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(9 min 33 sec)

Lora is a dropdead gorgeous brunette who loves soft, sensual sex. Today, she’s ready to try anal sex with her man. Lora kisses her partner passionately and after a brief makeout session, he begins using his tongue on her smooth, wet pussy. Returning the favor, Lora slowly unzips his pants and uses her soft lips to run the length of his shaft. As her partner fingers her pussy, Lora can’t help but call out and moan as he plays with her. When he’s ready, he fucks Lora’s ready pussy from behind, treating us to a closeup view as his cock slides in and out of her pussy, exposing a small tuft of hair. As Lora rides him, she says she’s ready, and her partner begins fucking her tight ass instead. Finished with her ass, Lora’s lover slides his cock into her mouth where she sucks and strokes him until he shoots his white load in her mouth and down her throat.
(9 min 21 sec)

Hailey Young is a hot brunette chick in a pinkish top and short plaid skirt who, while she's chatting with us, is already rubbing her pussy through her skirt and underwear. Before long her skirt comes off and so does her underwear and she starts rubbing her pussy and a guy starts fingering her. Before long she's sucking his dick and fingering herself, and then he starts fucking her good and hard leaving her pussy hole gaping wide open. He then starts fucking her in the asshole also leaving that wide open and gaping. He finishes off on her face.
(9 min 39 sec)

Gina has finally made the cheerleading squad, and now she wants to be captain! So she must try out for Buck and persuade him to let her lead the squad. So he gets to fondle her tiny titties and finger her little pussy. Gina then gets on her knees and sucks on his big cock as she pleadingly begs for him to fuck her. So he slips her the meat on the couch as she spreads wide. Minutes later, he's got his cock stuffed up her extremely tight ass that's like a vice grip on his cock. He stretches her asshole for several minutes and then in the end she is completely cum covered in his jizz.
(9 min 56 sec)

Nyomi and Talon are a young couple on their way to Vegas to do some gambling. It’s still a long way to Vegas so to pass the time, Naomi shows the other passengers her boobs. She looks over at Talon and tells him to “pull it out,” so she can see his cock. Nyomi wants to pull over so she can pee, but it’s just a clever ruse to stop the car so she and Talon can fool around some more. After pulling her in for a passionate kiss at the side of the road, Talon lubes up his cock and slides it inside Nyomi’s wet pussy. As Nyomi lays atop Talon, her puckered ass hole can be seen as his dick thrusts in and out of her pussy. With one more quick suck job, Nyomi manages to get Talon off and feel his hot load cover her pretty face.
(8 min 59 sec)

Casual road trip conversation turns sexy when Nautica’s involved. As she and her man are driven down a country road, Nautica’s asked if she prefers cock to pussy. She prefers cock, which works out fine for her travelling companion seeing as he has one. Nautica leans over in the backseat to give him a blowjob, using the added vibration of the car to do the job. With his hard cock in her hand, Nautica asks to pull over. She’s horny as hell and doesn’t care where she is, she wants sex now. Finding an isolated spot, Nautica bends over, inviting her man to fuck her from behind. Nautica uses the back of their vehicle for balance as she takes his hard cock from behind, then on her back. Nautica even manages to demonstrate her flexibility and balance by bending over and touching her toes, while taking cock. Kneeling before her man, Nautica watches as he strokes his cock and shoots a creamy load across her face and in her mouth.
(9 min 21 sec)

Dusky haired Alex is posing at the beach in a cute pink bikini where she meets Reno and picks him up. Alex has nothing to do and is turned on by Reno's leather trousers and motorbike, so she agrees to go back to his for some hardcore action. Alex wastes no time and drops to her knees to suck Reno's shaved cock and balls. He persuades her to deep throat his stiff length and encourages her to go all the way down as far as she can. Off come the bikini bottoms and Reno lift's up Alex's leg so he can jam his monster cock deep inside her tight shaven hole. He fucks her in several positions and even though Alex is enjoying it you can tell it's a bit painful for her. After riding his huge cock on top, Alex gets on her knees so Reno can jizz all over her cute face.
(8 min 44 sec)

Hannah and her man are on break but it’s hot as hell in there, and they’re not really anxious to get back. Pulling his pants off, Hannah’s man pulls out his soft cock and Hannah goes to work on it. This tattooed brunette beauty knows what she’s doing when she slowly sucks his cock. Before long, Hannah’s pants are pulled off and her lover bends her over to fuck her from behind. The camera catches the action from up close as Hannah is fucked from behind. She uses the back of the work van to balance one leg as she stretches her pussy nice and wide for her lover. Her smooth, hairless pussy takes a pounding in different positions as she’s fucked closer and closer to climax. Wanting another taste of her lover’s cock, Hannah gets back on her knees and sucks his cock from base to tip, undoubtedly sampling some of her juices as she works him over. When he cums, his creamy load dribbles right into her mouth.
(9 min 56 sec)

When Ariel tells Max about her new neighbor Natalie he is more than happy to jump on over and have a peek at this sexy chick. She is cleaning the pool and is pretty happy they brought her a drink. The girls get Max to work on the pool while they start working on each other. Nothing is hotter than two blondes kissing and these two will surely turn you on. They move from kissing lips to kissing pussies while sharing a cute vibrator. Max can’t help himself he has to come over and check out what they are doing. Max helps out by licking some pussy and then they take turns sucking his mighty meat stick. While one hot blonde rides his beef the other shows him some big titty action in his face. These blonde shared everything even the cumshot in the end.
(9 min 50 sec)

Rain and Rion are sickeningly in love, but that always makes for some hot sex! They talk about their love life and just what they're gonna be doing for the camera today. They head outside to the jacuzzi and start kissing in the water. After the jacuzzi they jump into the pool and fool around a bit. After taking a little frisky swim, Rion takes Rain over to a lounge chair and starts lapping on her wet pussy. After he comes back up for air, Rain goes down and beings to suck his cock, he's fully erect and ready to give her the hard pounding that she craves. So they head on back into the house and get naked on the bed. Rion slides his cock deep into Rain's pussy and starts fucking the shit out of her as their skin slaps together. They continue fucking in all positions and then Rion completely cum covers her face with his spunk.
(9 min 53 sec)

Mikita goes out to the beach with her boyfriend and strips down to feel the surf as it hits the rocks and her naked tits. Her boyfriend love how free his Asian lady is when she is outdoors and having a good time. He fingers her pretty pussy on the rocks while the surf laps up to kiss them with white spray. She is loving the outside action so much she slips to her knees to give his cock a good mouthing before he turns her around to fuck that pretty slit on the rocks. He gets so excited he picks her up and pounds that pussy while he holds her above the rocks and pounding surf. In the end though she gets what she wants by sucking his meat until he explodes on her expectant face.
(9 min 14 sec)

A hot blond chick is already rubbing her pussy and playing with her tits. She pulls her underwear aside to show us her nicely shaved pussy lips which she pulls apart for us. Before long she's bending over to give us a nice view of her ass and part of her pussy lips and then she starts stripping off her short skirt and shirt. She then takes off her underwear, spreads her legs, and starts fingering herself as she's sitting on a chair. Before long she's joined by a guy who's thick dick she eagerly starts sucking. He eagerly starts fucking her and eating her out while fingering her. He fucks her in several different positions before finally finishing all over her shoulder.
(6 min 55 sec)

Annie Body and Reno are getting busy on a sofa. Kissing and touching each other up, Annie is soon moaning and touching Reno's cock. He begins to take her clothes off, kissing and groping her big firm boonbs. She lies back and spreads her legs so he can pull her panties off, exposing a hairy pussy that he masturbates and licks. Holding her cunt lips apart, he gets in there with his tongue, flicking her clit and making Annie moan in delight! Eager to repay the favour, Annie gets on her knees and takes Reno's hard dick deep in her mouth. He holds the back of her head, encouraging her to go down as deep as she can! Fully turned on now, Reno sits back on the sofa and Annie climbs on top to fuck. She bounces up and down like a champ, loving every second of swallowing his cock deep inside. They go at it hard and fast in several positions, picking up the pace. Finally Reno shoots his load all over Annie's thatch!
(6 min 52 sec)

Elizabeth starts this scene naked and spreading her hairy pussy on a bed, reaching down to masturbate as her guy Trevor sets up the camera. Open mouthed and moaning gently, Elizabeth soon gets into wanking her hole for the camera. Trevor comes into shot and tongues her cunt for a while, then gets busy with his fingers. He moves on up the bed and sticks his cock into Elizabeth's mouth, meanwhile she is still jerking off. Next she gets on her knees to suck Trevor's cock for a while, then in the end she spreads on the bed so he can fuck her. He slides into her tight hairy cunt and quickly picks up the pace, banging away as Elizabeth lies back with her eyes closed. She goes on top next, before turning round to ride dick in reverse cowgirl position. Following some hard fucking Trevor takes her from behind bent over the bed. To finish the scene she gets on her knees and Trevor jerks a load of sticky cum all over her face!
(6 min 52 sec)

Lacey Snow is sat on a bed chatting to the camera man, saying she doesn't like shaving her pussy. She stands up and takes her top off, showing a great pair of small perky boobs. Naked now, she lies back on the bed and masturbates her pussy with a dildo. Getting turned on quickly, Lacey moans and pants as she jerks her cunt with the sex toy! Tony joins her on the bed and goes down on her, tonguing out her hairy pussy deeply. Lacey loves it, moaning out even louder now. She holds the dildo on her clit while Tony finger fucks her hairy hole. Horny now, Lacey takes Tony's dick in her mouth and starts sucking him hungrily. He holds onto the back of her head, encouraging her to suck deeper. Lacey lies back and spreads her legs to get fucked. Tony enters her and starts to slowly bang her cunt. They go at it, then Tony takes Lacey from behind. He finishes off by shooting his wad all over her hairy thatch!
(6 min 59 sec)

Amateur couple Elisa and James are getting down to it on a bed for the camera. Elisa's top comes off pretty quick and it's not long before they are both naked, her spreading some hairy pussy for James, who goes down on it, nibbling clit and licking her pussy lips. Elisa responds by sucking some dick, then they get in sixty nine position to continue the action. Next James lies back while Elisa climbs aboard his cock and starts slowly riding him, moaning out in passion as she takes his hard length deep inside her tight hairy hole! She sits up next, holding his hips and still riding his dick like a champ. James takes over now, flipping Elisa on her back and banging into her hard in missionary position. They go at it hard and fast in several positions, including doggy, reverse cowgirl, then back to some more missionary. James picks up the pace, banging Elisa as hard as he can, before pulling out and shooting his creamy load all over Elisa's hairy thatch!
(6 min 55 sec)

Celeste is lying back on a bed, naked apart from a pair of white panties. Hairy armpits on display, she chats with the camera guy for a while then starts playing with her boobs. The panties come off to show a hairy pussy, and she reaches down with one hand and starts masturbating. Her cunt lips are big and swollen, and Celeste goes down with both hands to spread them open wide! Getting more turned on, she slips a finger inside and starts jerking off harder. Loving being filmed, she pulls her swollen pussy lips around, keeping her legs and hairy hole spread wide the whole time. A dildo comes into play and she turns it on, then starts working her pussy with it. She reaches for a second toy and works her hairy hole with both of them, bucking her hips as they do their work! Concentrating on just one dildo now, she rams it inside and starts fucking her cunt with it, moaning out in passion as she brings herself up to orgasm!
(6 min 59 sec)

Polly Garter is posing in front of the bathroom mirror. She gets naked and touches herself up, masturbating and panting as she turns herself on. Julie Aurora walks in and surprises her, and they start kissing. After some boob touching action Julie goes down on Polly, who sits on the counter spreading her hairy pussy. Both naked now, Julie reaches for a dildo and starts to jerk off Polly's spread cunt. She moans in passion as it goes in deeper! Using her other hand to jerk clit, Polly is soon riding up towards her first orgasm, bucking her hips and shouting out in pleasure. Satisfied, Polly gets on her knees next to lick Julie's cunt, reaching up to tweak her nipples while doing so. She lies down and spreads her pussy, also hairy, for Polly, who gets a dildo and slides it inside her spread pink hole! She quickly picks up the pace, wanking Julie off deeply until she too has a noisy orgasm! Both satisfied, they collapse in each other's arms, kissing and cuddling!
(6 min 59 sec)

Marley Mason is a cute brunette shooting a scene with Burke. She pulls her panties aside to show her hairy pussy, spreading her pink cunt lips for the camera and talking dirty every now and again! The boobs come out and she massages them a bit, before going back down to masturbate her hairy hole. Panting quietly and getting turned on, Marley isn't camera shy one bit! Next she gets on all fours and jerks herself off hard, moaning and panting now as she brings herself off. Burke gets his dick sucked for a while, then Marley holds her legs open wide so he can get in and pound her cunt. He lies down while Marley mounts him in reverse cowgirl position, boobs bouncing around while she takes his dick inside. Burke fucks her in missionary again and Marley loves it, reaching down to play with her clit and moaning some more. The scene builds up and Burke finally shoots his sticky load of man batter all over Marley's nice hairy cunt hole!
(6 min 59 sec)

Janet Vice starts this scene in the shower, soaping up her boobs and hairy pussy! She gets out of the shower and has an argument with her guy Finch, who is packing his bags and leaving. She persuades him to stay and talk. Jumping on top of him, Janet kisses him firmly then makes him stand up in front of her. She gets on her knees and puts both hands on his cock, sucking him deeply. Finch grabs the back of her head and fucks her mouth, making Janet go down on him deep. He licks her hairy cunt for a while then gets a dildo and uses it to tease her nipples. Moving down to her snatch, he slides it inside and fucks her hole with it. After more dildo play, Finch bangs into her and fucks her good and hard, making Janet moan out loudly. She rides him on top, then gets fucked from behind. After some more hard missionary, Finch pulls out and drops his load all over her hairy thatch!
(6 min 59 sec)

Zeda J looks happy and ready for action! Wearing a tight top showing off her pert tits, she chats with the camera man. Standing up, she strips off some garments and gets down to her underwear. Naked now, she lies back on the bed with her eyes closed and starts masturbating her hairy snatch. Getting into it, panting and moaning, Zeda is perfectly at ease wanking her cunt for the camera! Reaching up with her other hand to play with her perky boobs, she spreads her legs wider and carries on jerking off. She gets a pink dildo and slides it inside herself, the moans picking up now as she jerks off. Not satisfied yet, another toy comes into play and she holds it against her clit. Standing up next and back to the pink dildo, she stimulates her pussy – jerking off hard! Back on the bed and with a dildo in each hand, Zeda goes to work on her pussy, moaning out in pleasure as she works herself up to a loud orgasm!
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