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Dumped By DenisDumped By Denis (8 min 16 sec)

An inked blond hunk Denis Reed is slowly fondling his manhood while making a phone call to the twink that promised his ass to him.
Tags: raweuro,bareback,raw sex,raw euro,twink,jock,big cock,facial,cumshot,european
Dino Goes DeepDino Goes Deep (8 min 9 sec)

Mike Davis missed the train and has no lighter. Seeing a rough guy smoking a cigarette, he asks for the lighter and his help.
Tags: raweuro,bareback,raw sex,raw euro,big dick,amateur,jock,hunk,cumshot,european
Bathroom BreedingBathroom Breeding (8 min 18 sec)

A blond hunk Tom Crosby is in the bathroom, wanting to shave his scruff beard. His twink boyfriend Adrian Sanders says that he likes it.
Tags: raweuro,bareback,raw sex,raw euro,amateur,big dick,facial,jock,european,cumshot
Dorm DrillingDorm Drilling (8 min 16 sec)

Matt Rush comes to his college friend's dorm room, wanting to take a shower. He leaves the door slightly open, and Tyler Fox spies on him.
Tags: raweuro,bareback,raw sex,raw euro,twink,blowjob,handjob,facial,cumshot,european
Afternoon With AlanAfternoon With Alan (8 min 8 sec)

Alan Wood just came out of the shower with a towel around his waist, and he sees that blond Dave Kelly is already asleep, with his dick hanging out.
Tags: raweuro,bareback,raw sex,raw euro,jock,european,handjob,blowjob,facial,cumshot
Doggystyle DrillDoggystyle Drill (8 min 15 sec)

Martin Muse is preparing breakfast, and his twink boyfriend Zach Hansen wants to see what's cooking.
Tags: raweuro,bareback,raw sex,raw euro,twink,amateur,blowjob,kitchen,handjob,cumshot
Hard HousemateHard Housemate (8 min 13 sec)

Ripped hunk Arny Donan is chilling in the tub while making a call to the twink that he had a good time with.
Tags: raweuro,bareback,euro,european,hunk,jock,blowjob,cumshot,facial,raw sex,raw euro
Cum To My DormCum To My Dorm (8 min 9 sec)

Justin Brown tries to study, but he is distracted by his dorm roommate's feet. Martin Muse knows about his obsession.
Tags: raweuro,bareback,euro,european,twink,amateur,blowjob,handjob,cumshot,raw sex,raw euro
Boxing & BreedingBoxing & Breeding (8 min 8 sec)

Justin Fisher is preparing a meal when his mate, Victor Creed, comes over and starts scolding him for missing the boxing training.
Tags: raweuro,bareback,euro,european,twink,blowjob,big cock,blond,facial,raw sex,raw euro
Poolside PunisherPoolside Punisher (8 min 14 sec)

David Foster waited for long to be alone with Harry Vakller. Today, not only that they are alone, they are naked in the pool, passionately kissing.
Tags: raweuro,bareback,euro,european,jock,blowjob,big cock,pool,brunette,cumshot,raw sex,raw euro
Jizz On JeffreyJizz On Jeffrey (8 min 6 sec)

Justin Fisher is known for his big dick and that's why Jeffrey Lloyd invited him over. He seduced him with a kiss but soon showed his true intentions!
Tags: raweuro,bareback,euro,european,jock,blowjob,big cock,brunette,cumshot,raw sex,raw euro
Bareback BondingBareback Bonding (8 min 15 sec)

Tony Hall is horny, and since he remembers how good sex he had with James Huck, he calls him over. James shares his opinion and he comes over fast!
Tags: raweuro,bareback,euro,european,jock,blowjob,handjob,brunette,cumshot,raw sex,raw euro
Library LectureLibrary Lecture (8 min 30 sec)

Florian comes behind his mate and starts kissing his neck while his cock fondles his back. What follows is a lot of sucking and bareback fucking!
Tags: raweuro,bareback,euro,european,jock,twink,blowjob,handjob,cumshot,raw sex,raw euro
Aroused By AdamAroused By Adam (8 min 10 sec)

The tanned twunk hungrily munches the twink's cock, and their hunger leads them to a 69. Wanting to feel that ass better, he shoves his cock inside.
Tags: raweuro,bareback,euro,european,jock,twink,blowjob,doggystyle,cumshot,raw sex,raw euro
Mounting MickeyMounting Mickey (8 min 17 sec)

Being attracted to the slim dude, Mickey invites him over, promising a good workout. Joey accepts and strips his shirt as soon as he enters.
Tags: raweuro,bareback,euro,european,jock,facial,blowjob,doggystyle,cumshot,raw sex,raw euro
Bareback IntrusionBareback Intrusion (8 min 30 sec)

Justin Fisher is sleeping and having a wet dream, as his cock is visible through his briefs. Nick Vargas likes the sight, so he gently wakes him up.
Tags: raweuro,bareback,euro,european,jock,big cock,handjob,cumshot,doggystyle,raw sex,raw euro
Jacuzzi JizzingJacuzzi Jizzing (8 min 13 sec)

Adam Torres wanted to take a bath, but Aslan Brutti is already in the jacuzzi. He acts confused, but the twink invites him to join him in the bath.
Tags: raweuro,bareback,euro,european,jock,hunk,big cock,blowjob,kissing,doggystlye,cumshot,raw sex
Raw LessonsRaw Lessons (8 min 10 sec)

Adam Torres has been studying all day, and Tom Nutt thinks that he needs a break, so he takes the book off his hands and wraps mouth around his cock.
Tags: raweuro,bareback,euro,european,jock,twink,big cock,facial,blowjob,rimming,raw sex,raw euro
Tattooed TandemTattooed Tandem (8 min 11 sec)

Inked twink Mickey Rush is jerking off at his home while making a call to his friend. Learning that he is also stroking, he calls him over.
Tags: raweuro,bareback,euro,european,jock,tattoo,big cock,facial,blowjob,cumshot,raw sex,raw euro
Double Dick DreamDouble Dick Dream (8 min 22 sec)

They start making out and loudly sucking each other's cocks, waking Adam up. He joins in and they form a threesome full of raw fucking and cumshots.
Tags: raweuro,bareback,euro,european,threesome,jock,double penetration,blowjob,cumshot,raw sex
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