Attachment #1: Email to notify your affiliates about CCBill to NATS migration

Email 1

Upgrade to NATS 4.1 and Your *ProgramName* Affiliate Account
Dear affiliate,

We are happy to announce the launch of the new *ProgramName* Affiliate Program that runs on NATS v4.1. We have been working feverishly to prepare the join pages and move over all your accounts. We will be doing the last week of CCBill based affiliate coded galleries this week, then we will only be sending NATS encoded free hosted galleries. After careful consideration, from both current affiliates as well as prospect affiliates, we have decided to offer two programs to which you can join for our affiliate program.

The first is the "CCBill Paid" program, which as the name says, is a CCBill Paid and operated program, we just utilize the tracking and customization features of NATS to interface with.

The second is "Revshare", and with this we are doing on a invite or request only status. We will allow Check and Paxum Payments to be made for this program as well as the ability for the customers to utilize the miscellaneous 3rd party billers not available to CCBill.

All current affiliates have been successfully imported into NATS already. To login to your account just visit: Here you will input your current CCBill Affiliate ID# which is: 1234567 AND your email which is: From here you can reset your password to whatever you like. If you have any problems getting logged in, please contact Support directly: and he will be happy to asssit you in getting you setup.

With the upgrade to NATS we are also adding a whole list of new features and enhancements to help you convert more traffic to sales AND retain the sales that you have made. In that we have new Join pages, Tour Pages and Members Area to be launched later in the month. As well we will be offering a whole bunch of new promotional tools, if you have anything you need, do not hesitate to ask. For now please rest assured your traffic is 100% being tracked, your recurring sales are still being processed, and going forward you are only going to make more money with the *ProgramName* Affiliate Program!

We are always open to comments, suggestions and critique.

Please feel free to contact us:

Support -
Thanks for your continued interest!
Kind Regards

Email 2

*ProgramName* now on NATS! Brand New Sites & Promos!
Hey webmaster,
We’ve changed our program to NATS and now offer brand new promo tools, FHGs, banners, FLVs, custom tools. We launched all of our sites with brand new tours to suit your traffic.

I’ve noticed you’ve sent some sales to our program in the past and I’m here to help you with anything you need to get your sales up to our program again. We’ve got some new niche sites in the works, as well as mobile sites. Stay tuned for the new site launches later this month.

Your old CC bill link codes work and sales and hits are tracked by CC Bill. We’ve switched to NATS and will be offering all of our brand new sites and tools exclusively on NATS. You can create your new account at Let us know if you have any trouble with grabbing any of the new link codes, banners, FLV dumps, etc.

I’m here to help you with any custom promo tool you may need and I’m sure we can make you some solid sales with *ProgramName*!

Best Regards

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