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SBD editor (2 hours ago)
bubon (18 hours ago)
October or Mai? :)
SBD editor (19 hours ago)
KinksterCash offline - I hope temporarily
SBD editor (19 hours ago)
Pain Toy moved to KinksterCash - disabled.
SBD editor (19 hours ago)
These sites have been disabled Due redirect: Sexy Ones Streamaxx Pornstar Flirt Teen Sex Secrets My Secret...
SBD editor (19 hours ago)
Beauty And The Senior now part of granddadz
SBD editor (21 hours ago)
Slime Play / Payserve
SlimePlay redirect to slimewave - disabled, slimewave alredy listed at tain cash
SBD editor (22 hours ago)
last response 5/10/17
bubon (23 hours ago)
Via this response? When last time?
SBD editor (2 days ago)
With this e-mail I have not received a response. don't have other contact.
bubon (2 days ago)
This is shemaleprofit contact. They sold their sites to spiderdollars. Shemaleprofit is out of business.
SBD editor (2 days ago)
BeautyandtheSenior now is Granddadz
SBD editor (3 days ago)
via email: