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Fists, Slings, Dungeons & Baseball Bats - all in 'Butt Buster'Fists, Slings, Dungeons & Baseball Bats - all in 'Butt Buster' (2 min 43 sec)

The 4th scene of Butt Buster has heaps more gay fisting from the sling with Dax taking a turn swinging from the ceiling first. While his ass is getting fisted by both fists of fellow gay fisting pig, Tony, he tugs his dick and tweaks his own nipple. Trading places Tony has his butt hole loosened by some bareback fucking from Dax's thick cock. Once loose, Dax can slide his fist in and make Tony moan in ecstasy. The best bits are reserved for the full video - a turkey baster and baseball bat become handy props!
Its Stand-Out Hardcore Gay Fisting in "Pigs Gone Wild"Its Stand-Out Hardcore Gay Fisting in "Pigs Gone Wild" (2 min 43 sec)

Rocky Harden goes wild in this very kinky and original gay fisting porn video. He has 2 fists and 2 feet right? See where I'm heading? He starts out the delightfully debauched fisting action by impaling a bottom on the end of each fist. Then, with each foot lubed up he stuffs his appendages up the ass of another 2 pigs. That's 5 gay fisting pigs moaning and groaning simultaneously in pleasure!
One Fist, Two Fists, Moan Even Louder in "Pigs Gone Wild"One Fist, Two Fists, Moan Even Louder in "Pigs Gone Wild" (2 min 54 sec)

Pigs Gone Wild is quality hardcore gay fisting porn. Every scene is full of gay fisting action. In this 3rd scene it's a fisting double as Thunder has his black hole handballed at the same time as Chris Cohand screams in ecstasy next to him, while his butthole is fisted to the upper arm. Chris's ass gets stretched even further as it swallows two of Jean Luc's hands followed by a dildo the size of a tree stump.
See Bill Beg For The Fisting to StopSee Bill Beg For The Fisting to Stop (2 min 33 sec)

Hardcore gay fisting daddies, Rocky Harden and Richard Ryder, are really working over Bill Fryer's anus in this clip from Pigs Gone Wild as he screams from the sling. They show how expert their gay fisting techniques are, their broad fisting repertoire and ability to deliver pleasure and pain via the colon. In the end 3 pigs work over Bill's butthole and it sure is stretched when they finish! Join - the most hardcore site for gay fisting enthusiasts
Rocky Loves Punch Fucking With His Left & His RightRocky Loves Punch Fucking With His Left & His Right (2 min 44 sec)

Rocky's still out of control in the 5th scene of this super raunchy hardcore gay fisting porn, "Pigs Gone Wild". He's got his left hand in Jean Luc's ass and his right fist in Chris Cohand's ass and aggressively pumping away like a piston. He lets Giorgio have a go and he also pumps his fists in from the same position, if not even more violently than Rocky. Meanwhile, the pigs keep squealing while bent over on all fours having their asses stretched and punched. Access this and other hardcore gay fisting porn at
Big Daddy Cops a Bareback Fucking & Fisting at the Same TimeBig Daddy Cops a Bareback Fucking & Fisting at the Same Time (2 min 49 sec)

"Pigs Gone Wild" is seriously one of the most hardcore, raunchy gay fisting porn videos ever made. In this scene Big Daddy is in the sling and his loose asshole is getting a work out. First Bill Fryer loosens it with a lubed tool. Then he proceeds to fist fuck and punch fuck him. The fist is exchanged for Giorgio's cock who hammers his hole with a bareback fuck. But Big Daddy's manhole is so loose it can take a fisting from Bill at the same time as Giorgio's raw dick! Into watching men fist? Join now
Its a 9 Man Fisting Ring in Pigs Gone WildIts a 9 Man Fisting Ring in Pigs Gone Wild (2 min 35 sec)

The gay fisting porn video, 'Pigs Gone Wild' is renowned for being hardcore - for reasons like this: in the 7th scene 9 burly fisting pigs get down on their hands and knees, form a circle and each man fists the ass in front of his face - all at the same time as his ass is getting fisted by the pig behind. The choruses of "Oh fuck yeah!" and "Argh!" are deafening. The scene starts out nicely too with black dude Thunder's ass getting bareback fucked while he eats out Rocky's asshole. For hardcore gay fisting videos join
Rex Valentino Fists Then Bareback FucksRex Valentino Fists Then Bareback Fucks (2 min 40 sec)

The last scene of this must have gay fisting porn video "Pigs Gone Wild" starts out with Richard up in the sling and instructing the very hunky Rex Valentino on how to 'put his hand in the pocket' (ie, up his ass). Receiving vibrating jolts into his anal passage really gets him wound up. You don't see it in this clip but Rex carries on to bareback fuck him and dump his payload inside Richard's ass. If you love fisting download Pigs Gone Wild at
Its Fucking Fantastic Fist Fucking - to the Max!Its Fucking Fantastic Fist Fucking - to the Max! (1 min 17 sec)

Now this gay fisting porn is highly recommended as its crammed full of steamy, lubey fisting action with 3 gay fisting pro's - Tony Ryder, Red Light and Kiwi. Just in this short promo clip alone Kiwi takes both Tony's and Red's fist up his manhole at the same time while kneeling on all fours- man his ass is made of elastic! To demonstrate his prowess, he twists around then sits up on those fists, using gravity to get the boys' fists to dig deeper. Then Tony plunges one arm in both men, seeing who can take being fisted down to the elbow first (it's no sweat for these fisting freaks)! Download "FFucking FFantastic" by joining
Tony's Loose Man-hole Gets FistedTony's Loose Man-hole Gets Fisted (1 min 11 sec)

Bill Marlowe holds his cock steady for Tony Ryder to suck it until its hard. After being pleasured Bill places Tony in a sling and effortlessly teases his manhole with a few punching, penetrating thrusts from his hard rod. With his cock getting easily swallowed up by Tony's ass, Bill exchanges his dick for his fist. Increasing the speed and intensity of his fisting drives Tony into a state of ecstasy. Download the full video and you'll see the action only gets dirtier - ie - punch fucking, dumping cum loads and felching. Top stuff! The video is FFucking FFantastic. Download it now at
Get Off on the Fisting Action of Ass DominatorsGet Off on the Fisting Action of Ass Dominators (1 min 13 sec)

Mega fisting bottom, Mano Ryder hangs in a sling absolutely getting off on masked Hans Inya's big muscular tattooed arm working over his experienced manhole (gotta love the names!). A cock ring tightly keeps his balls out of the way as Hans slides and twists one lubed up fist in after the other , slowing building the gay fisting action up to a climactic, cum splashing and slurping crescendo. Only hardcore fisting porn from Join now!
Is Elbow Deep as Far as You Can Fist?Is Elbow Deep as Far as You Can Fist? (1 min 56 sec)

Kiwi Muzza enjoys that super hot feeling of having his cock sucked while Richard Rider fists his loose hole. Richard is (needlessly) gentle at first but son his arm is in up to the elbow (literally), which impresses and stimulates Kiwi immensely. And this is just a taste of the gay fisting action from this pair of experienced fisters. If you like seeing puckering rosebuds and fisting implements being employed, download the full video of "Ass Dominators". Fill your screen with hardcore gay fisting enthusiasts - join now
C'mon, Fist me Deeper!C'mon, Fist me Deeper! (1 min 37 sec)

Its more gay fisting action from the sling in this scene from 'Ass Dominators' as Travis Hollister and Buck Shafter (love the name) loosen up their hole and grease up their fist respectively. Travis gets his ass thoroughly worked over as he eggs Buck on to probe, dig, twist and delve deeper into his ass. With Buck's hot fist inside him Travis can't help but groan, grunt and strain in pleasure - the vein nearly popping in his neck with all the stimulating anal tension! is not for the squeamish. Be a real man and join now.
Rafe's Ass is Fisted Wider and WiderRafe's Ass is Fisted Wider and Wider (2 min 46 sec)

In this scene from 'Stretch My Ass' Rob Wright demonstrates on Rafe Denim just how good at gay fisting he is by taking a phased approach at stretching his ass wider and wider. To start, Rafe rolls back and presents his manhole for Rob to loosen with a dildo. Giving it a licking he slides his fist in for his first mini fisting session, and you gotta love the look of concentration in Rafe's eyes as his hole is fisted. To add to the number of body parts Rob can put through Rafe's ass, he bareback fucks him, spitting on his cock to get that lube to glide even more. Download the full length video to watch the fisting and cum blasting climax.
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