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Alex Boys Ricky B bed wanking funAlex Boys Ricky B bed wanking fun (1 min 52 sec)

On the one hand he is a cute and friendly guy with dignity and decency. But when it comes to sex he is rather the opposite. When excitement strikes him he really goes for it and shows a lot of greed. He drives a sex relationship with real passion, allows a lot of variety and you have the feeling as if he cannot get enough of it (or you).
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Alex Boys british John D wanking cockAlex Boys british John D wanking cock (2 min 18 sec)

I met John one evening at a bar where he did some promotion for a magazine. We had a quite nice conversation and two hours later, John came back to me after he was finished with work...
Tags: gays,boys,teens,twinks,cute,sexy,solo,sweet,nude,slim,skinny,gorgeous,cocks,dicks,handsome
Alex Boys Lucas and Andre outdoor sexAlex Boys Lucas and Andre outdoor sex (2 min 0 sec)

We wanted to do some swimming, go fishing, have a BBQ at the campfire and of course we wanted to have a lot of fun. Lucas and Andre haven't met before, but from the moment they saw each other, the were not able to keep their fingers off each other. After the tents were ready they started taking off their clothes and I started taking pictures...
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Alex Boys wanking twink RobinAlex Boys wanking twink Robin (1 min 56 sec)

Robin started his training about one year ago. He wants to have a sportive body, but not too muscular. This is why it took a while to convince him that he would be perfect to appear on AlexBoys. But look at him...! Do you think he has to be unsatisfied with that body?
Tags: gays,boys,teens,twinks,cute,sexy,sweet,solo,slim,wanking,nude,cute,horny,smooth,skinny,gorgeous
AlexBoys Emil twink gay cock wankerAlexBoys Emil twink gay cock wanker (2 min 1 sec)

As you guys liked Emil so much, we had to invite him again and he was quite happy about it. This time we planned a video. His beautiful eyes and the slim natural body as well as his tight boy ass are some of the reasons to do this video. So have fun with Emil again...
Tags: gays,boys,teens,twinks,cute,sexy,solo,sweet,nude,slim,skinny,gorgeous,cocks,dicks,wanking,handsome
Alex Boys Alvin wanking babyface boyAlex Boys Alvin wanking babyface boy (2 min 11 sec)

Alvin seems to be a very serious and quiet boy. He spends much time on his own, reading books or listening to music. But this doesn't mean that you have no fun with alvin. He likes organizing parties and all his friends love to join! And Alvin loves to do new things, so he agree to do a photo shoot. Enjoy it, he did it for you :-) ...
Tags: gays,boys,teens,twinks,cute,sexy,solo,sweet,nude,slim,skinny,gorgeous,cocks,dicks,wanking,handsome
Alex Boys Anton wanking boy cutieAlex Boys Anton wanking boy cutie (1 min 55 sec)

When Anton came along it was important for him to keep some clothing on. He came from skateboarding wearing that cap. As that cap fits him so well I sang to him "You can leave your hat on...". He didn't recognize that Joe Cocker song, but he liked the idea. So cap stays on while *everything* else goes off (literally).
Tags: gays,boys,teens,twinks,cute,sexy,solo,sweet,nude,slim,skinny,gorgeous,cocks,wanking,dicks,handsome
Alex Boys Freddy fucks TerryAlex Boys Freddy fucks Terry (2 min 2 sec)

Terry had a look at the website and proposed to do a session together with Freddy. Of course Freddy wanted to do this as well, so the boys met a few days later. They just started right away "playing" together and used some of the things they found in the room. We all had a lot of fun during the shooting and after Terry and Freddy had finished we all were very satisfied...
Tags: gays,boys,teens,twinks,cute,sexy,sweet,nude,slim,skinny,gorgeous,cocks,dicks,sucking,blowjob,fucking,gaysex,duo
Alex Boys Matt and Jan wanking duoAlex Boys Matt and Jan wanking duo (1 min 26 sec)

That evening Matt and Jan met for the first time. I watched them having some beers together, sitting on the couch and talking. Soon they stopped talking and started kissing. Later that evening I talked to Alex for a while and as I returned to the couch Matt and Jan had already left the party...
Tags: gays,boys,teens,twinks,cute,sexy,sweet,nude,slim,skinny,gorgeous,cocks,dicks,sucking,blowjob,fucking,duo
Alex Boys Gay Twink JesusAlex Boys Gay Twink Jesus (2 min 1 sec)

Jesus is his nickname. When he was twelve his friends used to call him Jesus because of his long hairdo. Among his friends Jesus is the adventurous type. He is the one with the interesting ideas and his friends are usually following. It is always great fun with him. As some of his friends look pretty sexy we hope that he spreads the word about showing off at AlexBoys.
Tags: gays,boys,teens,twinks,cute,sexy,solo,sweet,nude,slim,skinny,gorgeous,cocks,dicks,wanking,handsome
Alex Boys 5 Boy Scouts nude group sexAlex Boys 5 Boy Scouts nude group sex (1 min 55 sec)

This is their first "Get Together" as boy scouts. Andre is the scout master and Lucas, Terry, Harry and Nathan are his scouts. Of course the scout master has to take some measurements of his scout boys first. Their idea of being a boy scout will always be rather sexual.
Tags: gays,boys,teens,twinks,cute,sexy,sweet,nude,slim,skinny,gorgeous,cocks,dicks,sucking,blowjob,fucking,gaysex,group
Alex Boys Kay sexy twink boyAlex Boys Kay sexy twink boy (1 min 48 sec)

Kay is best friends with Nathan, who brought him along and will do a duo with him. His best asset is his body. Smooth and skinny, just as we like it the most. Oh yes - and his cock is kind of a long thing and of course we like that even more.
Tags: gays,boys,teens,twinks,cute,sexy,solo,sweet,nude,slim,skinny,gorgeous,cocks,dicks,wanking,handsome
Alex Boys Eddy and Lucas gay sex funAlex Boys Eddy and Lucas gay sex fun (0 min 50 sec)

Yeah! We managed to bring two of our favorite boys together for a duo shooting, super slim Eddy and baby face Lucas! At first Lucas hesitated because he never did this before, but as he enjoyed his solo shootings very much he finally agreed.
Tags: gays,boys,teens,twinks,cute,sexy,sweet,nude,slim,skinny,gorgeous,cocks,dicks,sucking,blowjob,fucking,gaysex,duo
Alex Boys Milan fucks John barebackAlex Boys Milan fucks John bareback (1 min 57 sec)

Do you remember John, our country boy? One day, at a private party of his brother, there was Milan... They meet in a hotel room, get horny watching AlexBoys online and then Milan starts the action. Milan likes to fuck a lot and that's what they do...
Tags: gays,boys,teens,twinks,cute,sexy,sweet,nude,slim,skinny,gorgeous,cocks,dicks,sucking,blowjob,fucking,gaysex,duo
Alex Boys Christian and Freddy blowjob and fuckingAlex Boys Christian and Freddy blowjob and fucking (0 min 54 sec)

Christian and Frederic met first at the pool of a gym where Christian had a summer job last year. Frederic went there to have a look at the location but he found out that Christian was much more interesting! Soon the two boys started talking and as the gym closed they decided to go on a drink together. As you might have guessed it was not only a drink they had that night together.
Tags: gays,boys,teens,twinks,cute,sexy,sweet,nude,slim,skinny,gorgeous,cocks,dicks,sucking,blowjob,fucking,duo
Alex Boys Andre wet wankerAlex Boys Andre wet wanker (2 min 7 sec)

Andre is a kind of guy who draws everybody's attention on him. As he enters a room he can be sure that many people look at him. So he has no problems to get in contact with somebody at the disco. He met new people and was admired by many nice boys.
Tags: gays,boys,teens,twinks,cute,sexy,solo,sweet,nude,slim,skinny,gorgeous,cocks,wanking,dicks,showering,wet,handsome
Alex Boys Bastian wanking and playingAlex Boys Bastian wanking and playing (2 min 24 sec)

Can you imagine Bastian wearing a suit? Actually this is how Bastian looks like during daytime when he works at a bank. But as soon as work is done he changes his clothes and turns into a cool boy who loves having fun with his friends.
Tags: gays,boys,teens,twinks,cute,sexy,solo,sweet,nude,slim,skinny,gorgeous,cocks,dicks,wanking,handsome
Alex Boys Nathan wanking skater boyAlex Boys Nathan wanking skater boy (1 min 46 sec)

Nate is a sandbox friend of Harry. He told him about his experiences with AlexBoys photo shootings. First Nate couldn't imagine to show off bare naked on the Internet, but was somehow curious as Harry told his stories with vast enthusiasm. The whole thing went real great. He is a shy and gentle boy with a smooth and skinny body and a beautiful cock.
Tags: gays,boys,teens,twinks,cute,sexy,solo,sweet,nude,slim,skinny,gorgeous,cocks,dicks,wanking,handsome
Alex Boys Trio outdoor gay sex funAlex Boys Trio outdoor gay sex fun (1 min 1 sec)

It was a hot humid day and they were all happy when they reached the shade providing F-Tree. After Lucas got to suck both of the boys juicy cocks at the same time he felt very vital and happy. It seems as if cock sucking is the best medicine available against a sunstroke ;-) Especially after taking two doses...
Tags: gays,boys,teens,twinks,cute,sexy,sweet,nude,slim,skinny,gorgeous,cocks,dicks,sucking,blowjob,fucking,outdoor,group
Alex Boys Freddy and Jan cock suckingAlex Boys Freddy and Jan cock sucking (0 min 43 sec)

Frederic and Jan met first about two years ago when they went to a skiing trip together with Matt, Eddy, and some other friends. As they liked each other they met again after that weekend to go out and to have fun together.
Tags: gays,boys,teens,twinks,cute,sexy,sweet,nude,slim,skinny,gorgeous,cocks,dicks,sucking,blowjob,fucking,duo
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