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Cumblast City / Thick Cash
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Old man Mr. Franklin loves his teen neighbor Tiffany. When his wife is away he jerks off to her as she lays by the pool. Today is his lucky day, when teen Tiffany notices him, her pussy starts throbbing. She seduces Mr. Franklin and sucks and slobbers all over his big cock. To Tiffany's surprise he hasn't jerked off in three weeks, and her face is sprayed with buckets of jizz.
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Asian babe Yuki Mori is in the bathroom when a large cock appears through a hole in the wall. The horny asian is reluctant to jerk it, but when the stud appears from behind the glory hole, the asian starts sucking and slobbering on his large cock. As his throbbing cock finally erupts, her face is splattered with buckets of jizz.
(1 min 1 sec)

Lesbian teens Audrey and Zoe catch a peeping tom while in the shower. They notice how nice his cock is, and decide to let him stroke it in front of them. The peeping tom cant believe his luck as he furiously jacks away. He unloads a massive cumshot. The two teens are completely shocked and love every drop. So much so they invite him back to witness his massive cumshot ability.
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Perverted Mom Mrs. James and teen Monica have been drinking and decide to call up neighbor Billy. Everyone knows Billy shoots huge cum loads, and these two wanna see for themselves. When they coax him to cum, they are shocked at the amount of jizz.
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Asian teen Emy forces a big hard cock to erupt all over her face. When he wont stop jizzing, she begs him to stop as she becomes drenched in salty cum. After he cums, he is ready for more and demands the asian fuck toy to suck him off again. The teen is blasted again with a monster cum load all over her face
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Petite fuck slut Asia is used to milking strangers cocks for a living. But when she meets Mr. Banderas, she has no idea what is in store for her...he hasn't busted his nut in over three months. She sucks and strokes his large cock when she is suddenly drenched in cum. As his cock erupts all over her face and tits, the tiny asian whore begs for more.
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Mrs. Demarco meets her new neighbor Mr. Banderas. She invites him in for a welcome fuck session while her husband is away on business. Mrs. Demarco sucks and strokes his large cock when she is drenched in jizz. She is shocked to see how much his cock spurts all over her face.
Tags: lisa demarco handjob
(1 min 2 sec)

Since her hubby is away Milf Erica is bored and horny. The perverted mom decides to teach teen Jackie to jerk off the big dicked neighbor. When she invites him over, the teen is shocked at the massive size. They practice on a dildo in front of him when he cant take it anymore and whips it out, the duo jerks and spits on his cock until they are blasted with a massive cumshot at cumblast city.
Tags: erica lauren milf, cum shot city massive facial
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Teen Amber Raines meets neighbor Billy for some cum fun. The cock curious teen strokes and jacks on his cock until he has no choice but to burst all over the petite teen. Teener Amber is shocked at the size of his load as she gets blasted in her eyes.
(1 min 3 sec)

Frankie accidentally finds Billys cum pills in his room. "Billy, I cannot believe you are taking these at age 21?" Frankie demands that she test out the pills for herself. Milking Billy dry as she jacks off his mega sized cock until it erupts all over her. "Shoot that fucking load!" But he isn't done just yet, "Oh...You got more?" As Billy continues to ejaculate all over himself and milf Frankie
(1 min 2 sec)

After checking her email on her computer, Claire begins to feel naughty and starts tweaking her twat. Then her neighbor Debbie calls and tells her about the horn dog neighbor Billy and his huge cock. Claire calls up Billy to see for herself. Mom Claire is shocked at the size of Billys cock and she jerks out a massive cumblast all over her face and huge 44 FF tits! "OMG Billy, we better get you cleaned up!"
(1 min 2 sec)

Big tit teen Shyla is selling magazines for her fundraiser when she stops over Mr. Frankins house. "OK fine, If you promise not to tell your can shoot your jizz all over my tits." To Mr. Frankins suprise, the magazine she is selling is actually HER nude photos from a dirty mag she posed for!
(1 min 2 sec)

Neighborhood milf Mrs Robonson visits her new neighbor Johhny with a special surprise from the homeowners assiciation...a sloppy blowjob and handjob on the new stud in town. Johnny canot resist bursting his massive cumload all over Mrs. Robinsons face. :I wish my hubby had this much cum!"
(1 min 1 sec)

Mrs. James comes over to clean Jimmys rooms once a week. She noticed large stains on his bed sheet. He says it his cum, but Mrs. James does not believe him. "Let me see for myself...shoot that fuckin' load on me". She jacks, spits and slobbers until Jimmy explodes massive cumloads all over her face. " werent kiddin' Jimmy, you cum way more than my husband!
(1 min 3 sec)

While her hubby is away on business, Mrs. Stacie Starr stops over Jimmys house to comfirm all the rumors she has been hearing. "Cmon big boy, let me see what you got!" Says the horny milf. She begins to get extied at the sight of Jimmys big cock as she spits and slobbers until she is finally blasted with buckets of cum!
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Perverted secretary Tracy sucks off a consturction workers big cock and makes him explode buckets of jizz
(1 min 1 sec)

Teen Tasha spots young Jimmy working out when she coaxes him to jack his cock in front of her. She gives him a helping hand and makes him burst buckets of cum.
(1 min 1 sec)

Mrs. Steele and Mrs. Starr see Jimmy wanking his wood, again right in public. In order to releive him the two curious milfs decide to milk him dry by sucking him off and taking turns blastig each other faces with his spunk.
(1 min 2 sec)

Mrs. Janine lets young Billy spurt his jizz all over her massive all natural tits. When he finally spurts his jizz Alia forces out one last drop of cum by titty fucking his large cock. Mrs. Janine is shocked at the amount of cum from the young guy, and tells him he can cum back anytime.
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New kid in town Scotty has been cumblasting all the local moms and teens, but when cum crazy Angel Rose stops by, things get out of hand. Watch what happends when Angel gets upset when Scotty starts masterbating right in front of her
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