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Trojan Rock and Adriano MarquezTrojan Rock and Adriano Marquez

Adriano Marquez is probably the oldest performer. He has a close-shaved head greying at the sides and a well trimmed beard, a broad hairy chest and tight abs and tattoos. He is paired with similar looking Rock. After some kissing and nipple play they swap blow jobs. Rock rims and fingers Marquez’s shaved hole before fucking it with a very big uncut cock. Two nice cum-shots to end the scene.
Ashley Rider, Luc Bonay and Benjamin StarkAshley Rider, Luc Bonay and Benjamin Stark

Ashley Rider is a mousey haired, lilywhite-skinned 18 year old rambler and makes the mistake of asking Bonay and Stark for directions. He is forced to suck their big cocks, pushed from one to the other, prodded and poked. With 3 fingers stretching his hairless hole he moans and whimpers. Despite his youth he sure knows how to suck cock - all the way down to the root! He loves the rough treatment. At one point he has Stark's cock and Bonay's fingers up his hole at the same time. They spit on his face and in his mouth - and he takes it all. He is spit roasted, and they repeatedly change ends. The hunks eventually cum in his face and a couple of fingers up the boy's well fucked arse help him to his own orgasm.
Kent North, Carlo Cox, Trojan Rock and Pier SiasKent North, Carlo Cox, Trojan Rock and Pier Sias

Kent North eventually turns up for work. His workmates (Cox, Rock and Sias) are not impressed and abuse him with their fingers and cocks. However, it quickly develops in to a mutually enjoyable orgy as they fuck each other. For the final minutes of the film, Kent is on his knees with Cox's fist stretching his shaved butt hole to its limits. Kent jacks off and the other three sprinkle spunk all over him.

This tall, dark and handsome Brazilian, Carioca, has an amazing washboard stomach, and a distinctive tattoo spelling his name over his back...and that's not all... did I forget to mention that proud curved throbbing 8.5 inch dick Carioca is a "bottom's" dream, and he loves to top, just like "Cariocas" do (Carioca is the name for local people of Rio de Janeiro). Could any bottom resist being prized open by his huge cock
Butch GrandButch Grand

Another discovery of Carlo Cox, this man leaves us both breathless! Horny hairy muscle, what else could you ask for From his smouldering come get my eyes, to his beard, to his magnificently hairy chest, to his hairy butt and hole, this is pure man! I can never get enough of this stud, professionally or privately, he presses all the right buttons. And he is one hell of a boundary pusher, and this means there can be a blur between the professional and private: what can I say
Aitor CrashAitor Crash

Wild thing! This Spanish stud is WILD... the term "self expressed" does not come near describing the passion and power and extremes of this sex beast! Aitor is sometimes almost romantic, and can have a doe eyed look about him, but don"t be fooled, this tattooed tiger is trouble...BIG TIME!! From live stage shows where he throws pissed on underwear into the audience, to fucking spitting and fisting with abandon on camera, to showing off solo by ramming a "sounder" deep down inside his cock shaft from the tip right down slowly to the balls, Aitor will push some buttons...he is wild, he is fun and extreme... and will always surprise! Go for it Aitor - we love you!!
Parker WilliamParker William

Parker Williams is a big name. Hairy, handsome and hung, this man still has the magic to turn it on. As randy as ever, and always eager to bottom as well as top, he just loves getting it on with other real men. Parker is a real man, deep voiced and almost burly and brutish in his manners. Continuing to explore his sexuality by breaking boundaries, he still tops the charts of the legends.

Pablo, 27 years old, hails from Portugal but lives in Holland with his life partner. This Slim, slightly shy shaved headed, man with huge brown eyes, has innocent looks and charm, but those big hairy legs, that unkempt hairy chest, and those delicious untrimmed hairy balls, may signify the devil that lurks within. I was lucky enough to shoot Pablo on a day when his boyfriend was in town. And for that reason, he needed no added inspiration. They kept each other busy during the takes, and I was witness to a very fiery and sexually charged scene between them, where I also learnt just what you can do with a flexible foreskin!
Marco de BruteMarco de Brute

Marco is "man meat"! No doubt about it. This strapping 6 footer looks as though he would be at home on the building site in his hard hat, just as much as on the Rugby pitch! And in reality, this hairy hunk is as much at home in full leather, as he is completely in the buff! Rugged and rough round the edges, boasting perfect pecs and big and beefy strong legs, it is his huge and hung package that completes this mega man's breathtaking physique.
Marco BlazeMarco Blaze

This 26 year old from Argentina is sex on legs... a trained dancer, he is amazingly agile, and can lift his legs where only few can! A superb bottom, he has one of the best Butt's in the business and has one of the largest and fattest cocks I have ever seen. He was new to porn when we met, but he definitely knew what he wanted to do, and where he wanted to go... and that was to do more and more and more... Between his scenes he would ask everyone on set for their advice on which studios to work for and who to approach. Apart from being amazingly charming, this guy has equipment to die for , and can turn in a spitfire bottom performance like no other... that smile dazzles too!
Fred FaurtinFred Faurtin

This Frenchman has it all, it seems... charm, a killer smile and a genuine hunger for sex! Who can resist his huge fat cock, and large full balls, his hairy legs and big hands! Apart from a humungous cock with an equally massive head, Fred can deliver drowning amounts of cum! A rough-look add to his attributes, so it isn't surprising that this ex-landscape gardener is often cast as the "bad boy". After all, fucking a hole seems to be the "raison d'etre" for this French man, and it would be a waste if it wasn't the case. This man is a testosterone fuelled fucking machine, and expert at that!
Duke MichealsDuke Micheals

Beware: This British Bulldog might bite! Here's a muscle man not to be messed with. Huge, hung and hard... this is a bruiser of a man... but don't be fooled by those rough and tough looks; Duke may be a blue eyed fucker on scene, but take it from me; off set, he is as playful as a bulldog puppy, or can be, if sucked, and pulled and satisfied the right way! And to be honest, who wouldn't want to pull and suck and satisfy him - right Tasting that huge dick of his and swallowing it all the way to his heavy shaved balls. This beefy bodybuilder "Top" will blow you away with his might, and leave you drained to the last drop! All Man!
Daniel MarvinDaniel Marvin

Woooahh! As we all knew already, the best beef is from Argentina, and this guy just goes to prove the point!! With his dark handsome, brooding looks, his super sculpted muscular physique and his upright stiff cock, he is a God! He boasts a cock so rigid, when hard, that it almost bounces off his belly button, and he also has the tightest most succulent balls (and yes, that is a piercing!). Daniel Marvin is also one half of the well-known porn couple Marvin and Andreas, and although individually tops, together they flip flop with huge amounts of obvious pleasure. Massively muscular Daniel Marvin is a favourite amongst the actors, and I think with all of us too!
Rick BauerRick Bauer

When I first met Rick, I assumed he was a newcomer; after all, he looked so so cute and angelic! That in mind I expected that it would take a little while to make him comfortable in front of the camera. Oh... how I made a mistake... within seconds he was working the camera and really enjoying himself showing us what he could do with his hot, huge curved dick. After we were done, I congratulated him on being so amazing on his first time, telling him he should do this for a living... he politely smiled and told me that he already did! I should have done my home work, as here was a guy with a videography to beat all videographies, and here is a man who could teach us all about what it is to work the camera. Stunning, and smooth and hard bodied, but completely lacking star attitude, Rick Bauer is a star!
Pedro AndreasPedro Andreas

They don't come much beefier, or sexier than this man! This Brazilian beefcake is enough to make most guys drop their jaws! Massively muscled, naturally hairy, but shaved, he is one part of the porn couple Marvin and Andreas, and although individually tops, together they flip flop with huge amounts of obvious pleasure. Pedro's proudly perky, massive dick, is just one feature of this perfectly handsome man. His butt looks so edible, that is no wonder that his partner can not get enough of him, and nor can many of the guys we work with. This guy loves his job, and always remains eager for the next arse to fuck! No wonder, is it then, that when we have him on set, there is no shortage of offers from others to help in any way possible!
Marco Blaze and Pedro AndreasMarco Blaze and Pedro Andreas

Fucking Perfection!! Stunningly handsome Marco, smooth chested and amazingly hung, gets his ass ploughed by awesome Brazilian Pedro, super muscled and with trimmed chest and facial hair. These men are in heaven, as they explore each other's God like bodies, sucking on each other's cocks as if they were that hungry. Pedro, eats Marco's ass to the salivating limit, before delivering Marco with an ass pounding, in every conceivable position. Marco rides Pedro's damn perfect cock with abandon, until both guys deliver masses of hot cum over Marco's tight and sweaty abs. A scorcher!!
Exclusif scene Trojan Rock and Jake RyderExclusif scene Trojan Rock and Jake Ryder

I shot this week's exclusive scene with Jake Ryder in Gran Canaria. We met around London many times and were on set for a film. We weren't scheduled to work together, but, on lazy day, the director suggested doing an extra scene. Problem was, that most models had gone for a rest day to the beach, and only Jake and I were around. Jake laughed and said why not do one with me Well, that is what happened, and although we had known each other for some time, and flirted a little, neither of us had really expected our first fuck would be on screen. It turned out not only to be a hot scene, but we laughed a lot during the takes. Jake is an extremely funny guy, as well as a great bottom! Sometimes knowing your co actor beforehand can make for a relaxed scene. So I reckon the Jury is still out on whether we should meet or not... The following scene is not available anywhere else; it's not available on DVDs, VOD or any other web site. Sit back and enjoy this exclusive footage.
Stan FordStan Ford

Woooooaaahhhh....Usually this job has it's perks, but when you are shooting a guy who makes you hard on sight, and you have to behave and be professional because his boyfriend is in the next room, it can cause blueballs for sure!! This is how it was with Stan Ford. Stan's very first shoot, and his bf ( a well known porn actor) was waiting eagerly in the wings!
Carlo Cox and Parker WilliamsCarlo Cox and Parker Williams

They don't cum more hairy than muscle man Carlo Cox, and masculine legend Parker Williams. Carlo and Parker are a fucktastic treat to watch. Parker loves his balls pulled and Carlo is an expert in ass play. Carlo turns this usual top into a hungry bottom on this one off scene. Parker is literally begging for more, even though he at first resists being topped by Carlo. Carlo expertly drives his perfect hard cock deep and long into Parkers tight ass, pulling his cheeks back and ramming his cock in from tip to balls smacking on Parkers hole. Carlo delivers extra spit on his cock as lube as he fills Parker's hole until they both come in gushes of hot man juice.

Sebastian is a Dutchman, who lives in Amsterdam. This dark, sauve stud is as sexy in a suit as out of it! I met him straight from his job, and asked him what intimate moment he would love to share with you. He suggested we watch him take his after work shower. That is where he said he let off steam after a busy day at the office. Watching him lather up his hairy torso, and then soap up his dick and balls, was a real wet dream. If it wasn't that the camera would have got damaged, I would have joined him, as he got rock hard and played proudly with his big full dick. It was obvious to me that the day was highly pressured, and that he needed to let off more than steam! And he did, with gushes of hot spunk.
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