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Make Him Cuckold / Serious Cash
Jealous gf revenge cuckold sexJealous gf revenge cuckold sex (4 min 59 sec)

How dumb is this guy? First he hides his lover's bra in the closet and then lets his jealous girlfriend tie him up for some role-playing fun having no idea she already knows he's been cheating on her. That's how he ends up in a closet himself watching this slut give some guy she invited a killer blowjob, get fucked like a whore from a porn video and suck his big cock dry. Yeah, that's what you get for being unfaithful, you stupid cuckold!
Tags: facial cumshot,jerk-off,natural tits,tattoo,coed,cumshots,doggystyle,orgasm,stripping,panties,pussy,riding,shaved,skinny,outfit,european,swallow,rubbing,funny
Interracial cuckold realityInterracial cuckold reality (4 min 59 sec)

This guy broke his girlfriend's heart when she found him at home drunk and with a picture of him and some naked chick on his screen. Now this vindictive red-haired teeny wants a payback and when her ebony guest offers to do it by fucking in front of her tied boyfriend's eyes she totally loves the idea. Poor guy has duct tape all over his body and has to watch his honey enjoy the biggest black cock in her life. Welcome to cuckold reality, douche!
Tags: facial cumshot,natural tits,coed,cumshots,doggystyle,stripping,pussy,riding,shaved,outfit,european,swallow,interracial
Busted and revenged uponBusted and revenged upon (4 min 59 sec)

How dumb is this schmuck? First he fucks his girlfriend's best friend and then falls asleep while watching the pics with her sucking his dick on a laptop. Sure enough his honey is not happy to find out about this ugly double betrayal, but the revenge she prepares for him more than compensates for it. She has the bastard tied up and takes some raw fucking and a messy facial from her lover right in front of his eyes. That'll teach him a lesson!
Tags: jerk-off,natural tits,coed,cumshots,doggystyle,kissing,orgasm,stripping,panties,pussy,riding,shaved,skinny,outfit,european
Revenge of a whoreRevenge of a whore (4 min 59 sec)

This teen cutie has a special punishment for her unfaithful boyfriend having him cuffed to the bed and making him watch her suck another guy's dick and get fucked right in front of his eyes. It makes the poor fella jealous and desperate, but she doesn't care. This dick totally deserves it for being a cheating bastard and now all she cares about is fucking her way to a powerful orgasm and taking a messy pussy cumshot from her new lover.
Tags: jerk-off,coed,cumshots,kissing,orgasm,stripping,big nipples,panties,pussy,riding,shaved,european
Fucking revenge in a bathroomFucking revenge in a bathroom (5 min 0 sec)

Having found some chick's panties in her boyfriend's jeans this blonde teeny is furious to say the least. She comes up with a kinky revenge plan on the fly, has her honey handcuffed in a shower and invites a friend over to have sex right in front of his eyes. Let that schmuck watch it and beg for them to stop or just leave. He gets what he deserves being an unfaithful bastard. Now watch another guy satisfy your beautiful girlfriend, you dick!
Tags: facial cumshot,jerk-off,natural tits,cumshots,doggystyle,stripping,pussy,riding,skinny,european,shower,bath tub
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