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Crack Whore Confessions / How I Got Rich
Tosha Ravaged By 8 Black DudesTosha Ravaged By 8 Black Dudes (1 min 8 sec)
Tosha aint too bright. She puts her trust in some really shady people, mostly ones in her own family. When she was very young her jealous older sister had her raped by 8 black guys...what a bitch! Dont feel too bad for her though, she seems very happy in her shitty life. She has 3 kids, no job, loves weed, and sex most of all. Watch her get some dick in her mouth and her pussy as she tells us all her fucked up life story.
Whoring Fat Bitch Thinks She Hot Shit!Whoring Fat Bitch Thinks She Hot Shit! (1 min 5 sec)
This big fat whore calls herself Heaven. You'll feel like your in heaven if you pick this bitch up...yeah, we'll see. She's a long time whore starting at age 15, and has done pretty much every drug you can think of. Heaven did 5 years in prison on a charge she took to keep a fellow dumb whore out of trouble. She says she got her pussy eaten by a different girl every day in the joint. Damn this bitch loves talking bout how fucking amazing she is...or was. Apparently she was really hot back in the day until she got pregnant with one of her 3 Zebra children. Now Heavens fat, ugly, annoying, and has some dirty ass feet! Anyways, watch this bitch get fucked in many positions and take a huge cum load all over her fat skank ass. She also has plenty more stories to tell us! Check it out!
Daddy's Little Pill-Head Skank Whore!Daddy's Little Pill-Head Skank Whore! (1 min 9 sec)
Meet Lanie: a pill head skank whore living off her Daddy's money. This bitch is apparently fucked up on some kind of pills 24/7. She's Overdosed and almost croaked twice, been arrested twice as well. Once for printing rubber checks, the next for brutally assaulting two police officers! Lanie is all calm and cool until you decide to be rude to her, like those unfortunate cops did. She gets so horny during this shocking interview she cant keep her hands off herself! She rubs the fuck out of her Horrid, Nasty, Disgusting BLOODY CUNT, before sucking dick. Which we gladly stayed the fuck away from. Watch this skank whore tell her story and swallow some cum, all with a fucked up high smile on her face!
Hood Rat Escort Whore Beaten By All!Hood Rat Escort Whore Beaten By All! (0 min 58 sec)
Meet Sunny, a happy whore who's been pimped out since she was 16. She started escorting in California when she met a big black pimp at the airport. He introduced her to the ho life, and kept her safe...mostly. Sunny was raped several times on the streets, only to have her pimp exact revenge on the perpetrators days later. Sunny loves cock, but not fists so much. She has been beaten by every man she has ever met. Luckily for her, we dont have any interest in beating her up, just fuckng her! Watch her suck dick and get fucked bareback, catching a huge nasty load all over her skank ass!
Cocaine Snorting Bitch With Gigantic Tits!Cocaine Snorting Bitch With Gigantic Tits! (0 min 50 sec)
Mysti is a big fat happy cocaine whore with massive titties! They are 6 pounds each and all natural. She was molested by her step dad when she was 12, and since then has been addicted to sucking cock. Mysti loves to snort cocaine. She tried to quit drugs after her best friend died of an overdose, but of course that didnt last very long. Mysti loves her big breasts more than anyone, and enjoys sucking and playing with them. Watch this big tittied whore deep throat beautifully and get fucked hard before swallowing a huge load of sticky jizz!
Sickly Whore Manda Used And AbusedSickly Whore Manda Used And Abused (1 min 13 sec)
This dumbass bitch has problems. Her major one is being a human fucking punching bag. Her ex bf would beat the shit out of her sorry ass constantly. Choking, punching, kicking, even burning her with cigarettes! One Time he locked her in her room for 24 hours and didn't even feed the bitch! What the fuck took Manda so long to leave this abusive fuckhead? I'd be willing to guess he's the father of her bastard child, making her a dumbass mother as well. Manda's been used and abused so many times, it apparently makes her sick. Watch her run to the toilet and try to hold onto her lunch. This only makes us hornier, as she is soon with a dick in her mouth and fucked hard before taking a load of spunk all over her whore ass!
Crazy Crack Whore Attacked by Serial KillerCrazy Crack Whore Attacked by Serial Killer (1 min 9 sec)
This is one whacked out crack smoking bitch! Rose has been around the block, over and over again. She has come across some fucked up johns in her time, but none top the serial killers she claims to have been snatched by! Rose says she has been abused more times than she can count, and that she has also been "Attacked by Serial Killer." This drama queen whore loves to bitch about her life and offers up sob story after sob story, each more graphic and horrible than the last! Watch her swallow some cock and get the shit fucked out of her! Ending in a huge load sprayed all over her whore ass!
Baker Acted Coke Whore Loves Sucking DickBaker Acted Coke Whore Loves Sucking Dick (1 min 0 sec)
Nev has been a coke whore since she was 15. She loves sucking dick, partying, fighting, baby mama drama, weed, and good ol coke aka "White Girl." Nev was molested as a child and raped when was a teenager. Here her heartwarming story of triumph...not. Her life is so fucked up she tried to kill herself and was even Baker Acted once. Nev spent 3 days in a fuckin Looney Bin with nutcases in every direction. After she tells her story and shows off her tattoos (which are awful) she starts sucking cock! Check this whore out, its not stop insanity!
Fat Ass Pill-Head Hooker Swallows Every Drop!Fat Ass Pill-Head Hooker Swallows Every Drop! (1 min 0 sec)
Denny is a hooker who loves alcohol and pills. She is dull, boring, and ugly as fuck, but if you got either of those, shell perk right up! Denny's life has been in the shit hole since she was little, when her mom would have the police come get her several times. Denny turned to the booze at an early age and never looked back. Once a supposed "stalker" of hers tried to attack her, and she stabbed him the heart with a Corn fork! I doubt this hag had any kind of Stalker, prolly just some bum hanging around her block, wanted some pussy. Anyway, watch this whore share all her life's fucked up stories and suck the living fuck out of Rotten Ralph's cock!
Dazed and Confused Push Over WhoreDazed and Confused Push Over Whore (1 min 7 sec)
This bitch just doesn't give a fuck! Kay is a girl who is easily swayed, as submissive as a beaten dog. She has virtually no will power, and will pretty much do whatever you want without question. Kay used to be a cheerleader back in high school, although I wouldn't believe it without proof. She says she had so much pressure to stay in shape that she started drugs to keep her skinny. Yeah, I'm sure that was her only reason. Her life story seems to be: meet a scum bag, do what he says and smoke or swallow what he does, and you'll be fine. Kay grew up in a fucked up household, and leads a fucked up life. Watch this push over busted whore suck dick and take a little fucking as well, all while being almost completely out of it. Her story gets even more fucked...check it out.
Thieving Hottie Ho Party Girl Likes Getting Fucked up!Thieving Hottie Ho Party Girl Likes Getting Fucked up! (1 min 1 sec)
Ginny is pretty Hot for a street whore! If it wasnt for her busted ass "sand bag" titties, shed be a pimp's perfect dream! Ginny loves to party. She often gets high, drunk, or otherwise fucked up on something. She is a straight up pill head, but will pretty much do whatever is given to her! This bitch also Loves to talk. She will yap your fucking ear off! Beware, if you pick her up, try not to ask her too many questions. She will never shut the fuck up! At least she got some good stories though. She used to be a thief, following poor bastards cashing their checks, then beating the shit out them and jackin their wallet! Ginny was also brutally ganged raped by a bunch of rabid Mexicans in an apartment complex. Watch this gross tittied hottie hooker suck and fuck, taking two loads of hot Jizz!
Drug Dealing Whore With Big Fake Tits "Fucks" The PoliceDrug Dealing Whore With Big Fake Tits "Fucks" The Police (1 min 2 sec)
Dont fuck with this bitch! If you see Gili walking the street, be kind and courteous to her. She has been known for stabbing and slicing disrespectful johns! She knocked out a dude once in bar for grabbing on her big fake tits! Her implants look haggard, but don't tell her that! Gili tells how she has been in and out of jail several times for dealing pills and such, and a few times avoided jail by sucking off dirty cops! Gili loves the police! Well, the male officers at least. She was once arrested immediately after getting out of jail for driving a johns truck way too fast and almost hitting a police woman's car! Too bad she couldn't suck Her off. Watch this brave busted bad girl suck cock and catch a big cum load in her mouth!
Fatty Beaten Roxy Whore Loves It In Her Dirty AssFatty Beaten Roxy Whore Loves It In Her Dirty Ass (1 min 10 sec)
Peggy is a Big Ol Girl. She says she has lost over 100 pounds since she started Snorting Roxies up her nose. Still got a long way to go if you ask me. Peggy aint that bright either. She was beaten for 5 years by her boyfriend. She tells how he ran her over with the car got arrested and then she bailed his ass out. This bitch apparently likes it rough and digs it up the ass too. Watch her suck dick and get boned up the asshole so hard things Really start to get dirty. Somebody needs to teach this bitch to stop eating and clean her ass.
Sleepy Whore High Huffing Key Board CleanerSleepy Whore High Huffing Key Board Cleaner (1 min 11 sec)
Jessi is one fucked up whore. She loves to get high on crack but thats not all. Jessi discovered a much cheaper way to kill her brain-cells: an Air Duster key board cleaning spray she calls "Duster Muffin." This shit makes her voice very deep and then knocks her the fuck out. Jessi can barely answer the questions she is asked. It seems this bitch doesnt even know what planet she is on or what year it is. She does eventually reveal some of her troubled past. Jessi got shot once during an attempted robbery but couldnt go to the hospital because of her several pending warrants. Watch this idiot cunt spray smoke and Suck so she can do it all over again tomorrow.
Nine Time Rehab Crack Whore With A Nasty PussyNine Time Rehab Crack Whore With A Nasty Pussy (1 min 16 sec)
Carly is real Nasty Crack Whore. She says she loves the street life and enjoys the "Hustle" more than Crack itself. I doubt that. She describes going to Rehab 9 times every time failing at staying clean. Carly has been given so many chances from so many people and she has disappointed all of them. In the middle of the interview she requests a pee break and pisses outside in the dirt back yard of her Trailer. Carly then explains "Coochie Dope" which makes her very horny. Watch her suck cock and get boned up her Haggered Pussy. This is one Used Up Bitch.
Psych Ward Hooker Tells All and Gets Boned BarebackPsych Ward Hooker Tells All and Gets Boned Bareback (1 min 10 sec)
Georgia is has run the trifecta of dysfunction. She has spent time in Jail Rehab and the Psych Ward. Georgia is following in her familys foot steps as they are locked up too. So it is a family reunion for her when she gets thrown in jail. Georgia tells Rotten Ralph there is nothing she will not smoke. She has even lit up a polaroid picture and inhaled the smoke. Georgia shares her psych ward story of being strapped down butt naked and jonesing for a cigarette. Georgia has a truly fucked up life story. Rotten Ralph is not phased though he still hits that crazy pussy bareback and blowing his cum load in her mouth.
Skank Pill Head Hooker Confesses AllSkank Pill Head Hooker Confesses All (1 min 10 sec)
Sadie started her slippery slope to working the streets by raiding moms medicine cabinet. Once Sadie became an addict she was a full time street walker. Sadie says the most guys she has done in one day was 20 guys. Rotten Ralph asks Sadie what the the weirdest shit she put in her pussy was. Sadie says a beer bottle and a cucumber. Sadie has her baby daddy watch the kids while she works the streets. Sadie shares all of her stories of being arrested and she teaches Rotten Ralph a new street term called doing a wash. Rotten Ralph bangs Sadie bareback and blows his cum load in her mouth.
Gumjob from Toothless Trailer Park HookerGumjob from Toothless Trailer Park Hooker (1 min 1 sec)
Loraine is the living stereotype of a trailer park hooker. She lost her teeth from hitting the pipe smoking rock and crystal. You can still see the scars from her picking at herself while doing crystal. Loraine just dont give a fuck. She lost her kids to the state due to her fucked up life. Loraine shows off her nasty skank big hair pussy. This dumb bitch actually did sixty days in lock up for shop lifting pencils. Loraine takes Rotten Ralph into her trailer to give him the rare experience of a gumjob blowjob. Rotten Ralph enjoys her soft toothless gums on his cock and blows his hot cum load into Loraines open mouth.
Prison Born Whore Shares Her Fucked Up Life StoryPrison Born Whore Shares Her Fucked Up Life Story (1 min 11 sec)
Nikitas momma was a street walking hooker and ended up pregnant and in jail. That is where Nikita starts her fucked up life story. Now Nikita is walking right in her moms footsteps selling her ass in a filthy rat hole apartment to feed her habit. Nikita is no stranger to prison herself she just got out from a two year sentence and is right back to hooking. Her man is the same as her in and out of lock up. Nikita tells how she made sex toys in jail for prison sex with the girls. Nikita notices Rotten Ralphs new tattoo you can see the crazy tattoo music video on the site. Watch Nikita confess all before Crazy Craven busts his nut on Nikitas ass.
Insane Partying Prostitute Double Teamed and Ass FuckedInsane Partying Prostitute Double Teamed and Ass Fucked (1 min 15 sec)
MJ is a total hardcore partying prostitute. She will do anything she can get her hands on when it comes to drugs and sex. Rotten Ralph and Crazy Craven are going to keep MJs hands full giving her a tag team and hitting that ass. MJ has insane stories like putting a baseball bat in her pussy. MJ shares all of her stories of jail and drug abuse. MJ tells about her experience with a bitch in jail having prison sex. Watch out for MJ though because if you do her wrong she will cut you. MJ has don it all she has even been locked up in the crazy house. Watch MJ take two loads.
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