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Calico Suffering and ServingCalico Suffering and Serving (2 min 4 sec)

The service Calico provides earns her special attention from Sister Dee. Whether it is licking boots or providing a target for the whip, Calico gets wet from being used. Even her orgasms are better when they are out of her control. As Sister Dee takes her dominance to higher levels Calico dives deeper into her own submission. Being a toy and a tool is her ultimate fantasy fulfilled.
Lavander Stripping and FuckedLavander Stripping and Fucked (2 min 6 sec)

Lavender is a very hot piece of ass that Sister Dee has taken a liking to. She is the kind of bitch that is a great dancer with the right music and Sister Dee has her number. Dee has a number of cocks to try out on Lavender\'s cunt, too. Mr. Pogo is perfect for when she is trussed up on the floor and the big black dick is just right for bouncing on. Dee makes sure to wear her pussy out with cocks and vibrators.
Lilyanna Cries for MercyLilyanna Cries for Mercy

The knowledge that she is nothing but a play thing is enough to bring Lilyanna to tears, but they really begin flowing when Sister Dee show her exactly what that means. She will have to endure endless painful predicaments and torments until her will is entirely broken. While some may relent at the sight of her tears, Sister Dee does not. Crying just lets her know she is doing it right.
LilyAnna the Suffering SlutLilyAnna the Suffering Slut (2 min 2 sec)

A burlap sack is as effective a hood as anything else. It keeps Lilyanna blind and terrified so Sister Dee can torment her body AND mind. When Dee is satisfied she has screamed enough she discards the hood and slips on a ball gag. Lilyanna is an easy bitch to make cum. Finger-fuck her ass a bit and keep the vibrator firmly on her clit and even through a gag she will sing out her orgasms.
Syd Paying Her DebtsSyd Paying Her Debts (2 min 5 sec)

When Syd loses a bunch of her money Sister Dee will not let the debt go unpaid. Syd does not have the cash so Dee will have to take it from her hide with interest. Her debt recovery methods may be harsh but they get the job done. Whips, chains, floggers and canes; every tool Dee can reach is going to leave its mark across Syd. Each mark will be a reminder to double check her investment strategy.
Star Learns to BegStar Learns to Beg (2 min 2 sec)

Star knows how to beg, but she does not quite know the right words. You see, when she yells, Please stop, Sister Dee hears, Right there! When she screams, Oh god it hurts, she expects Dee to care. But the only requests Sister Dee seems to hear are the ones asking for more. Please cane my thighs. Please, on my feet. Thank you so much. Those kinds of favors she will take care of right away.
Sophie Suffers Homemade TormentSophie Suffers Homemade Torment (2 min 1 sec)

Sister Dee likes arts and crafts. She takes a trip to Dom Depot for supplies and when she gets back Sophie is test her creations. Homemade dildos, gags and clamps are quick and easy to make. Making a slut like Sophie suffer enough to earn her orgasms is even easier. She will do anything Dee asks if it means she can cum again. The pleasure Dee can give is worth the pain she can inflict.
Flexible Renee Gets SchooledFlexible Renee Gets Schooled (2 min 4 sec)

Renee is a flexible slut who looks like a slutty school teacher. Today she is going to get a lesson in service from Sister Dee. She will teach her how to suffer though whips, floggers, canes and bondage for as long as Dee commands. Renee is so desperate for Dee to let her cum she would never dream of defying her. Making someone so willing to suffer is the absolute height of power.
Beverly Hills Bondage BitchBeverly Hills Bondage Bitch (2 min 3 sec)

Beverly loves to play with other girls. There is something about submitting to them that just turns her on. Sister Dee is perfect for her. It's been while since Beverly has had the pleasure of serving by suffering. Dee is a hard person to satisfy. She can cause so much pain and promises so much pleasure as a reward. How could someone like Beverly, a slut who loves pain, resist that kind of offer?
Dee Score Perfect TenDee Score Perfect Ten (1 min 58 sec)

Ten is young, hot and willing to take anything Sister Dee will throw at her. The more it hurts the wetter the little slut gets. Dee takes advantage of her flexibility and her love of pain to push her into places other girls would not dare to go. Ten is so hungry for a fucking that she will take a pair of dildos at once without a single protest. She gets off from the rush of being used.
Nyssa Nevers Never QuitsNyssa Nevers Never Quits (2 min 5 sec)

Nyssa Nevers never quits. Sister Dee may put her through hell, but she will love every second. Pain sluts are like her just beg for more. It is probably better that way. Even if Nyssa would beg for mercy, it is not like Sister Dee would show her any. She likes turning good girls into great whores. That takes discipline. Every bitch Dee gets her hands on she breaks, uses and throws away.
Sammi Struggles and SquirtsSammi Struggles and Squirts (2 min 4 sec)

Sammi Sui has a talent as a squirter. It is surprising that she does not like to show it off. Sister Dee decides she does not get a choice. It takes quite a bit of coercion, but Dee makes sure Sammi puts on her show. Sure, she struggles a lot and protests a bit at first, but the orgasms feel so good once they start that she gives in and just lets it happen. A good cum makes everything better.
Sybil Pleasing Devious DeeSybil Pleasing Devious Dee (2 min 4 sec)

Sybil has a long day ahead of her. Sister Dee has never been easy to please. She wants her sluts to suffer and cum on command. Sybil will fall into line soon enough. Some of the most painful torments Sister Dee can devise will make sure of it. Dee whips clips and clamps from her skin, vibrates Sybil until she cries and makes her beg for a caning, all to the line between pleasure and punishment.
Triple Penetrating Little EliseTriple Penetrating Little Elise (2 min 4 sec)

Most girls the size of Elise have trouble taking more than one cock at a time. Once Sister Dee gets to her Elise has a dildo in every hole. Elise says it turns her on to be used up and treated like trash. All of her holes are going to get worked until she is cumming uncontrollably. The more orgasms she has the more intense they get and the harder it becomes to hold off the next one.
Elise Hooded but StrugglingElise Hooded but Struggling (1 min 58 sec)

Elise has a lot of fight in her, something Sister Dee is going to correct. The more she struggles the tougher Dee will have to be. Dee has floggers and whips that are perfect for willful sluts who need to learn their place. Elise is in an even worse position because Sister Dee tied her up with her pussy exposed. A few lashings there are a great way to make an impression.
Bronte Squirting from VibratorsBronte Squirting from Vibrators (2 min 2 sec)

Suffering and service are amazing aphrodisiacs. Bronte is so hot to get off that a little vibration has her squirting everywhere. She loves it when Sister Dee ties a dildo over her mouth. Being made to get SD off gets Bronte super wet. And taking the strap on, choking on it and fucking it, is just another way to make her pussy squirt. This is the kind of service she could definitely get used to.
Jade Horny for PainJade Horny for Pain (2 min 0 sec)

Pain sluts are the best kind. It does not matter how much it hurts, Jade will always want more. Every sting or strike just gets her wet. Give Sister Dee a cane and she can make those kinds of sexual fantasies come true for anyone. She enjoys causing the pain as much as Jade loves taking it. As the pain and the degradations get more intense so do the orgasms that Jade experiences.
Claire Adams Extreme SlutClaire Adams Extreme Slut (2 min 2 sec)

Sister Dee knows that she can take a bondage and pain slut like Claire Adams to the edge and back and all she will do is beg for more. Begging is always a encouraged with more pain and more orgasms. It makes for an endless cycle of suffering and pleasure, both of which will only become more intense. SD is going to test the limits and Claire is going to love every second of it.
Dia Zerva Worked OutDia Zerva Worked Out (2 min 1 sec)

Sister Dee likes putting her bitches to work, but picking up stones is just an excuse to get Dia Zerva out to where the real pain can start. Of course no tool can be wasted. Those stones will get used to make Dia suffer eventually. She will have to bear the load with a hook in her cunt. The slut manages to suffer enough to earn the privilege of pleasuring SD, a rare reward.
Lavander Stripping and FuckedLavander Stripping and Fucked (2 min 2 sec)

Lavender is a very hot piece of ass that Sister Dee has taken a liking to. She is the kind of bitch that is a great dancer with the right music and Sister Dee has her number. Dee has a number of cocks to try out on Lavender\'s cunt, too. Mr. Pogo is perfect for when she is trussed up on the floor and the big black dick is just right for bouncing on. Dee makes sure to wear her pussy out with cocks and vibrators.
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