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Oldje / Class Affiliates
(2 min 2 sec)
Jemma’s first workday as a maid started quite awkward by this time. After gathering up all the thrown things from the house she takes a break to gossip a bit with her girlfriend about the new workplace. But what to see...right that moment her boss, a still finely-shaped old man, makes sight before her eyes completely naked. She is simply speechless. But blonde wants to show him how hard she faced that embarrassing situation and undressed ahead the shameless grandpa. Unexpectedly, oldie likes it and also Jemma who offers him a trial of a naked cleaning…Still not any kind off cleaning…an old cock blowjob cleaning where oldje also cunnilingus her pinky pussy and more...
Messing with the young maid
(1 min 59 sec)
Hard to imagine what two young slutty blondes can do for sex…When Alessandra and Katy enter their rooms and finds out that an old bastards is stealing from them, their first act is to call for help. But right away the blondes realize they could punish better the bloody fart and also get something in return, his daring old cock for a lustful double rub. Scared by the report and now under teenager’s orders the old pecker takes his clothes off putting himself under blondes’ capricious disposals. For his insolent actions he must now pay intense. Double cunnilingus, hardcore banging in all positions and lots of tender kisses Oldje offers to the kinky minded teens. Going forward, what was supposed to be the perfect break turns from nowhere into the perfect double pussy heist…Look how!
Double Pussy Heist
(2 min 4 sec)
Young Alice goes to an interview knowing just few things about the job she’d have to apply to inside a company. Quite big was her wonder when her old discussion partner started explaining about tasks and, among others, who she would have to fuck. Somehow offended by his speech, daring babe takes actions to refresh grandpa’s job analyzing a bit. Starting with grabbing his old cock into her smoothie mouth, teeny shows Oldje who decides to fuck who right that second. Deep in wet pussy and in tiny ass the old man discovers where a blonde’s determinations hide…
Fresh Anal-ysis
(2 min 2 sec)
With all that naive innocent face young assistant Bella is nothing more than a young adventurous teenager babe willing to taste the unknown flavors of carnal pleasures. And who is more fit to give her nice lessons than her old boss Doctor Baldin. Within few teasing and kinky gesture in front of him teeny prepare the field for a hot old young action. And she gets all the wanted action when the old tongue starts rotating with lust and carves around her horny clit and cunt. In doggy style and spooning the old hardon plays drilling hard the tiny hole until the thrilling orgasms. But hungry slut does chill and goes on with sucking the old pecker to satisfy it and his victory conquest
Candid Young Love
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