the features can only really be explained this way. TMM have always been happy to accept the call charges, or use Skype for ease of use. The first part of the walkthrough will talk you through all of the Administrator options, such as Reporting Admin, Support, Mailing, Members, Affiliates; and will typically take about 90 minutes to complete. If you wish to skip areas of the tutorial you may. Just a sound word of warning, the tutorial will just enlighten you to what each of the components of NATS are able to do, and the walkthrough is not there to get your site 100% working with NATS, this is something you must do yourself, using the TMM Wiki. Part two of the NATS walkthrough covers, the upsell admin, promotionals admin, sites admin and adtools admin. As always if you do have any specific questions the TMM Team are available by ticket.

Once you have received both of your NATS walkthroughs you should have enough information to begin setting up your sites in NATS. Now if you are moving your existing sites to NATS or starting out with NATS the process is very similar. You should start by logging into your affiliate program, and clicking ‘Billers Admin’ in the pop up Admin Panel in the bottom of your screen. You have to add at least one biller before you can start adding a site or programs to your NATS install.

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