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These paysites were disabled due to redirect: Asian Chicks Like Black Dicks Jaw Dropping Asses Spin On My Cock MILF X Mobile Lesbian Porn Pass Mobile Interracial Porn Pass Mobile Big Tit Porn Pass Mobile Anal Video Planet Mobile Wild Party Whores Tranny Pursuit Oriental Homos Guys With Toys Gay Access Gardens Of Enchantment Black Girls Do It Nasty Too Black Gangstaz Anal Video Planet Teen Poonani Megasite Pass Mobile Download Pass Mobile Classic Porn Mobile Fucking With Feet Deceitful Housewives Boobie Bondage Pleasing My Pussy
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IMPORTANT PIMPROLL Payout Change Starting immediately, we will no longer be issuing standard checks for payout. If your method of payment is set to “standard check” please update your details now. If you have questions or concerns please contact your Affiliate support representative for assistance.
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Starting today, PIMPROLL is now offering Payoneer as a payout method for all affiliates!
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Fellow Hosted Tube webmasters, We're happy to announce that we have implemented Traffic Force with our gay hostedtube sites and from today onwards, Traffic Force advertisers can now target and buy gay traffic network wide and we hope that you will consider using your current domains with our new set up. Prior to this we only had our own pay site ads in those spots which, as we all know, are really hard to convert especially if you only have limited amounts of daily traffic coming in. With this new feature it will allow you to earn revenue from ad impressions from Traffic Force just as you are able to do with the current straight sites. I should add to be mindful of your niche selections as choosing both gay and tranny is not a good mix for optimum earnings so best to pick whichever your domain is more geared towards regarding type ins and keywords. If any of you have questions regarding this please feel free to hit me up via email, skype or on icq. Login with your pimpID at Thanks, Glen skype: HitMan.b52 icq: 150 557 167
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Be The Bitch redirects - disabled
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The Hoes We Choked disabled
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Freaks Of Porn redirects - disabled.
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PIMPROLL Launches TWO Mega-Sites and Two of the biggest and best well-known porn studios, LethalHardcore and Heatwave have partnered up with PimpRoll for the most exciting adult entertainment launch yet! Forget mega-sites. Our mega-network offers the largest, most extensive collection of erotica spanning over all of the popular niches fans know and love like Teens, MILFs, Lesbians, Asians, Interracial, Big Tits and Mature. But that's just the tip of the iceberg. Thanks to Heatwave Studios, we also feature some of the more eccentric and extreme niches and categories like BBW, amputee/handicap porn, midgets, hirsute, adult diaper porn, lactating babes and other bizarre fetishes. Get to know our new studio partners! Lethal Hardcore Studios is where porn meets perfection. For the last thirty years, creator Stoney Curtis has been quietly raising the bar with exciting, provocative adult titles like: My Stepdaughter Tossed My Salad, Cougars Crave Young Kittens, Spin on My Cock, Cash for Chunkers, Blumpkin Blowjobs and many more. Always the consummate porn professional, Stoney Curtis takes immense pride in his high-production values, HD-quality film shoots and of course, the sexiest girls that real erotica fans crave. Give the people the true premium porn experience they really deserve. - it's the "HBO" of porn. Now, for the first time ever, you can find all of Stoney's 60+ niche series collected all under one banner. With, you'll drum up instant consumer interest with our image-intensive tube-styled tour layout. Everything is fully functional. Thanks to our hand-edited FLV tube clips, customers are just a click away from previewing their favorite scenes. The quick rise of the mobile market is undeniable. Cover all of your bases and maximize your revenues with mobile companion sites and Already customized for iPhones, iPads, Android phones, tablets and other mobile-friendly devices, and are essential for the smart phone market. Heatwave Studios has been actively creating some of the world's most sensual and shocking pieces of erotica for the past thirty years. This L.A-based production company is no stranger to the strange, never shying away from fetishes that are considered weird by mainstream standards but celebrates with unabashed pride. These two sites, LethalPass and HeatwavePass represent both sides of the porn spectrum. PimpRoll has literally become the A-to-Z of Porn. Get Started Now! Affiliates have access to the full range of promo materials right now and can customize tour settings including the purchase price and trial options when creating your own link codes. Getting started is as simple as signing into and building your LethalPass and HeatwavePass campaign today!
Ross (more than a month ago) + Reply Opens New Revenue Streams For Site Owners And Producers PaidPerView is a content partnership program that uses technological simplicity and a massive traffic network to monetize content for paysite owners, content producers and affiliates. The new system allows content owners to upload partial or full-length videos for display on major adult entertainment sites including PORN.COM, with several ways for everyone involved to cash-in together on views, sales to your own site and optional download profits as well. "Using PaidPerView, our content partners can login to upload video content they own, along with relevant tags and niches to start earning revenue" said David K. of "We pay per page view while also displaying an ad for their own paysite branding purposes and sending click-through traffic to their sites on an affiliate basis. Content owners can also track all the activity using a very straight-forward interface and other shared revenue streams are already in the planning phase." For many content owners the beauty of the PaidPerView system is its all-inclusive simplicity. Promotional work, traffic and hosting are all done by expert PaidPerView staffers. Your site banner and links are displayed right below each of your videos to drive sales to your sites, enhance the visibility of your brand and improve your ROI on every new video you include. Content owners uploading a substantial quantity of quality videos can also request their own content channel in the system, creating even more branding oportunities and driving more traffic to their web properties. Visit to create your account today! Once your account is approved you'll be asked to read and agree to our partnership agreement, then you can start to upload your videos, set up your sites and channels and begin earning revenue! If you have any questions, feel free to get in contact with us!
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PIMPROLL Increases Affiliate Payouts This Easter Weekend To celebrate PIMPROLL's successful year thus far, the company would like to extend a special reward to all of the affiliates and webmasters by increasing payouts during Easter Weekend. Starting April 6 and running until April 9, PIMPROLL is increasing affiliate payouts on all price points by $5. The current pay-per sign-up is $20.
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We are happy to announce that pop-unders are now officially live through the HostedTube network and available to purchase at Traffic Force. With over 7,000 tubes and growing, there are an abundance of opportunities to reach your core demographics through these high-quality niche tube sites. HostedTube is attracting more and more top domain names every day, which means more premium advertising opportunities for you! You have the ability to geo-target as well as time-target pop-unders which are frequency capped so that visitors are greeted with the ad only the first time they visit a site within a 24-hour period. Traffic Force launched Pop-Under advertising last week and so far the response has been excellent, we're pleased to be able to bring you more quality traffic to add to the list of Pop-Unders we offer already on: In total we are serving more than 2 million popunders daily, pricing is set at $2.50 CPM. Log in to Traffic Force today to get your campaigns created. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We will be continue to inform you of exciting changes to the system, new offers and product developments. Best regards, Ross Allan Traffic Force ICQ: 164643450 Skype: rosscoe17 Phone: 519 987 0600
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HostedTube is Feeling Generous! Due to the overwhelming success of our tube builder, we want to say thank you by giving back. The 10,000th domain activated on HostedTube will win 10,000 hits per day for 25 days! That is a total of 250,000 unique hits! The winner will be announced as soon as the 10,000th domain is created. Click Here for Contest Rules Are you on GFY Message Board? You have a chance to win 3 additional prizes! Three more lucky webmasters have the opportunity to win prizes for their tube sites. Here is what you need to do: Step 1: Create an active tube site on Step 2: Post your domain in this thread: Once the 10,000th HostedTube has been created we will select post numbers at random to determine the three winners. Prize #1: 50,000 unique hits to your tube site Prize #2: SEO prize package by EngineFood, which includes custom SEO for 3 HostedTubes as well as 150 backlinks (50 per tube) from handwritten blogs. (This prize is worth $2,000). Prize #3: FREE custom template design. Here is the catch: Prize #2 will be available once this thread exceeds 50 domain posts and Prize #3 when it exceeds 100. It is only fair :) There are only two rules: ° Your tube must be active. ° No consecutive posts!
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Hosted Tube Ad Zones NOW Available! Last week, PIMPROLL launched a new webmaster tool that will allow you to build a Tube site in less than 5 minutes. If you didn't hear about it, here is the Press Release: So far we have over 4,000 tube sites in our system and traffic levels are growing at an amazing pace. Today we're announce that this traffic is open to purchase NOW in Traffic Force! We've named the entire networks as follows Web Traffic: Network Mobile Traffic: Network All ad zones are in the system and available to bid on right now. As always you can fully GEO Target your traffic on this new network of thousands of sites. We've made it easy for you to get massive amounts of quality traffic in one easy place. If anyone requires any help adding these Zones to your existing campaigns please contact us and we'll be happy to do it for you. Please give us your feedback on this new traffic source, we want to ensure it is performing well for Advertisers. As continues to grow, so will your traffic levels so please take care when creating campaigns. Make full use of our daily budget system to ensure you don't burn through your funds too quickly. Regards Ross Allan Traffic Force ICQ: 164643450 Skype: rosscoe17 Phone: 519 987 0600
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Retiring Old Price points The new year is almost upon us, and as it approaches we are reviewing the success of our efforts in 2011. It has become apparent to us that the vast majority of webmasters prefer to push the $1 and $4.99 trial price points, in fact they receive more than 99% of our webmaster generated trial sales. Therefore, we will be removing and redirecting both the $2.99 and $9.99 trial price points. As of tomorrow, November 30th, those two price points will redirect to our discount trial which is by far our best selling price point. If you wish to promote a different price point, simply change out your links for one of the other options, if you are happy with the discount pricing, you do not need to do anything.
Partner details:
Sale Revenue: 65%, $35 PPS
Minimum payout: $0
Payments: bi-weekly
Pay method: Payoneer, Paxum
Program's type: NATS
Check Sender: JSS Networks, Inc.