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This just goes on and fucking on and not that I am complaining but you know. I do sit back sometimes and think how long is she going to be this stupid. Lovely girl but come on this is the 7th video I have shot you in. This is the second time we have shot your audition tapes for the fake American contacts I claim to have, so how long will she let me fuck her about like this? A long time I hope, but I have to admit I think I have nailed it with this one, not because this con is the longest running one and all other girls have realized that I�m a cunt, but that I think I�m acting the right way with her. Conning her into thinking I�m nice and helpful, you guys know me by now I am totally different and don�t care about anyone or if they enjoy it as long as I fucking do. I had intended for Scarlet to shoot this scene but again she had other fucking plans. This was supposed to be the re shoot of the footage I said I had fucking lost, and I wanted Scarlet here to better sell the bull shit to Lucy. However with the right charm I told her that this was another kind of video that the US guys wanted to see and that their criteria had changed from the last time we shot her. It was now normal to shoot different casting videos in different styles to better show them what type of style shoot she was suited too, so they could better match her to the right projects. I don�t know where I think of this shit but its good. In fact this has inspired me to pull this shit on other girls, why shoot one video when I can shoot loads. Of course not all will believe me and some that I haven�t heard of since might hang up on me and tell me to drop dead when I say this to them as at the end of the day some will know now that they have been had. But that�s ok, it�s worth the risk to try and get more pussy right? Right well onto Lucy I basically turned the cameras on and fucked her, Scarlet or no fucking Scarlet I was going to get some pussy off Lucy and she happily went along with it. She sat on my cock, I deep pussy fucked her and I bent her over and pounded her after blowing a load in her face, not bad at all for an evening in the winter nights when there�s fuck all to do.

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