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Cumblast City / Thick Cash
(4 min 39 sec)

When sexy teen babe Alora Jayne and her bf decide to get their freak on, things get out of hand when she starts sucking, jerking and milking his massive dick. Little does Alora know, he has a big surprise in store for the young teen. When he finally unloads his monster load, Alora's face gets splattered in salty goo.
(5 min 1 sec)

Small and petite teen Alyssa shows you what happens when she takes control of a throbbing cock and big ballsack with her small hands. Alyssa sucks and wanks and ends up getting sprayed in her face with semen.
(4 min 54 sec)

Teen delinquents Jenna Jaded and her friend Hailey want to see how far they can make Jimmy bust his nut. The tag team his throbbing dick, each taking turns milking, sucking and jacking when he shoots over five feet, a record cumload for Jimmy.
(5 min 5 sec)

Ever since puberty Jimmy suffers from a rare disease that makes his balls swell up to biblical proportions. He needs to be milked daily to release his semen. Today he is visited by Mrs. Bach, who is always willing to give him a helping hand.
(4 min 57 sec)

Slutty teen babe Jenna is in great need of cream for her coffee. Luckily, Mikey hasn't jerked off on over three months and has a massive amount of jizz for her. She pulls on his pud, coaxing his cock to spurt a large cum load right into her coffee cup as she drinks down every last drop.
(4 min 39 sec)

Joey is having a big problem. His ball sack has grown to mammoth proportions. He confides in his perverted step mom Stacie. She is very concerned for the young lad, and inspects his cum filled balls. When she touches his dick, Joey gets instantly erect and Mrs. Starr must finish what she started but rubbing on it to make him spurt.
(5 min 4 sec)

When sexy model Michelle Maverick meets Joe the hunky photographer her pussy starts getting wet while she begins posing for his camera. She gets so wet she grabs his package and things get hot and steamy when he gets his dick wanked, as she oozes out every last drop of his semen while being spurted on her face.
(4 min 12 sec)

Sexy over 40 MILF Charlee Chase doesn't have any cash and decides to repay Vic the old fashioned way, by tugging on his cock. She lets him feel her massive 44F boobs and tight milfy ass She also whips out his big dick and starts jerking it for him right in her office. Vic sprays her face with a giant cum blast as the poor mom is left to clean up the mess he made.
(4 min 28 sec)

Teen babe Pocahontas lets Billy meet her step mom Kelly Shibari. Thing is, Mrs. Shibari is one perverted freaky bbw who loves young, strong cocks. She tells Pocahontas to finish the laundry so she can seduce young Billy by pulling on his pud and begging for his huge cumload on her face, which he does with delight.
(4 min 9 sec)

Joey is beating off when Aloradonna walks in on him. He hasn't cum yet but she finds it kinda hot to see him jerking it. She grabs his dick and starts gently stroking the tip, when suddenly a mountain of man goo gushed out on her face and mouth.
(4 min 4 sec)

Teen girl Alice Hader loves to watch semen spurting from big dicks. This horny little cum slut loves to get showered in jizz and is always on the look out for a willing cock jerk recipient. Alice tugs on Mikes boner when she is sprayed with a monster sized load.
(4 min 9 sec)

When Billy goes to see the nurse about his bum leg, he also tells nurse Dakota about his ejaculation problem. He can cum a lot more than most guys. Dakota is in shock, and curious. She closes the door behind her and starts jerking his throbbing dick to see for herself.
(4 min 9 sec)

Sexy and young teen stripper Allison Banks is busted for jerking off customers in the vip room. Her boss scolds her, and makes her jerk his big cock instead. Little does Allison know she is about to be covered in salty goo from his massive cum spurt.
(4 min 9 sec)

Sexy newcomer teen babe Pocahontas has long dark hair, sun kissed skin and pretty dark eyes. But don't let her innocent looks fool you, this teen babe is a cum drinking slut who loves to wank big fat dicks and make then spurt on her face. Pocahontas is caught by surprise after being on the receiving end of Billy and his big balls full of semen.
(4 min 9 sec)

Sexy teen newcomer Cherry Poppins loves to make guys pop on her sweet face and boobs. She catches William masturbating to her and as punishments give him a good wanking while her face gets semen soaked.
(4 min 0 sec)

Teen babe Alyssa Hart catches a peeping-tom whacking his wood while she is doing gymnastics. When the teen sees him jerking off to her. Alyssa pulls him where she proceeds to milk his dick dry. Little does she know he can spurt mega sized loads and gets a big cumshot to her face.
(4 min 0 sec)

Claire Heart loves to get her face blasted with all sorts of liquids, it helps keep her skin clean but When she and big dicked Mike get down and dirty, she ends getting her face blasted with a monster load of jizz from Mike, who has not beat his meat in weeks.
(4 min 0 sec)

Sexy young teen Jenna Jaded has been building up her jerk muscle with her new shake weight and she wants to try them out. Who better than Joey, the only kid who has the ability to spurt buckets of goo from his ballsack.
(4 min 0 sec)

Sexy teen Cheyenne Jewel gets her face fucked and ultimately jizzed on by a large cumshot from Jimmys sperm filled balls. Cheyenne laps up every last drop of semen, and loves it, after her face gets hosed with buckets of jizz.
(4 min 0 sec)

Top heavy hottie teen Victoria Vixen is one perverted teenager, stroking and jerking any big dick she can fit her tiny hands around. When she tugs on Joeys boner, Victoria is about to be sprayed with a giant cumshot. She jerks his dick and squeezed out every last drop of his massive cumload.
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