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Wurst Film / Gunz Blazing
Tommy, Aaron Kelly, Rod Painter, Micha Beck & othersTommy, Aaron Kelly, Rod Painter, Micha Beck & others (2 min 0 sec)

Finally Tommy gets what he wants - cum and spittle. Does it help against hay fever?
Tags: punk, group, cum, masks, sucking, piss, WurstFilm Club
Andreas Stich, Lance de Moor & WallerAndreas Stich, Lance de Moor & Waller (2 min 0 sec)

Recently in the guard house: While the staff prefer to play with themselves rather than watch the monitors, they get an uninvited visitor. Even so, Porn star Andreas is still welcome! The guard fucks him to the hilt, with his colleague with the bombastic smooth cock up the rear.
Tags: tattoos, beefcake, threesome, leather, uniforms, smoking, sucking, fucking, cum shots, WurstFilm Club
Arse Fuck OrgyArse Fuck Orgy (2 min 0 sec)

Horny hunks are set to fuck: More than many open holes are ready to be used. Again big stallions pump the arses of juicy male horses. Big cocks fill up tight holes and hungry mouths need to be filled. What is our motto here? Join and fuck!
Tags: masks, gang bang, orgy, body hair, bondage, fucking, bareback, sucking, sling , WurstFilm Club
Mike Toms, Waller & othersMike Toms, Waller & others (2 min 0 sec)

Fucked by a big cock and enjoying a shower of sperm - a dream for every punk pig. Frank has this dream come through. Five macho hunks deliver his utmost fantasy in the gruelist manner. What a highlight! In Pisse baden, von fetten Riemen gefickt, im Sperma-Regen liegen - der Traum einer Punk-Sau! Frank, die Gesichtsdose erfüllt sich diesen Traum - Benutzt von fünf Macho-Schwanzen fühlt sich unser Tattoo-Star nach der Rein-und Raus-Tortur wie Vorverdautes. Ein echtes Fetish-Highlight.
Tags: punk, piercings, sucking, piss, group, uncut, big cocks, WurstFilm Club
Frank Philipp & Adrian MarkoFrank Philipp & Adrian Marko (2 min 0 sec)

Adrian Marko gets impaled on Porn star Frank's arm right in the subway.
Tags: beefcake, public, body hair, rough play, fisting, fucking, WurstFilm Club
Leo Yankho, Ardago & Rodrigo MendesLeo Yankho, Ardago & Rodrigo Mendes (2 min 0 sec)

Yankho the pornstar discovered Leo and Ardago in the sperm smelling dungeon. Both are horny as hell and need Yankho's magnificent cock in their man cunts. Yankho doesn't need to be asked twice and bangs the duo till they are sore. Ouch!
Tags: threesome, tattoos, sucking, spitroast, cum shots, WurstFilm Club
Skunk, Paul Day & Rod PainterSkunk, Paul Day & Rod Painter (2 min 0 sec)

Look who is coming out of the dark? Three horny porn dudes roam the Wurstfilm fuck dungeon In a pool full of dildos they start to have a cozy afternoon. Paul is the lucky one who can have the fun to fuck both fuck buddies and then give them a first class retreat with a gigantic dildo. Anal adventures in the sewer detention.
Tags: threesome, dildos, fucking, big dicks, WurstFilm Club
Ben Armstrong, Jasper Emerald & Chris FornyBen Armstrong, Jasper Emerald & Chris Forny (2 min 0 sec)

Ben Armstrong needs it hard and wild. No wonder, that he crawls the floors in public toilets. This is his chance: Big hung stud Chris Forny and Jasper fulfil his utmost fantasies. Hard, brutal and super horny. The yearning hole is red and wet after the sexual attention it gets.
Tags: threesome, , WurstFilm Club
Skunk, Paul Day & Rod PainterSkunk, Paul Day & Rod Painter (2 min 0 sec)

Submissive porn studs Skunk and Rod Painter enter the Wurstfilm dungeon. A pool full of dildos helps to find full gratification with fucker Paul, who fucks them all hard and wild and the final solution is the gigantic dildo pumped up their asses. Rod enjoys the final sandwich fuck to his most pleasure.
Tags: fucking, dildos, threesome, piercings, big dick, cum, WurstFilm Club
Micha BeckMicha Beck (2 min 0 sec)

Young virgin Micha shows us his how well endowed he is. But that is not his only gimmick. The porn stud shoots a full load into his wide open mouth. Perfect shot but no wonder when you have a cock like his. Some beer does the trick. Don't you think?
Tags: solo, wanking, smoking, pissing, sucking, WurstFilm Club
Rod Painter, Pille & JoTeyRod Painter, Pille & JoTey (2 min 0 sec)

Rod Painter is again the master of the sling. First he works up his Pille and then big dick JoTey is the next companion to play with. Rod becomes a double sandwich or Pille is the water toilet getting enough to drink. Pille is the most popular guy and is awarded the name: sling mattress.
Tags: sling, threesome, interracial, shaved heads, fucking, pissing, rimming, oral, big dicks, sling, leather, cum shots, bareback, WurstFilm Club
Lupus & Frank PhilippLupus & Frank Philipp (2 min 0 sec)

Berlin's subway is not safe anymore. A wild horny fisting hunk is looking for victims. Hardly any passenger can escape. Even Lupus, the always horny snake is his latest lust object. First he gets a giant porn hammer shoved up his ass. Then he has to submit laying on his back to the big fisting hand. But he is the perfect victim who enjoys this a lot!
Tags: public, hairy, fucking, fisting, cum shots, WurstFilm Club
Jerkgay Berlin, Ronny & HeikoJerkgay Berlin, Ronny & Heiko (2 min 0 sec)

A deserted cruising block on an island becomes the place of an intense fuck. Heiko has to go but he doesn't do it outside in the dunes. He walks into the toilet and leather champ Jerkgay waits with his gigantic dicks for his next victim. Without any hesitation he fucks the tight hole of the unexpected guest. Heiko's friend waits outside getting impatient. Without a clue he enters and is nailed hard and wild by our merciless leather hunk.
Tags: leather, skinhead, beard, sucking, wanking, rough play, restraints, pissing, big dick, , WurstFilm Club
Perverts Scene 3Perverts Scene 3 (2 min 0 sec)

What happened to porn star Rod Painter who is trapped in a fucking cage. From all sides huge cocks find their ways through glory holes into his compartment. What the heck. Rod starts to milk one dick after another and the final conclusion is a warm shower. What a sensitive way to treat his skin.
Tags: glory hole, sucking, piercings, big dicks, pissing, sneakers, cum, WurstFilm Club
Pille, LeeRoy & MarcantonioPille, LeeRoy & Marcantonio (2 min 0 sec)

Piss baldy Pille wants to suck two big dicks but to his surprise the action turned the other way and soon enough two big sausages enter his well shaved little asshole. Leeroy and Marcantonio and doing the most amazing fuck Pille can imagine and soon he is asking for water. But what does he get: a big load of piss!
Tags: shaved, smoking, beefcake, tattoos, piss, sucking, deep throat, rimming, spit, fucking, threesome, bareback, beer, cum facial. cum eating, WurstFilm Club
Peto Coast, Rod Painter, Magnus & SlotmachinePeto Coast, Rod Painter, Magnus & Slotmachine (2 min 0 sec)

In the fisting dungeon Rod, Magnus and little punk Slotmachine are awaiting their "satisfuction" and present their open holes wide and hungry. Soon super hung hero Peto Coast and his humangous bareback hammer comes along and gives the waiting holes what they deserve. First he comes hard and fast till they moan and shout and then the final conclusion spreads all over.
Tags: leather, tattoos, group, fucking, fisting, cum facial, WurstFilm Club
Steph Bobson & Rick CummerSteph Bobson & Rick Cummer (2 min 0 sec)

Porn sucker Rick never could imagine to have such a deep and horny fuck. He is enthrilled what Steph Bobson and his tool are doing. Rick's open wide ass fits perfectly for the work, blondy Steph is conducting when he fucks him bareback. It seems for hours that the stallion is hammering the horse till we have an exploded anal orgasm. Watch your pants, they will be very wet soon.
Tags: , WurstFilm Club
Bovd Samson & Jasper EmeraldBovd Samson & Jasper Emerald (2 min 0 sec)

Bovd works at the warehouse and carries packages around when his boss Jasper comes along. For sure Bovd is more than happy to give him a fantastic blow job. Jasper is so horny and happy that he gives Rick a very special bonus. A full load of piss (water) right into his face make Jasper to be the top boss of the year.
Tags: blow job, pissing, big dick, spit, WurstFilm Club
Ronny & HeikoRonny & Heiko (2 min 0 sec)

Ronny has for a long time an eye on horny hunk Heiko. His moment comes when he sees this fucking hot shaved baldy in the laundry. Sitting on the washing machine first his ass gets rimmed deeply and then the hard dick follows. Ronny didn't know, Heiko loves more up his ass. Soon Ronny shoves up his big juicy arm into the pumping hole.
Tags: skinhead, laundry, rimming, fucking, fisting, sneakers, wanking, cum shot, shave head, WurstFilm Club
Micha Beck & Nils JacobsonMicha Beck & Nils Jacobson (2 min 0 sec)

Nils Jacobson really needs dick in his ass. More and more bigger the instruments are he shoves up his throbbing hole. This time Micha plugs his enormous cock right to the spot. A lot of saliva make a smooth entry and soon Nils is in fuck heaven. The grande finale is when Nils can't get enough of Micha's juice running down his throat.
Tags: punks, rimming, spit, bareback, fucking, big dick, cum shot, cum facial, WurstFilm Club
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