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Raven-haired beauty Ava Ramone strips down to a black garter belt and pearl necklace. With a cigarette in one hand, and a penis in the other, she displays her love of giving head for all to see. This sultry siren loves cigarettes and cock equally, sucking on both at the same time. The smoke from the cigarette envelops her body as she makes her mystery man cum. With cum dripping from her lips and chin, she lights another cigarette and relaxes after a blowjob well done.
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Gorgeous, blonde executive Brooke meets you during a smoke break at a convention. Next thing you know, this classy MILF is in your hotel room, chain smoking Marlboro Lights, exposing her perfect breasts, teasing her pierced labia. Don't you want to drop to your knees and lick her hot pussy as she exhales smoke into the air?
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Sexy rocker Jacqueline sits at a table with multiple boxes of cigarettes strewn about. She lights up one by one, trying to pick her favorite brand. She narrows it down to two and, with one in each hand, she exhales clouds of smoke hoping their distinct smells will help her decide. Still undecided, Jacqueline blows smoke circles with several more cigarettes, ultimately deciding the brand that is the easiest to blow rings of smoke from is the brand for her.
(1 min 50 sec)

Sex kitten Jamie Lynn, wearing only a white towel, smiles while smoking a cigarette. She removes her towel, reveal her smoking hot body and puts on a matching white lace lingerie, black thigh highs and a pale blue lace shirt with a match skirt. Feeling sexy in her outfit, Jamie Lynn sit back down and enjoys the taste of her freshly lit cigarette.
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Sexy Sophia unwinds after a long day of work by lighting up a cigarette. She inhales the smoke as she reads and is compelled to remove her pumps and thigh highs, exposing her lovely caramel skin. Sophia teases the camera with herblonde hair, lights up another cigarette and gets lost in the seductive sea of smoke. The smoke soon clears, revealing her tight eager pussy. She takes a sip of her drink as the smoke caresses her skin.
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Red-haired vixen Charlie sits in her living room, enjoying the combined taste of cigarettes and coffee. With a cigarette in her sultry mouth, Charlie unzips her plaid t-shirt, revealing her perky tits. She blows a seductive sea of smoke onto her tits before reaching down to play with her hot dripping pussy. Charlie finishes her cigarettes, puts on her sexy shoes that she took off in a fit of ecstasy and smiles a mysterious smile.
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Sexy vixen Cassie gets on her knees and blows smoke on her lover's penis. She takes a drag from her cigarette and makes her lover explode. Cassie enjoy a cigarette while cum drips down her face
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Blonde siren Cory, dressed in a peek-a-boo bra with black garter and black thigh highs smokes at the living room table. She places her leg on the table, exposing her hot throbbing pussy. Smoke covers her feet as she inserts the cigarette into her wanting pussy. She undoes her garter, slightly rolls down her thighs and smiles as she smokes in the sunlit room.
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Sexy school girl Britney takes off her top and touches her supple breasts while exhaling a cloud of smoke. She then takes off her skirt, revealing her sexy ass as she takes another drag of her cigarette. Britney lies spread eagle on the couch, exposing her hot and bothered pussy and smokes as she touches her boobs. Her hands then travel down to her pussy and she gets herself off while enjoying the taste of her freshly lit cigarette.
(2 min 1 sec)

Blonde bombshell Brooke sits on her couch by the window, enjoying the taste of her cigarette. She removes her tan blazer and smokes in a black halter tank top and tan mini skirt. Brooke then takes off her tank top and exhales a giant cloud of smoke that covers her large tits. She strips down to a pink thong as her nubile body is covered in a sea of smoke. Brooke rolls over to lie on her stomach, exposing her sexy round ass as she lights up another cigarette.
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Sexy Vixen Isabella, dressed in pink lingerie lies on the couch with her feet resting comfortably on smoking hot Penny, who is wearing an off the shoulder white sweater. Penny takes her cigarette and gently glides it along Isabella's feet. Penny takes a drag of her cigarette and kisses Isabella's feet. She then blows a seductive sea of smoke all over Isabella's toes.
(2 min 0 sec)

Blonde bombshell Vivian and brunette beauty Angie enjoy a sexy smoker's kiss. Their legs are intertwined as they share a cigarette and smile coyly and one another. Vivian and Angie play with each other's sultry boobs as they continue their sexy smoker's make out session.
(2 min 0 sec)

Curly-haired Penny sits on a chair in her living room, enjoying the taste of her cigarette. She wears a little white tank top rolled up to her ribcage, exposing her smoking hot stomach, as well as comfy sweat pants. Penny picks at her vixen red nails as she seductively exhales a cloud of smoke.
(2 min 0 sec)

Friday loves to get her knockers worshipped when she smokes, so you oil down those gorgeous breasts and get to work. Friday is a great smoker, and today she brought an antique cigarette holder as an extra kinky touch. Knead and squeeze Friday's oily breasts, and tweak those rock-hard nipples as she smokes for you.
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Blonde bombshell Sabrina Rose wears a black and white lingerie outfit and inhales her cigarette by the pool. She walks towards the shrubbery, removes her lingerie and puts on a white garter belt. Sabrina takes a drag of her cigarette as she puts on her black thigh highs and attaches them to her garter belt. She blows a seductive cloud of smoke through her mouth and nose and smiles as she walks back towards the pool.
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You love taking smoke breaks with Layla Jade, the fuckable blonde goth chick from the seventh floor. She looks so sexy when she takes drags off her cigarette, and stares at you through lingering smoke with those eyes. One day, Layla Jade tells you about a pervy dream she had: you were watching her smoke cigarettes as she got herself off with her vibrator. Can you make Layla Jade's dream come true? Yeah, I thought so.
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Cutie Kimberly Kane sits outside her patio enjoy the taste of her cigarette. She has just finished taking her finals and can't wait to get out her sweatshirt and sweat pants. She throws on her sexy dark rimmed glasses and takes another swig of her cigarette, as she thinks of what sultry little outfits she will throw on next.
(2 min 0 sec)

Sexy siren Kayla places a towel and pillow on the table, lies on her back and enjoys the feeling of smoking on her wooden dining room table. She exhales a breath of smoke as she rolls around on the table. Kayla begins to get turned on and plays with her hot tits as the smoke lingers around her body.
(2 min 0 sec)

Sexy blonde Carli Banks sprawls out on living room with her cigarettes. She smiles as she pulls her white underwear around her knees and enjoys the feel of her cigarette pressed against her lips. Carli, feeling extra kinky, takes the ash from the ash tray and pours it all over her beautiful bare boobs. She blows smoke shapes from her cigarette and enjoys the feeling of smoke all over her body.
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