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Hot Crazy Mess / Nubiles Cash
Cant Help Myself - S1:E3Cant Help Myself - S1:E3 (5 min 24 sec)
Riley Star
A therapist has a new client, Riley Star. This hot young mess was sent to therapy after her mom learned that Riley has been fucking her stepdad. Riley thinks her mom should be okay with her antics, especially since she's learning so much from her stepdad. As she describes how the relationship started and progressed, Riley flashes her panties beneath her miniskirt. When the therapist has heard Riley out, he offers an unconventional type of therapy: Riley fucks him, and if he's better than her stepdad, she goes on banging him instead of her stepdad. Riley agrees to try.The therapist begins by telling Riley to turn around so he can slip her panties aside and admire her cream filled twat. She's already nice and ready for him as he peels her underwear off and slides a finger deep inside. By the time he pulls out to rub his fingers across her clit, Riley is mewling with desire and ready to do anything to cum! The therapist has her show off the blow job skills her stepdad has been teaching her, including her deep throating skills. When he's satisfied with the results, he gives Riley the pussy pounding she needs.Back on her hands and knees, Riley watches over her shoulder as the therapist slides his big dick into her tiny twat. The spinner loves taking it from behind, but her budding sensuality makes her just as eager to show off her skills riding a hard stiffie forwards and backwards. Rolling onto her back, she lets her therapist go back to do all the work as he works his way towards the ultimate pleasure. When he's close, Riley's therapist pulls out and tells Riley to get on her knees so he can stroke himself off to a salty surprise all over Rileys's face.
Tags: Landing Strip Pussy,Blonde,Mini Skirt,Petite,Blowjob,Facial,Handjob,Girl Orgasm,POV,Deep Throat
Daddy Issues - S1:E7Daddy Issues - S1:E7 (5 min 6 sec)
Lily Rader
Lily Rader is super into her new stepbrother. He's currently between jobs and living at home with his mom and new stepdad and Lily is determined to get him inside her twat. She tries being friendly, chatting him up and doing his laundry. When stepbro finds Lily laying by the pool in a bikini, she asks him to stay out with her. He declines, but then Lily asks him to massage her back. Once her stepbrother starts rubbing, Lily undoes her bra and then asks him to rub lower. Wiggling out of her bikini bottom, she places her stepbrother's hand on her ass. He tries to pull away, but Lily can see that his dick is hard so she pulls it out and starts sucking him off right by the pool. Their dad comes home before he can cum, prompting him to run away.Lily isn't done with her big stepbrother, so the following morning she wakes him up and climbs onto his morning wood to rub herself all over him like a cat. Pulling back the covers to expose her stepbrother's big dick, the wild teen leans in to continue her interrupted blow job. Stepbro has tried to tell Lily to back off, but with her lips wrapped around his fuck stick all he can think about is tapping that right now. He gives in to her urges and gives his spinner stepsister the pussy pounding she demands, even letting her ride him until he's moments away from exploding. Pulling out, Lily's stepbro gives her a facial that makes her adore him even more.
Tags: Blonde,Bikini,Fair Skin,Thongs,Blowjob,Facial,Massage,Handjob,Girl Orgasm,POV,Deep Throat,Trimmed
Behind Dads Back - S1:E6Behind Dads Back - S1:E6 (5 min 11 sec)
Audrey Grace
Dad's friend is babysitting Audrey Grace, whose dad doesn't trust her home alone even though this teen is legally an adult. She splays herself out on the couch with her thighs spread to show off the way her tight shorts press against her pussy.0 Dad's friend tries to remain oblivious to Audrey's advances, but Audrey isn't about to give up on her goal of getting the D. She gets naked and calls her babysitter in to see if he wants to go swimming. He turns her down, but later he finds her outside, naked and masturbating in the sun. He can't help but whip out his dick and start stroking it to that certified nubile sight. Too bad for dad's friend that Audrey catches sight of him and beckons him outside.When dad's friend puts up one last bout of token resistance, Audrey grabs his hard dick and uses it to pull him closer. She opens her hot little mouth and starts lapping at her babysitter's fuck stick like the world's biggest treat. By the time she's done sucking him off, her pussy is nice and wet for him to slide right inside. Now that her babysitter has capitulated, Audrey really lets her hot crazy flag fly as she climbs into his lap and starts riding him with no holds barred.Getting on her hands and knees, Audrey moans in excitement as dad's friend pounds that pussy from behind. She flips onto her back so her babysitter can give her one last climax as she watches her dad's friend do her thing. As she comes down from her orgasm, she gets on her knees on the deck so he can give her a facial of hot sticky cum. Dad's friend makes it clear that she likes her new babysitter!
Tags: Shaved Pussy,Black Hair,Masturbation,Fair Skin,Petite,Blowjob,Facial,POV,Deep Throat
Dreaming Of Daddy - S1:E10Dreaming Of Daddy - S1:E10 (5 min 6 sec)
Lexi Lore
Lexi Lore has a thing for her stepdaddy, but her stepdad doesn't return her affections. Since this teen can't have the man she wants, she decides to go on the Internet and find an older guy who reminds her of the object of her affections. An Internet hookup is just the guy for this cock craving blonde. She's totally down to fuck upon meeting him, so when he slides her panties aside he finds her meaty twat nice and wet.Lexi enjoys herself as her hookup finger bangs her fuck hole and then slides his finger between her lips so she can lick her juices clean. Then the busty student grabs her substitute daddy's by the cock and starts living out her fantasies with him! She starts by sucking him with a deep throat BJ that leaves him hard and wanting. Laying on her back, she spreads her thighs so her daddy-substitute can shove his cock all the way inside her tight beaver.Once Lexi gets caught up in her fantasy, nothing will stop her from getting the pussy pounding she's been dreaming of. Her hookup is happy to play stud as he bangs the hot young bombshell while she's on her back and then keeps it up as she climbs to her knees. When she decides she's had enough for one day, Lexi uses her sweet talking mouth to suck her hookup's dick until he cums and then to lick him clean of cum before arranging their next playdate.
Tags: Shaved Pussy,Blonde,Panties,Masturbation,Braces,Blowjob,Super Skinny,Facial,Handjob,Girl Orgasm,POV,Deep Throat,Girls Finishing the Job
Whoring Around - S1:E9Whoring Around - S1:E9 (5 min 6 sec)
Maddie Winters
Maddie Winters knows she's got problems, but when she goes to see her new therapist she is more intent on getting her pussy pounded than on resolving her issues. Who cares if she likes to fuck older guys? Her therapist certainly doesn't since he qualifies for Maddie's attention. The way she's flashing her bare twat beneath her miniskirt and her hard nipples beneath her tight shirt, Maddie is obviously interested in banging her therapist and he isn't about to say no. He frames his proposition by saying he's going to fuck Maddie and keep her satisfied to keep her from sleeping around and engaging in risky behavior. Maddie agrees.They kick start their new relationship with Maddie's therapist finger fucking her wet little twat. He lifts her shirt to squeeze her certified nubile titties, then reaches behind her head to push her down onto her knees so she can take his dick in her mouth. Maddie obviously has a lot of practice delivering expert blowjobs. Her therapist rewards her for her good suck by laying down on the couch so Maddie can climb on top and start riding.Maddie's cowgirl fuck fest feels great, but this horny student likes it way better when her man is in charge. Leaning back on the couch, she encourages her therapist to pound her right into the sofa. Then she gets on her hands and knees for a doggy style session that leaves her screaming as she cums. Since she's on her knees anyway, it's easy for Maddie to turn around and take a facial of jizz that will have to leave her sated until their next therapy session.
Tags: Shaved Pussy,Black Hair,Fair Skin,Mini Skirt,Petite,Blowjob,Facial,Handjob,Girl Orgasm,POV,Deep Throat
Teacher Trap - S1:E4Teacher Trap - S1:E4 (5 min 6 sec)
Piper June
A college lecturer is surprised when he opens the door and sees his student Piper June on the other side. Piper slips inside before he can tell her no and locks the door behind her, claiming that she wanted to ask him about a paper. She gradually wanders deep enough into the house to find her teacher's bedroom. Hopping on the bed, she spreads her thighs so her miniskirt hikes up to show she's not wearing any panties. The teacher tries to tell Piper to leave, but she grabs his hand and puts it right where she wants it.Finding her prof's cock nice and hard from her advances, Piper grabs her teacher's dick and runs her hand up and down the shaft. The teacher continues to protest as Piper opens her mouth to engulf his hardon. Driving her head down until she's deep throating his thick dick, she sucks expertly until he's willing to give in to her advances. Straddling her prof's hips, Piper rubs her bare twat over his fuck stick before guiding it all the way inside. Her puffy nipples and small titties bounce as she starts grinding her hips in a stiffie ride that doesn't end until she's satisfied. Now that Piper has thoroughly seduced the object of her affections, there's nothing stopping him from turning his student around and taking her from behind. He pops his cock out to rub between Piper's ass cheeks, then reenters her wet fuck hole. Flipping Piper onto her back on the bed, her teacher pile drives that bald snatch to his heart's content. He waits until the last moment to pull out, giving in to Piper's request to cum all over her mouth so she can taste his salty surprise.
Tags: Shaved Pussy,Brunette,Long hair,Mini Skirt,Blowjob,Facial,Handjob,Girl Orgasm,POV,Deep Throat
Seducing Moms Man - S1:E5Seducing Moms Man - S1:E5 (5 min 24 sec)
Alex Blake
Alex Blake has always had a thing for her stepdad. As soon as her mom goes away for a trip, Alex makes her move. She asks her stepdad if her crazy underwear are too much. When her subtle advance isn't enough, Alex invites her stepdad to go skinny dipping with her. Before he can protest, his stepdaughter has peeled off her clothes to dive in.None of Alex's plots to get into her stepdad's pants work, so she waits until he hides in the bathroom to beat his meat and then sneaks in after him. Now that her stepdad is cornered and erect, Alex makes her movie. Dropping to her knees, Alex grabs her stepdaddy's dick and pulls it close enough to suck. She licks, strokes, and even gives him a teen titty fuck!Now that her stepdad's motor is all revved up, Alex turns around to offer him a view of her fair-skinned bottom. He takes her up on her invitation, sliding all the way inside her tight teen twat. Now that she's finally got what she wants, Alex gives everything she's got to riding her stepdad's dick until she's moaning in orgasmic delight. As soon as she cums, Alex hops off her stepdad's stiffie and gets on her knees so he can give her a facial that dribbles down her chin.
Tags: Landing Strip Pussy,Brunette,Long hair,Panties,Masturbation,Petite,Blowjob,Facial,Handjob,Girl Orgasm,POV,Deep Throat
Scheming Step Daughter - S1:E1Scheming Step Daughter - S1:E1 (5 min 6 sec)
Ivory Logan
Ivory Logan's stepdad is faced with the unfortunate task of telling his stepdaughter that her mom is kicking her out of the house. Ivory can't believe what she's hearing! She asks her stepdad to talk to her mom and offers to work something out with him. Her stepdad doesn't think there's anything to work out, but Ivory points out that she likes older men like him. Peeling off the panties that are easily visible beneath her short skirt, Ivory flashes her bare twat for her dad to admire. Then she pops her generous breasts from the top of her dress. Her stepdaddy may deny it, but Ivory can tell he is nice and hard for her. She strokes his dick in his pants, then urges him to get undressed so she can slip the head of his fuck stick between her lips to suck. Leaning forward, she pushes her breasts together for a titty fuck that really gets her daddy's motor running.When Ivory straddles her dad's waist and slides down on his hardon he's not about to say no to that young college pussy! Ivory proves that she's been around the block a few times as she rides her stepdad's cock, then gets on her hands and knees so he can admire her bubble butt while he fucks her from behind. As Ivory's stepdad gets closer to cumming, he pulls out just in time to give Ivory a big facial to lick. Laying back with a satisfied smile, Ivory reminds her stepdad that he can't kick her out now.
Tags: Shaved Pussy,Black Hair,Panties,Black,Blowjob,Facial,Handjob,POV,Deep Throat,Titty Fuck
Fucking For Cash - S1:E2Fucking For Cash - S1:E2 (5 min 6 sec)
Alissa Avni
Alissa Avni has a pretty good relationship with her stepdad now that she has moved back in while she looks for a job. It's a bit rough for dad since his full-grown stepdaughter is now flaunting her tits and twat all over the house. When he walks in on Alissa video chatting with a guy and calling him Daddy, it's his first inkling that she's fucking around with a sugar daddy for cash. When daddy tries to tell Alissa that she can't fuck older men for money, Alissa she claims he's jealous and backs it up by proving he has a boner. She knows just how to take care of a horny man, so she unzips her dad's jeans and starts giving him a well-practiced handjob. Opening her mouth, she leans in close to start licking and sucking. By the time Alissa is done delivering that hot BJ, her stepdad has given in and begun to indulge himself fingering the sweetness of her nice wet snatch.Still on her hands and knees, Alissa turns around and wiggles her rump until her dad gives her what she wants by sliding home. Once he's buried to the hilt, he starts dominating his stepdaughter's horny snatch as she proves she knows plenty about sex. Her hairy pussy throbs around her stepdad's cock as he bangs her to climax. Then Alissa gets on her knees so her stepdaddy can cover her face in a coating of hot cum.
Tags: Shaved Pussy,Black Hair,Long hair,Tan,Mini Skirt,Blowjob,Facial,Handjob,POV,Deep Throat
Clean Yourself Up - S1:E8Clean Yourself Up - S1:E8 (5 min 0 sec)
Vivianna Mulino
Vivianna Mulino has recently moved in with one of her dad's friends who tries to be understanding about his roommate's lack of giveafuck about cleanliness or finding a job. Having a roommate is a big adjustment for dad's friend, especially a wild Latina with big boobs and a knack for flashing her private parts all over the house while trash talking her new roommate. When he walks in on Vivianna having phone sex in his bed, he decides that what this hot mess needs is some strict discipline. Turning Vivianna around, he smacks her on the ass and then tells her to thank him for giving her the discipline she needs. Dad's friend has decided he's Vivianna's daddy now, so he takes off her pants to get full palm on butt action. When he realizes how turned on Vivianna is getting, he whips out his cock and slides it home in her tight little twat.Vivianna realizes she likes her new roommate dynamic, so she whips out her large boobs and pushes them together for a titty fuck followed by a deep throat blowjob. When she's done loving on her roommate's dick with her mouth, she hops up on the counter to let him bang her as he admires the way her jugs jiggle with the force of his thrusts. Dropping down to her knees, Vivianna lets dad's friend cum all over her face.
Tags: Landing Strip Pussy,Brunette,Masturbation,Tan,Latina,Blowjob,Facial,Handjob,POV,Deep Throat,Titty Fuck
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