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Pure Smoking / Fetish Wealth
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Kayla enjoys an afternoon of smoking by the window after a morning of wild hot sex. Her long blonde hair and sheer blouse glisten in the smoke filled sunlit room. Kayla slowly takes off her sheer thigh highs, holds them up to her mouth and blows a seductive cloud of smoke into her hands. The smell of smoke, combined with the scent of her lover really turns Kayla on. She takes one more whiff of the thigh highs before exiting the room.
(2 min 0 sec)

Sex kitten Karlie Montana playfully smokes in her exercise room. Wearing only a garter belt and thigh highs, she lights her cigarette, licking her lips to taste the smoke. A sultry sea of smoke lingers around her crotch. Karli touches her sexy tits while holding a cigarette and realizes the only exercising she will ever do takes place in the bedroom.
(2 min 0 sec)

Friday is a smoking fetishist's wet dream: great smile, hot body, and best of all, she looks so damn sexy with a cigarette. Today this wild child wants to get your joystick hard as a rock by dancing, stripping, and smoking a cigarette while you watch and drool. By the time she finishes her first cigarette and lights another, you're gonna be dying to stick your cock in Fridays sweet snatch.
(2 min 0 sec)

Kinky fetish model Anastasia is in town to pleasure a wealthy client, who loves to be a human ashtray. After their session, Anastasia arrives at your place, hot and bothered, ready to do two things: smoke and fuck. Insatiable Anastasia looks so yummy in her fur coat and sexy stockings, especially when she's taking a slow drag off her cigarette. When the glass vibrator comes out of Anastasia's purse, and she lights up another smoke, you know things are about to get VERY interesting.
(2 min 0 sec)

Brunette bombshell Andie sits on a lawn chair in her bra and panties and seductively smells her cigarette. She takes off her bra and caresses her hard nipples with her cigarette. Andy lights her cigarette and exhales a puff of smoke as she takes off her panties and smells them. She titty fucks the cigarette, puts it to her nose and breathes in the sexy smell of a smoking cigarette.
(2 min 0 sec)

Remember Charlie from down the street? You watched her grow up. Now she's a sexy-as-hell 19 year old, and home from college. But wild co-ed Charlie has a secret: she started smoking in college, but can't let her daddy find out. Jonesing for a smoke, Charlie wants to know if she come to your house and smoke cigarettes on the back porch? If you let her, Charlie promises she'll tell you all about her fantasy of getting fucked doggy style while she smokes a cigarette.
(2 min 0 sec)

Sultry Mia Presley sunbathes and smokes, wearing white lingerie that glistens in the sun. Smoking turns Mia on and she removes her lingerie to touch herself with the hand that holds her cigarette. Mia strips down to just a pair of strappy sandals and gets herself all riled up by touching her sexy tits and smoking hot pussy.
(2 min 0 sec)

Sex kitten Shay Loren, dressed in only a black garter belt and black thigh highs, lights her cigarette as the camera films her from the ground up. She goes outside to the pool deck, enjoying her cigarette as she shows off her sexy lower back tattoo. Shay Loren walks around the pool, exhaling a cloud of smoke into her long brown hair.
(2 min 0 sec)

Blonde bombshell Mary Jane and brunette beauty Samantha smoke at a table, wearing only garter belts and thigh highs. They take turns blowing smoke on each other's sexy feet. Mary Jane goes down on Samantha, blowing one cloud of smoke up towards her face and another cloud of smoke down towards her feet.
(2 min 0 sec)

Playful, dark-skinned Loni is in town to work your friend's bachelor party, and she bought a new vibrator for the toy show segment of tonight's festivities. But Loni's so goddamn horny, she wants to try it out right now. Loni chain smokes her Camel Lights while thrusting the vibe in and out of her burning snatch, exhaling plumes of smokes as she cums over and over. This is gonna be one helluva party.
(2 min 0 sec)

Brunette bombshell Kayla lights the candles on her table and inhales the smoke from her cigarette. She adjusts her sexy pin striped outfit, revealing her large supple breasts and wet dripping pussy. Kayla enjoys nothing more than playing with her hard nipple while the taste of a freshly lit cigarette lingers in her mouth.
(2 min 0 sec)

Brunette bombshell Mary Jane and Blonde beauty Layla Jade smoke at a table, wearing only garter belts and thigh highs. They take turns blowing smoke on each other's sexy feet. Mary Jane goes down on Layla Jade, blowing one cloud of smoke up towards her face and another cloud of smoke down towards her feet.
(2 min 0 sec)

Erotic vixen Jayna leans back in her leather chair and unbuttons her shirt while a cigarette hangs from her sexy mouth. She then lifts her bra over her tits and seductively smokes her cigarette. Janya places her cigarette in her sultry mouth and squeezes her hard supple nipples. Janya appears to be the one turning herself on with just her hands and her cigarette, but a man's head soon emerges and the viewer learns that she has had someone going down on her the entire time.
(2 min 0 sec)

Brunette bombshell Mary Jane and Blonde beauty Layla Jade smoke at a table, wearing only garter belts and thigh highs. They take turns blowing smoke on each other's sexy feet. Mary Jane goes down on Layla Jade, blowing one cloud of smoke up towards her face and another cloud of smoke down towards her feet.
(2 min 0 sec)

Brunette beauty Avery sits at her living room table, smoking her favorite cigarette. She removes one of her thigh highs as a trail of smoke encompasses her body like a snake. Avery takes this thigh high and gently caresses her skin to mimic the way smoke glides across her body. She removes the other thigh high, brings it up to her nose and breathes in its smoky scent. Avery, now wearing only a pink garter belt, takes another drag from her cigarette and watches the smoke cover her like a blanket.
(2 min 0 sec)

Blonde beauty Tawni Ryden lounges on her couch in her black lingerie, enjoying the taste of her freshly lit cigarette. A cloud of smoke enveloped her face as she takes off her bra, exposing her hard supple nipples. Tawni plays with her wanting nipples as smoke lingers around her body.
(2 min 0 sec)

Rebecca Steel loves to smoke in her favorite white halter dress because it really shows off her sexy tattoos. She lowers the top of dress, revealing her smoking hot tits. Rebecca strips down to a white garter belt and nude thigh highs and begins to play with herself. Her lover appears on the bed. Rebecca breathes in a cloud of smoke from her cigarette and begins to give her lover a blowjob he will never forget.
(2 min 0 sec)

Brunette beauty Whitney Stevens loves nothing more than the taste of cigarettes and cock. She has the best time smoking while performing felatio on her lover. Whitney gets on her knees and inhales her cigarette, just like she inhaled her lover's large firm cock. With a cigarette in hand, Whitney wraps her large tits around his dick, further enticing her lover.
(2 min 0 sec)

Dark skinned beauty Naomi Banks smokes in her bed, wearing sexy black lingerie. She loves nothing more than watching the smoke from her breath caress her beautiful black skin. Naomi gets off the bed and with a cigarette in hand, walks over to the giant mirror admiring her sexy dark chocolate body.
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