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18 Close Up / 18 Close Up
Large Dildo Stretching her Pussy to OrgasmLarge Dildo Stretching her Pussy to Orgasm (5 min 34 sec)

Tatiana exercises her deep vaginal muscles to the point were you can see her pink vagina walls surging and gaping. She rubs her clit and masturbates with a big dildo. The dildo seems a bit too large for her and she looks uncomfortable.
Tags: teen,brunette,18yo,amateur,asshole,contractions,gaping,throbbing,pulsating,masturbation,vagina,pussy,closeup,close-up,clit
Kegel Exercises and Sphincter WorkoutKegel Exercises and Sphincter Workout (5 min 23 sec)

This clip starts with an extreme close up of Tatiana's asshole. Tatiana sensuously grabs her ass cheeks and caresses her clit. Tatiana flexes her little asshole in extreme close up, and tones up her love muscles.
Tags: teen,brunette,18yo,amateur,asshole,contractions,gaping,throbbing,pulsating,masturbation,vagina,pussy,closeup,close-up,clit
18 Year Old Teen Shows Pussy Only18 Year Old Teen Shows Pussy Only (6 min 21 sec)

In close up, Tatiana spreads her pussy lips wide open to show how tight her cunt is. Then, laying on her back, she slowly starts fingering her clit.
Tags: teen,18yo,amateur,contractions,gaping,throbbing,pulsating,masturbation,vagina,pussy,closeup,close-up,clit
Amateur Teen Ass Up in the AirAmateur Teen Ass Up in the Air (6 min 31 sec)

Ok, she can't really shake her boobs. Never mind, instead have a look inside her panties! Naked, she kneels on the couch and starts massaging her butt cheeks, spreading wide her asshole in close up.
Tags: teen,brunette,18yo,amateur,natural,skinny,tits,titties,closeup,close-up
Teen's First Time Undressing for PornsiteTeen's First Time Undressing for Pornsite (5 min 15 sec)

Tatiana just turned 18. She's sweet and gentle, but she says she's not naive, and she can be tough when she needs to be. Although she loves being filmed, she seems to be shy and vulnerable in front of our camera.
Tags: teen,brunette,18yo,amateur,natural,skinny,tits,titties,closeup,close-up
Tight 18yo Vagina Close_UpTight 18yo Vagina Close_Up (5 min 12 sec)

The clip starts with an extreme close up of Katie's pussy. With some lubricant, she begins to play with herself.
Tags: masturbation,amateur,teen,blonde,asshole,contractions,gaping,vagina,pussy,closeup,close-up,clit
Blonde Amateur Pussy Contracting of PleasureBlonde Amateur Pussy Contracting of Pleasure (5 min 46 sec)

This clip is the second part of Katie's extreme pussy close up. She continues to contract her clit in hope that it could help her reach her first orgasm. As she starts to enjoy the exercise, she gently rubs her clit and her asshole.
Tags: masturbation,amateur,teen,blonde,asshole,contractions,gaping,vagina,pussy,closeup,close-up,clit
18YO Blonde Shows her Pulsating Clit18YO Blonde Shows her Pulsating Clit (5 min 10 sec)

This close up is as extreme as it can possibly be! Katie quite litteraly offers her sex to the camera. She rubs her clit for a little while then flexes her pussy muscles to stimulate her clit.
Tags: amateur,teen,blonde,asshole,contractions,gaping,vagina,pussy,closeup,close-up,clit
18YO Blonde Spreads Asshole Close Up18YO Blonde Spreads Asshole Close Up (6 min 23 sec)

Standing doggystyle, Katie caresses her butt and opens her pussy lips. The camera examines her cunt and asshole in close up.
Tags: amateur,teen,blonde,asshole,contractions,gaping,vagina,pussy,closeup,close-up,clit
Blonde Amateur Shaking BootyBlonde Amateur Shaking Booty (5 min 3 sec)

While Katie gets naked, the camera plunges within her panties, showing an intimate view of her sex. Katie starts shaking her ass cheeks in a very sensual way. She then stands doggystyle and exposes her butt in close up.
Tags: teen,blonde,natural,ass,skinny,tits,pussy,closeup,close-up,clit
Amateur Bouncing her Natural BoobsAmateur Bouncing her Natural Boobs (6 min 15 sec)

Katie undresses herself slowly. She's as natural as her breasts. After a nice close up of her mouth, she starts shaking her natural tits slowly. You can see how firm her breasts are just by the way they move.
Tags: teen,blonde,natural,skinny,tits
Teen Shows her Pulsating Vagina Up CloseTeen Shows her Pulsating Vagina Up Close (5 min 35 sec)

By alternating masturbation and pussy flexing exercices, Anna slowly builds her arousal. But the scene turns into a blooper as the dildo pops out of her pulsing vagina. An incredible close up reveals every details of her contracting pussy and asshole. Aroused and wet, Anna finally brings herself to a climax.
Tags: amateur,teen,brunette,tits,pussy,vagina,clit,contracting,contractions,gaping,throbbing,pulsating,masturbation,closeup,close-up
Dildo Pushed with Vagina MusclesDildo Pushed with Vagina Muscles (5 min 29 sec)

Doggystyle, Anna flexes her lovely asshole, looking audaciously at the camera. She starts fingering herself, as we get closer to her pussy. She then grabs the dildo and starts sucking it suggestively with a look that says, -Would you like to fuck me? After some amazing contractions of her perineum, she's almost masturbating on our camera.
Tags: amateur,teen,brunette,tits,pussy,vagina,clit,contracting,contractions,gaping,throbbing,pulsating,masturbation,closeup,close-up
Throbbing Pulsating Clit Close UpThrobbing Pulsating Clit Close Up (5 min 38 sec)

Anna starts to touch herself and eagerly sucks a dildo. Our exploration of her pussy seems to turn her on. There's a beautiful close up of her asshole as the dildo penetrates her pussy. After her first orgasm, Anna continues to stimulate her pussy muscles and her asshole. She then stretches her pussy wide, offering herself up to the camera.
Tags: amateur,teen,brunette,tits,pussy,vagina,clit,contracting,contractions,throbbing,pulsating,closeup,close-up
Hot Anna's Body Explored in DetailHot Anna's Body Explored in Detail (8 min 28 sec)

Very slowly, Anna removes her panties and opens wide her pink pussy. She seems to be really turned on as she stimulates her clit and pussy muscles, exposing her sex in close up. She then shakes her natural tits and pinches her nipples to make them harder. There are a few nice close ups of her tits and of her tongue swirling wetly around her lips.
Tags: amateur,teen,brunette,tits,pussy,vagina,clit,closeup,close-up
Amateur Panties Up CloseAmateur Panties Up Close (5 min 34 sec)

Some girls try to forget the camera... Anna, on the contrary, likes to strut her stuff. In this clip, she undresses and starts caressing her boobs, playing with her nipples.
Tags: amateur,teen,brunette,tits,pussy,vagina,clit,panties,cameltoe,closeup,close-up
Cindy's Hot Body Under ScrutinyCindy's Hot Body Under Scrutiny (5 min 3 sec)

Doggy style, Cindy continues to masturbate, but she can't seem to have an orgasm. So, for our greatest pleasure, she spreads her pussy lips and her ass cheeks and starts flexing her tight asshole. Then, laying down, the shooting ends with a few beautiful close ups of her ass and pussy.
Tags: teen,blonde,masturbation,asshole,contractions,gaping,vagina,pussy,closeup,close-up,clit
Cindy Contracts her Tight Asshole and ClitCindy Contracts her Tight Asshole and Clit (5 min 44 sec)

This clip starts with an extreme close up of Cindy's pussy. She's flexing her pussy muscles, making her totally opened and hotter than ever. There's a nice close up of her ass with her asshole contracting too. Yet she can't really bear the wait and starts to masturbate.
Tags: teen,blonde,masturbation,asshole,contractions,gaping,vagina,pussy,closeup,close-up,clit
Cindy Spreads her Pussy in Extreme CloseupCindy Spreads her Pussy in Extreme Closeup (5 min 47 sec)

This clip starts with a nice upskirt view, as Cindy spreads her ass cheeks wide open, revealing her tight asshole. She then drops the skirt. There's an awesome close up of her pussy as she starts to masturbate for a while. The pleasure in her eyes is obvious, and makes her amazingly hot.
Tags: masturbation,blonde,busty,teen,boobs,pussy,panties,closeup,close-up,upskirt,gaping,vagina,clit
Upskirt Teen with No PantiesUpskirt Teen with No Panties (5 min 40 sec)

There’s a nice close up of her gorgeous mouth. She then starts playing with her boobs, caressing them, pinching her nipples. She feels a little embarrassed when asked to show some boob shaking.
Tags: blonde,busty,teen,boobs,pussy,panties,closeup,close-up,upskirt
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