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Femdom Academy / Fetish Wealth
One on TwoOne on Two (1 min 29 sec)

A young, ginger-haired Mistress seems to be benevolent in that she is perfectly disposed toward jerking off her two captives -- yes, she has two male submissives under her control. But she is not being quite as benevolent as it may seem. Her true intent is to require the two guys to service each other. She makes them suck cock, suck balls, and one must lie down beneath the perfectly aimed cock of the other as she jerks the upper one, aiming at the lower one. Cum shower, anyone? Then she jerks one off into a beaker. Anyone want to guess where THAT thick load of cum is going? Yess!
Sucking Three Other Guys' CumSucking Three Other Guys' Cum (2 min 2 sec)

Oh boy -- it's a cum-eating orgy. But this helpless slave doesn't only have to swallow his own load of jizz -- oh, no -- he has to clean up after three other guys and their loads, too. You see, Mistress starts out with seeming benevolence, jerking off the slave du jour. But she aims his cock at a bowl, and that's where his cumload lands. (You can see what's going to happen next, right?) After she jerks him off into the bowl, she requires him to drink his own cum. But that's not all. Next this FemDom squats over her captive's face and makes him suck her cunt clean of the cum of the three guys who had fucked her earlier
Kick 'Em in the BallsKick 'Em in the Balls (2 min 0 sec)

This FemDom has got her hands full... she is dominating two slaves at once. But our Mistress is in total control and has no problem subjugating both dudes simultaneously. She has them dressed in pantyhose, but the nylon is no protection against Mistress's wicked feet. Yes, you guessed it: She's the placekicker, and their nutsacs are the footballs. She dropkicks their balls till the guys are in some REALLY serious agony. Maybe that is why they obey her orders... because they know what the punishment will be if they don't. Or maybe they are simply serious submissives who enjoy this type of treatment. Mistress enjoys it too!
Looking & LickingLooking & Licking (2 min 8 sec)

High heels are for licking... and very useful for stepping on slaves. This Mistress knows how to treat a slave... and how to mistreat him. Naturally she uses her heels for the mistreatment, but the slave, like that famous watch commercial of years ago, "takes a licking and keeps on ticking." She can step on him all she wants... he'll be back for more. He also wants all the glimpses of Mistress's twat that he can get, and she flashes him glimpses of her cunny while he's licking her shoe. This movie is a "shoe-in" to be enjoyed both by BDSM enthusiasts and by foot fetishists.
Tease & Torment TimeTease & Torment Time (2 min 2 sec)

A trio of dominatrixes works over a penitent captive in this hot little BDSM flick. This trio of cruel FemDoms enjoys tormenting their bound male captive, any way they can. Hmmm... as the famous poet said, "Let me count the ways." Wanna count the ways they torment their guy? Well, to start, they enjoy toying with his cock. And then... let's see... they also enjoy flashing cunt at him. Oh... and did Ii mention that they flash their twats at him while whipping him? Hmmm... I left that little detail out. But the Mistresses don't leave anything out... or leave anything to the imagination.
How to Treat a CockHow to Treat a Cock (1 min 57 sec)

Here's a Mistress with a kind streak -- but not to worry: She also has a cruel side. You see, she stomps on her slave's cock... among the other nasty things she does to him. She really knows how to hurt a guy! But then she lets her captive get off: She gives her slave a treat by jerking him off between her stockinged feet. Back and forth his cock slides between her nyloned insteps. Is it kind to be cruel or is it cruel to be kind? In the BDSM world, that's a tough question to answer, but a valid one. So... is this Mistress kind, cruel, or both?
Tit Clamps and CumloadsTit Clamps and Cumloads (2 min 1 sec)

After Mistress applies tit clamps to her slave, she appears to show him her benevolent side when she allows him to fuck her from the rear. You think things are going great? Right! Well, you'd think so, but... not so fast! Mistress soon shows her true colors when she turns around and feeds him the contents of the rubber and requires him to swallow his cumload from within the rubber. And then, as if that were not enough, it seems that swallowing his own jizz does not, by itself, satisfy her. Oh no, next she insists he swallow the used rubber itself
Fantastic FeetFantastic Feet (2 min 2 sec)

A hooded slave is feminized by being made to wear stockings, and then he is made to kiss stern Mistress Sabrina's high heels. Sultry Mistress Sabrina's feet are for kissing, and for worshipping... but they are also for kicking with, and after he has finished worshipping her feet, he is required to submit to a harsh kicking by those same high heels. But Mistress Sabrina has a kind side as well, which she displays when the slave is allowed to lick her twat, as a reward, after he has displayed proper subservience by licking and kissing her feet and her shoes.
Kind CaptorKind Captor (2 min 10 sec)

A benevolent mistress gives her captive real pleasure. His hands are tied behind his back, but the rest of him is free... except his cock, which is condomized, indicative of the fact that Mistress has plans for him that extend beyond mere torture or humiliation. Still, there's plenty of that in this movie, too, and fans of hardcore BDSM won't be disappointed. But it is nice to know that a slave can sometimes get satisfaction from a benevolent Mistress who looks out for her slave's pleasure and takes care of his needs. Watch the slave happily fucking his benevolent Mistress!
"Be Our Receptacle""Be Our Receptacle" (2 min 1 sec)

A slave is lucky enough to serve two FemDoms and be a receptacle for bodily fluids as well as a target for whipping. How lucky can one man get? One Mistress wants her bunghole swabbed by the slave's tongue. Both mistresses see him as the perfect receptacle for both spit and piss. Whipping? Oh my, yes -- he's in for plenty of that too! Humiliation is the order of the day when the two Mistresses treat -- or should we say MIStreat -- their slave to a barrage of maltreatment that only a dedicated slave such as this guy would be willing to put up with!
Cock in a MousetrapCock in a Mousetrap (2 min 2 sec)

Mistress has some VERY creative methods of cock torture, and she's trying them out on a slave who seems ready for anything... even this. But can he withstand everything she's going to dish out? And will this be the penultimate sacrifice -- that of losing his cock? After all, among the things she's doing -- and Mistress is indeed displaying some very devious methods here -- she's got his cock in a mousetrap, with electrodes inserted into the shaft. Jolts of electricity are zapping through his cock. Can he withstand it? Will he lose his cock, or his cock's ability?
"Take that, you slimy worm!""Take that, you slimy worm!" (2 min 0 sec)

What do slaves want in this world? Pain. Humiliation. Severe chastisement. What do Mistresses desire? To find one or more slaves on whom they can brandish their cruelty, whether with words or whips or other instruments of torture and humiliation... or all of these things. In this movie, an abject and submissive slave who seeks pain and humiliation finds both with a Mistress who enjoys inflicting both pain and humiliation in large doses. In this pursuit she is greatly helped by such adjunct torture-dealers as hot dripping candle wax, a cat o nine tails, and a large strap-on dildo.
Mistress Hollie's DevicesMistress Hollie's Devices (2 min 0 sec)

Mistress Hollie has an ample array of punishment and torture devices to use on her slaves, from whips to cock pumps, and she knows how to use them to great advantage, as she demonstrates in this movie, to the slave's dismay. But Mistress Hollie is not beyond such "organic" tortures as simply spitting in her slave's mouth. That, too, can bring Hollie great pleasure... and bring her slave dismay. Though, being a well disciplined slave, he neither complains nor spits out her spittle. He swallows, like a good slave should. And Mistress Hollie goes on thinking up other ways to discipline him.
Balls Are for KickingBalls Are for Kicking (1 min 0 sec)

Mistress is easily amused, especially by the heartfelt groans of her slave as she mistreats him. And since Mistress loves to laugh, she'll mistreat him more and harder. Mistress just loves to abuse slaves. It seems to be her hobby! The slave very properly thanks Mistress after each kick or blow she delivers, but maybe Mistress should be thanking her slave for such amusement. What fun it is for her to kick him in the balls as we see her doing. The harder Mistress kicks his balls, the louder he groans, and the louder he groans, the more Mistress laughs.
Generous Mistress SabrinaGenerous Mistress Sabrina (2 min 1 sec)

Step into Mistress Sabrina's world, where pussies are for licking clean, pins are for sticking into slaves, and cocks are for a Mistress to have fun with. If you're Mistress Sabrina's slave, you're in for a rough time of it. (Although, of course, if you're a slave, you enjoy that sort of treatment.) But from Mistress's point of view, things couldn't be better! With slaves to do her bidding, life is wonderful. The slave depicted in this movie WILL obey her... OR ELSE. And Mistress wants her pussy licked... NOW. Will the slave do her bidding? You know he will!
Making Fun of His ThingyMaking Fun of His Thingy (2 min 1 sec)

A slave is fortunate enough that he has TWO mistresses to serve... two Mistresses to humiliate him, two Mistresses to require his services, two Mistresses to dress him in mesh tights, two Mistresses to punch him, two Mistresses to see what else they can think of to inflict on him. One thing that they are happy to inflict on him is humiliation: While dressing him in the red mesh tights, they make fun of his little dickie. NO man likes to have fun made of his manhood, but because this guy is subservient, he takes the comments without fighting back.
"Suck That Dogshit Off!""Suck That Dogshit Off!" (1 min 59 sec)

A grovelling, subservient slave, who is wearing a leash and collar, must suck his Mistress's feet and shoes clean. And this is true regardless of what is on those shoes. Unfortunately for the slave, "what is on them" includes smears of dog shit. Ugh! But the slave loves to worship feet and gladly undertakes the tasks at hand... or should we say "at foot"?! He licks the shoe, including what's on it, and pleases his Mistress, but that doesn't make her any the less harsh on him. Now, wouldn't you think she'd cut him some slack after the disgusting task she's set for him? Not a chance!
Two Mistresses, Two Slaves to Please ThemTwo Mistresses, Two Slaves to Please Them (2 min 0 sec)

2 + 2 = hot fun. What could be hotter than two slaves servicing two demanding Mistresses, who are out for their own jollies and will use the slaves to get it any way they can? And we do mean ANY way. These Mistresses are cruel and demanding and will stop at nothing. It's a veritable orgy of BDSM fun and games, though it may be too much for those not into Dominance and submission. It was funny-- when the movie was being filmed, we could tell who was into BDSM on the crew and who was not. One fellow looked totally disgusted, but two others had hard-ons projecting WAAAY out in their pants. Bring it on!
Pleasing MistressPleasing Mistress (1 min 53 sec)

Mistress Mika is very demanding. Mistress Mika wants her pussy serviced... NOW! And she has a collared slave at the ready to do her bidding. But that's not all she wants. She wants to inflict torture and humiliation on her bedraggled slave. From sucking the heel of her shoe to submitting to a paddling, the slave will do anything to please Mistress. Yet even though he does a good job... even servicing Mistress's pussy to her pleasure... even though her slave does well, this cruel and demanding Mistress metes out punishment to him nontheless. (But we suspect he enjoys that too!)
Delighted MistressDelighted Mistress (1 min 57 sec)

Mistress Tina WILL be obeyed... and she has a number of plans for her slave, including stretching his balls with a pulley, which surely hurts big-time, whic no doubt explains why she seems so pleased with herself. Also stretching his nipples, which also must cause him great pain. Then there's the big black cock -- a dildo, of course -- that she feed to him so he can suck on it... oh, and let's not forget the scene where she's riding his face with a big black dick strapped on to it. Mistress certainly knows how to inflict pain on an unworthy slave!
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