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Head Booty In ChargeHead Booty In Charge

Star Armani is an executive who needs a package delivered. And by package we mean cock. And by delivered, we mean she needs a cock in her cunt. Watch as this proper exec teaches her new mail-room clerk how she likes things handled. From sloppy head to cowgirl on top of her deak, Star makes good use of her office. And when this guy drills her pussy and then cums all over her bubble butt, she plays with all of his nut because she likes the fruits of her labor.
Ass Slappin' And Clappin'Ass Slappin' And Clappin'

Kaleah is a sexy sista from the West Coast who likes to shop and hang out. She likes hanging out on the beach and talking on the phone with her girls. So much, that she stays on the phone while this guy she picked up at the mall is tossing her salad. When she gets off the phone she lets him have it by sitting on his face and sucking his dick while talking dirty. And when she gets it, she wants it nice and hard and with a lot of ass-slapping. She likes the noise it makes and the sting of getting her pussy and her ass cheeks pummeled.
British BootyBritish Booty

Melody Posh is a hot piece of ass from England. She reminds us of that Spice Girl who also has a bangin' ass we'd like to fuck. There is nothing like watching a chick with a hot booty doing housework and chores and in Melody's case, seeing her paint the walls of her apartment will make you want to coat her ass cheeks with spunk. The British have a term to describe a girl with spunk and that's "cheeky". In Melody's case, she is cheeky and has some sweet cheeks, too. That's a win-win in our book.
That Good PussyThat Good Pussy

Some girls like to fuck and then there are girls like Millian Blu. Millian has what we like to refer to as, "That Good Pussy." It's like a commodity. The kind of pussy you could trade on the stock market. It's valuable. Not only because it's pink and pretty and swallows up this cock like it's hungry, but because it's the kind of pussy that you want to have at all times. Breakfast, lunch and dinner; this is the kind of pussy that satisfies. And it doesn't hurt that Millian is fine as fuck. She has a tight, little body on her and a lush bubble ass that promises some good jiggle when spanked. And Millian has quite the mouth on her, too. She uses it for all sorts of fucking encouragement and for sucking dick sloppy and tight. But just in case we didn't hammer the point home before, we will repeat, this girl has that good pussy. Miracle pussy. Enjoy it.
Make It Clap!Make It Clap!

Gemini Lovell is a hot shorty from New York who spends her days in the big city and her nights as an exotic dancer. And why do we love dancers here at BootyLicious? Because they know how to drop it down and make it clap! Watch as Gemini makes her cheeks pop, jiggle and shake before making that ass do a standing ovation. Listening to her ass clap will make your cock applaud, we promise. Then, she gets drilled and filled and the whole time, her bubble keeps bouncing back for deeper drilling! Gemini is a newcomer, but you will come back again and again to see her cushion get cocked down. It's true what they say, blondes have more fun!
Pleasuring Pleasure's PussyPleasuring Pleasure's Pussy

"When I am around, don't waste time trying to befriend me and make me laugh or even trying to impress me. The way it works is if I am interested, I will let a guy know. Sometimes guys will try and do something to catch my attention, but if I am not feeling someone, they don't get any of my time. I like being straight-forward and even a little aggressive with the men I like. I think it puts us on an even playing field. He wants me and I want him and then we can go on from there," says the ever-delicious Pleasure Mia. That's why she tells this guy to come over and oil up her ass. Just like that. And that's why he hops out of the pool and runs over, eager to do her bidding. And once she lets him know that she likes him and once she ascertains that he likes her, Pleasure takes him inside and fucks his brains out. How's that for straight-forward?
Chocolate Thunder!Chocolate Thunder!

Hershey Bryant has a hefty, chocolate caboose. She has an ass so big, and so juicy that when she bends over and gets on all fours, all you see is fat ass. And that ass can take quite a pounding, too. Hershey slaps that ass over and over and she slaps it hard. Then she tells you that she wants you to ride her. Now, when a big-assed woman tells you to mount up, you do it, especially when she has as much ass as Hershey's and it's spilling out of her tiny shorts. Hershey is the kind of girl who wants a rough rider, that's why she pulls out a huge toy that she nicknames yellow Superman and then she whacks her ass with that, too. Now, we are no experts, but all the ass-slapping in this video can only mean one thing and that's that Hershey likes it hard and rough. So what are you waiting for? Give it to her.
Makin' It JiggleMakin' It Jiggle

"I like to hump my ass up and down on a cock when I'm riding it," said Diamond Starr, who shows off her skills right here. "I know a lot of girls like to hop on top of a hard dick and let the guy do all the work, but I'm not into that shit. I like to bounce my pussy up and down on his cock and make my ass jiggle and make sure his balls know I'm there. That's my style!"
Candy Coat My Caboose!Candy Coat My Caboose!

Kiki has a cravin' for a little bit of sugar, so she heads out to the BootyLicious Candy Store to get herself something long and hard to suck on. But after the clerk offers her all the candies in the store, she realizes that what she wants in her mouth is his sweet meat! Watch her suck and fuck this guy right on the counter. And there's no better dessert than when she gives up her tight asshole for him to fill with cream. Kiki must be French for kinky cause this girl is a freak and a half!
Sara's Ass Has No CompetitionSara's Ass Has No Competition

"Some girls are so obsessed with losing weight and being thin, but I would never do that. I love my big, fat ass and I would never want to make it go away. I feel my sexiest when it's hanging out of my clothes, and I think the guys agree. That's why I wore this outfit for my friend here. He turns me on with his big dick so I wanted to turn him on with my big ass in a g-string. I guess it worked, because the second he walked in he was rock hard. I started to drool just thinking about licking his big stick and fucking him."
Worship My ASS!Worship My ASS!

Upon first glance, you can see that Caroline Pierce has a pretty face, nice tits and a slim waist, but when you let your eyes trail down to her ass, you will have a religious experience that will cause you to worship that ass! Because Caroline has that kind of creamy bubble that you want wrapped around your horny face. That's why when she mounts this lucky dude's face, he chows down on her asshole and pussy like he was starving. Because that is what you do with an ass like that. Watch her grind that booty down and then flip around for some sloppy cock-sucking and 69'ing before she sits that fat ass down on this dick and goes for a ride. When she gets the healthy coating of cum all over her ass, she smiles because she knows she has worked for it.
All That Ass...All That Ass...

When you look at Mz. Booty from the front, all you see is her rack and her cute smile. You think, "Eh, why is she called 'Mz. Booty'?" That's when she turns around and you almost pass out from the shock of seeing her tremendous ass. "A lot of men don't realize how much ass I am packing, but when they do, their eyes almost bulge right out of their sockets." Kind of like how Mz. Booty's ass almost bulges right out of her pants. Now, not just any stud could handle all that caboose so we had to bring in Blackzilla to do the job. Watch the clash of these two titans and see what happens when monster ass meets monster meat.
Give It To Me!Give It To Me!

When Morgan wants cock, you had better give it to her because making this luscious lady wait is not a good idea. "I am not the kind of girl who ever has to wait around for satisfaction. There are men lined up to get a piece of this," says the feisty Michigan native. "You either get to suckin' on my clit and lickin' on this pussy or you get to steppin' because I am all about pleasure. But I'll return the favor. I don't mind getting on top of that dick and sliding my pussy up and down it. It feels so tight and so wet that I can make a man cum almost instantly when I am on top. And I love to let a man hit it from the back because I like for him to cum all over my ass cheeks and crack so I can feel it dripping down into my hole."
Video Vamp, Casting Couch TrampVideo Vamp, Casting Couch Tramp

It's tough to catch a break in the music biz. That's why when Diamond Mason wants a part in a music video, she knows she is gonna have to break the producer off a piece of that fat ass. And what a mighty bubble ass it is. First, Diamond shows him how she can make it clap, shake and bounce, all while wearing an itty-bitty stripper's outfit. Then, when he offers her the casting couch treatment, where she takes a deep-dickin' and he picks her as the star video vixen in his project, she is more than happy to show him her dance moves...but this time she does them while she is impaled on his dick. Diamond's ass will make you wish you produced music videos because she gives that booty up right away.
Ride That StallionRide That Stallion

Gizelle Stallion is all about the dick. She loves it, she sucks it, she fucks it and she even likes it up her Hershey highway. We've seen a lot of big-assed stunners in our time, but this booty mama is probably one of the loudest cock-suckers we have come across. She sucks dick with such gusto and so much moaning, that it is literally like she is playing the skin flute. And when she gets down on all fours and throws that booty in the air, you really get a full view of just how ass-tacular her butt is. It is no wonder she likes anal. With an ass like that, it would be almost a crime not to let it get fucked. She drops down to the ground after getting ass-plowed and throws her booty in the air to get it splashed with cum and that is the sign of a true booty baller. We salute you, Gizelle and your fucktastic asshole that needs to be ridden like a stallion.
California Booty Girls!California Booty Girls!

Aaliyah Envy is a California girl and one look at her fat caboose will make you wish that they were all California girls! She starts off in a skin-tight dress with half her ass hanging out (Which is EXACTLY how booty girls should be dressed.) and then she practically rips her clothes off to get some action from this lucky bastard. She straddles his face and jiggles her ass while this guy eats her choco-taco and he does a great job because in no time, she has her fingers wedged in her asshole and is jack-hammering them in and out. And since Aaliyah is a nice girl, she returns the favor by giving him some slow head. Once his meat is ready for some action, she mounts his junk and rides him with her tight pussy. How do we know it's tight? Because you can hear it squeeze and squish this guy's meat while she rides him. She throws that ass in the air for some doggie-style and then once she's done screamin' she's ready for creamin' and takes a load on her huge round brown.
Batter UpBatter Up

What kind of clothes does Barbie Banx wear every day? "I live in Miami and it's hot here! So I wear very little clothes and the clothes I wear are very little. I love tight ass-shorts, boy shorts, bikini bottoms, tank-tops, tee-shirts and tube tops. Anything tiny that makes my ass look hot. I wear bikini bottoms in the street. Guys yell out comments in English or Spanish but so what? That's gonna happen no matter what I wear."
This Butt Your FaceThis Butt Your Face

Millian Blu is determined to be the best porn star in the biz. But first, this ambitious, big-bootied biotch needs a big-cocked daddy to take care of her pussy and lick her asshole while she isn't workin'. Check out how she spreads those round cheeks so she can get that cock to hit bottom. And when it's time for that cum to spray, Millian asks for it all over her ass, like a good girl should.
Pull Over, That Ass Is Too Phat!Pull Over, That Ass Is Too Phat!

"I have done a lot of wild things in my life," Latina hottie Dede Lopez said. "This is probably the wildest. I mean, shoving toys up my cookie so you guys can look at the pictures...that's pretty wild, isn't it? I don't know any other girls who've done it. But this one other time, I had sex with my boyfriend and his friend on a park bench. My boyfriend was nice about it. He let his friend fuck me while I sucked him off. They wanted to fuck my ass, but I wouldn't let them. Not on a park bench in public."
A Taste of HoneyA Taste of Honey

Do you want a taste of Honey? You can get some on any given day when this bootied cutie's asshole gets a little horny. "I don't know why, but every now and then, I need my asshole to be a stranger. Sometimes it's in the movie theater. Sometimes I get horny when I'm at the supermarket. This time, I got horny and followed this light-skinned brotha into the public bathroom and let him pound my brown and fill it with cum. Fuckin' in public is good for me because the thrill of being caught makes me even hornier." We don't know about you...but we hope we run into Honey on the street one day.
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