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Wouldnt you love to be worshipping it all the sweet smells and tastes... Makes me horny thinking about it... mmmmmm looks like i need to bring out my big black dildo for some playtime.
Tags: Mature,Granny,Hairy,BBW/Curvy,United States,Lingerie,Nylons,Pantyhose


There you are young man come in its time for your evaluation. I hope i have taught you well how your sexy boss needs to be pleasured. Sit down and show me what youve learned. Let me tech you the proper way to suck cock. I think youll be very happy here with me....
Tags: Mature,Granny,Hairy,BBW/Curvy,United States,Pantyhose,Stockings


There you are young man come in its time for your evaluation. I hope i have taught you well how your sexy boss needs to be pleasured. Sit down and show me what youve learned. Let me teach you the proper way to suck cock. I think youll be very happy here with me....
Tags: Mature,Granny,Hairy,BBW/Curvy,United States,Pantyhose,Stockings


This RED HOT MILF requires your hard cock baby i want to feel you rub my sexy legs and feet with your throbbing member. See your cum dripping down my legs and onto my feet.Let me stroke you with my stockinged feet and make you cum hard for me...
Tags: Mature,Granny,Hairy,BBW/Curvy,United States,Lingerie,Nylons,Pantyhose


Get over here bad boy your naughty MILF next door is going to suck your cock good. I know you have been spying on me and now your going to get what you deserve.
Tags: Mature,Granny,Hairy,BBW/Curvy,United States


...relaxing on the bed feeling horny when she hears the neighbour man spying on me from my kitchen. That naughty young man. Get in here and let me teach you a lesson for spying on me....
Tags: Mature,Granny,Hairy,BBW/Curvy,United States


Girdlegoddess has a new pet rock its my cock rock and i do enjoy playing with it. Watch me naked out by the creek hope i dont get caught...or do i
Tags: Mature,Granny,Hairy,BBW/Curvy,United States,Exhibitionist,Flashing


Naughty boy get in here and make me breakfast cant you see im hungry. Maybe you need this wooden spoon on your ass
Tags: Mature,Granny,Hairy,BBW/Curvy,United States


Oh... Im so HOT i need a nice cool shower. Jumping into the tub with my sexy gown on watch as it clings to me my hard nipples showing through. maybe some body wash on that big hairy pussy....
Tags: Mature,Granny,Hairy,BBW/Curvy,United States


After a long day at the office Girdlegoddess relaxes at home. Its hot and i need to shed some of these clothes. Im horny after catching my co worker sneaking a peek up my skirt. He was so turned on he had to go wank in the bathroom. Oh how sweet it is. Watch me now as i spread my legs and pull off my pantyhose and slide my hard purple dildo into my very wet pussy.
Tags: Mature,Granny,Hairy,BBW/Curvy,United States


Hey baby this Girdlegoddess is here to show you how im going to fuck this hairy pussy with my big black dildo. Oh yes see me plunge deep into this hairy wet cunt with that hard cock. Oh yes im going to cum all over your cock...
Tags: Mature,Granny,Hairy,BBW/Curvy,United States,Sex Toys


Oh My look at this new toy so big and black. Oh yes im going to sit on this big black baby and cum hard right here on this chair.... mmmmmmmmm i love getting new gifts so you just keep em cumming...xox Watch me as i fuck this new toy my big lusious titties bouncing with very stroke.
Tags: Mature,Granny,Hairy,BBW/Curvy,United States,Sex Toys


Such a nice sunny day for a pee in this old out house. I sat there enjoying myself and played with my big wet pussy... wanna watch baby
Tags: Mature,Granny,Hairy,BBW/Curvy,United States,Exhibitionist,Flashing


Such a sexy MILF all alone in the woods. Wouldnt you want to just bend her over that wood pile and fuck her good from behind Oh baby she needs a fucking sooo bad...xo CUM watch me and hear my sexy voice baby...
Tags: Mature,Granny,Hairy,BBW/Curvy,United States,Exhibitionist,Flashing


Smoking HOT mama for you baby. Im going to take a deep drag off my smoke and blow it on my huge titties. Play with my juicy wet pussy with a smoke in my fingers. See as i blow my smoke in your face and on your cock. MMM oh yes you like that dont you naughty one
Tags: Granny,Mature,BBW/Curvy,United States,Hairy,Stockings,Smoking


A little instruction on how this Goddess loves to pleasure herself. If it was YOU before me doing the pleasuring youll now know how i like it... Stay tuned for part 2
Tags: Granny,Mature,BBW/Curvy,United States,Hairy,Stockings,Sex Toys


Im so nervous ive been sitting here waiting for my interview for such a long time. When im this nervous the only thing that helps me relax is to play with my pussy till i cum. I bet i could just pull my nice new Black Dildo out of my purse and have a quickie before the boss even comes out for my interview. Oh damn but what if i get caught.... lol then for sure i WILL get the job.
Tags: Granny,Mature,BBW/Curvy,United States,Hairy,Stockings,Sex Toys


I have to put on my red lipstick for you cause i know how much youll like to see my red lips wrapped around this big dildo. I know you want it to be your throbbing cock baby.... i do too You know where it needs to be dont you Yes thats right here in my hairy wet pussy sliding deep into me as i moan with pleasure. Oh Yesssss it feels so good im going to cum all over you baby. A sweet treat for you to eat...xo
Tags: Granny,Mature,BBW/Curvy,United States,Hairy,Legs,Nylons,Stockings
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