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babeterminal (more than a month ago) + Reply
it works
SBD Editor (more than a month ago) + Reply
Maybe temporary errors - Enabled
SBD editor (more than a month ago) + Reply
Most sites and AP are offline - disabled.
Support Team (more than a month ago) + Reply
Hi Everyone. and Closed. Due to the sites no longer being viable, the content provider has decided, and we agree, that it is time to shut down the sites, effective immediately. We thank you for your support of the KeiraLee and TeraLee websites in the past, and request any advertising materials that you might have out there, be removed. There is a bit of good news tho, all of our other sites are going to be receiving all new FHG's and banners in the next few weeks. All thumbnails for the new galleries are hand made, high quality, and ready to go. We will also be adding downloadable zips of all the FHG's as they are released. Any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Methodcash
Support Team (more than a month ago) + Reply
Hi Everyone. I just wanted to take a moment to let everyone know, that due to circumstances beyond our control, the data center in which we currently host all of our servers, is closing it's doors, as a result of this, we have been forced to find a new home for our servers. The good news is that we have a new data center lined up, the bad news is that we will experience about 24 hours of downtime, while we move the servers to the new data center. The data center move will take place on June 26th 2014, and everything "should" be back up and running by June 27th 2014. All network related servers, and services will be offline, until they are brought up at the new data center and network. We apologize for the downtime, but this will be move for the better regarding our network speed, and reliability. See you on the other side.
Bruce (more than a month ago) + Reply
All sites are offline - disabled
Marshal (more than a month ago) + Reply
They had problems with their data center. Please check out the next comment for the affiliate program.
babeterminal (more than a month ago) + Reply
these all work for me
Bruce (more than a month ago) + Reply
Seems they have strange ip policy. I can't visit these sites using Austria ip. Enabled.
Methodcash Admin (more than a month ago) + Reply
Methodcash Wants Your Input Plus Other news & Promo We Would Like Your Input. We've had some inquires recently in regards to payment periods, that got us thinking. Weekly Payment Outs?: Would you as an affiliate be interested in weekly payouts, rather than payouts every 2 weeks? we are certainly open to this idea, but a few changes would need to be made, namely there would be a 1 week in arrears waiting period. So for example, for a payout that would happen on November 2nd, you would be paid for sales you generated from October 19 - 25. If this is something you would like, please let us know, by contacting me at - we will make our decision based on a majority of responses. NEW RSS Feeds: We are in the final process of upgrading our RSS feeds, and as such, we need to know the most common photo sizes you use on your sites, when using RSS feeds. NThe new RSS feeds will be with photos and 80 - 100 word blurb, so a vast improvement over what is currently in place. Please let us know what YOU need. Weekly galleries: Yes, it's actually a reality now. We have been working overtime to get thousands of galleries completed, and get set up in the system for automatic release, so you can expect a weekly newsletter with new galleries, and zips for download. PAY PER SALE: One last time, I'll mention the opening of our PPS program to all affiliates. With the holidays right around the corner, it's a nice way to get some quick extra $$$, to get all those goodies the kids want.
Methodcash Admin (more than a month ago) + Reply
Payoneer, Pay Per Sale, & New Tour, OH MY!!! That's right, we've been busy little beavers getting things back up to speed. Payoneer: We are please to announce that we have added Payoneer to our list of payout partners. If you currently have a Payoneer account, then getting set up in Methodcash is as easy as changing your payout type. If you don't already have Payoneer, and would like to use it as a payout option, simply go to and signup for an account. Pay Per Sale (PPS): Yes that's right we have opened our Pay Per Sale program to the public. After a few months testing the waters and see what works best for us, and the affiliate, we're now ready for everyone to take part. You all know what PPS is, so I won't bore you with a synopsis of what it is, but we will be paying $25 PPS for every sale you make using the PPS program, should you chose to use the PPS links, otherwise you will be paid 50%/50% recurring, which is the default program. Of course, those affiliates that send substantially higher than normal amounts of signups, we will gladly work with on a higher PPS payout rate, so the more you send, the more you make. :) New Tour: Over the past few months, we have been working on re-working all the members areas, and are one by one making new tours for all the sites. The Current site to get a long over due face lift, is AllAsians. The Look is fresh, clean and simple, but shows everything we have, and what the surfer will get. Internal testing of the new tour has had better than expected results, that we have made this the default tour for all affiliate traffic sent to Stop by and get your new AllAsians link codes and test it for yourself. SITE UPDATES, SITE UPDATES, SITE UPDATES This is going to be a little embarrassing to admit, as it shows that some of our tours don't really reflect it very well (hence the new tours), But ALL of our sites ACTIVELY update. Our network updates 3 TIMES PER DAY 88Square, AllAsians, Asian Sex Club, FilipinoFuck, Francine Dee, Keira Lee, PinkAffairs, Tera Lee, Tia Ling - ALL UPDATE with NEW, Fresh Content. There's no such thing as over exposed content / sites, if they are continuously updated with new content, so don't use that as an excuse to not send your Asian niche traffic, our way.
Methodcash Admin (more than a month ago) + Reply
Just a reminder for those that missed it, 88Square IS MOBILE That's right, we've entered the 21st century, and gone mobile. The tour and ALL members areas are 100% mobile compliant, properly sized and formatted for mobile devices, as well as tablets. The tour & members areas have been fully tested in iPhone3, 4 & 4S, iPod Touch, iPad 2 & 3, Android 2 & 3, and Xoom table. You can also grab the mobile link code for your account in the Methodcash affiliate area. For your mobile advertising campaigns, we STRONGLY suggest making a QR code to place on your site, so that mobile surfers, can simply scan the QR code, and be sent to the mobile tour automatically with your code already in place. ( We use to create our QR codes ). Any questions or comments on the Mobiel tour, feel free to let me know.
Methodcash Admin (more than a month ago) +1 + Reply
Methodcash is pleased to announce the launch of 2 new stand alone solo girl sites. The Ultra Sexy Thai-American Babe - Roxie Thai & Filipino-American Hottie - Aliana Sweet
Program owner announcement (more than a month ago) + Reply
Well, here we are again... We hope everyone in the US had a great Thanksgiving, and are ready for the last bit of the year to pass. Here's some help to ramp up your sales. There are now COMPELTELY new Members areas with a lot of new added features for 88square, AsianSexClub, AllAsians, CherryGirl69, KeiraLee, & Tera... We STRONGLY ENCOURAGE you to update your reviews of the new members areas, so please get in touch through the Methodcash Messaging system within the affiliate area, so that we can get you set up with access to the sites so you can update your reviews.
Partner details:
Sale Revenue: 50%, $25 PPS
Minimum payout: $50
Payments: bi-weekly
Pay method: check, wire, Payoneer, PayPal, wire US
Program's type: NATS
Check Sender: CYMC Internet; Ishibashi Holdings LLC