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SignBucks.com provides complete database of adult affiliate programs to promote by webmasters. Webmasters earn money once visitors they send to a certain paysite purchase premium access to the Members Area with full length videos and photo sets. You can find a detailed explanation of how it works in Make money in porn article.

SignBucks.com contains a complete list of CCBill, NATS, Epoch, Verotel, Paxum and mobile  affiliate programs. We import all available tube clips, FHGs, RSS feeds, embedded videos and other tools, so you can check them out before joining the program. The site provides members area photos and videos samples. If you are paysite owner we suggest to submit your paysites to get them them featured at 0dayPorno (members area updates from 1,000 porn sites) and BabesDaily models directory.

We put our every effort to bring you the best listing of niche sites to promote. You can share your experience regarding various sponsors and paysites or ask questions in respective comments sections. No registration is required. Also, we often help webmasters resolve their issues with program owners.

If you are a program owner and interested in getting more webmasters to promote your sites waste no time and get in touch with us at: 
E-mail: mrdeiz@signbucks.com
ICQ: 469-.-367-.-167
Skype: Mr.Deiz

We have top spot ads, premium directory listings in every genre your paysite is featured in and hardlinks available for rent and sale.

If you wanna have your program listed in our directory just get in touch with us via “Feedback” button at the right bottom of the page.

Best of luck ;)


If you ARE NOT a professional webmaster you can click here for free porno or check the bottom section of the site for some cool links for your best porn surfing experience.

Liked our site? Put up a link back to us or a banner on your site. If you are a program owner you should know that all your paysites have also been listed in our surfers directories: MyPornDiary.net and Porno.ws, BabeCake.net models directory and ApprovedPorn review site. Please link to all of those sites so we would be able send you more traffic in return.
Webmaster's comments:
Ariel X (more than a month ago) + Reply
I would like to introduce my brand new Niche website to you. It is https://www.evolvedfights.com/ and our affiliate program is www.darkreachcash.com
Mihail (more than a month ago) +1 + Reply
Hi Ariel X Your site already in signbucks.com listing You can click on the desired category (Wrestling / Flexible ) on the main page or use search. Also you can find your site here http://www.signbucks.com/sites/view/id/24354-evolved_fights Thanks.
bubon (more than a month ago) + Reply
Doesn’t work searh form. I get message “Unauthorized access to internal API. Please refer to https://support.google.com/customsearch/answer/4542055”. Fix it, please.
SBD editor (more than a month ago) + Reply
Hi, thanks for message, we will check it soon.
Miguel (more than a month ago) + Reply
Hey there Deiz! If you have a chance, please add www.cash4sins.com to your directory :)
Levente (more than a month ago) + Reply
Hi, we are a new site, how can we appear on the affiliate list? We work with epochstat. Thanks
bill (more than a month ago) +1 + Reply
SignBucks - i was checking out your MegaSites listings, when somewhere on page 5 or 6 or 7, or there abouts, i got a gigantic malware warning from one of the links to one of the sites i clicked on .
Bruce (more than a month ago) + Reply
I will check it out. Thanks.
(more than a month ago) + Reply
Hello Mr Diez - I've tried locating your Skype name unsuccessfully as I am about to write a post in the announcement area and I am looking to find your forum rules and not having any luck... Please advise-
MrDeiz (more than a month ago) +2 + Reply
Hey. My skype is Mr.Deiz and there're no special rules, just post your announcement
(more than a month ago) +6 + Reply
How and where do i signup to promote this site? http://www.signbucks.com/sites/view/id/3350-squirting_carly
Bruce (more than a month ago) + Reply
I've left an answer about your question here http://www.signbucks.com/sites/view/id/3350-squirting_carly#comments. Feel free to contact me if you still can't join this program. ben@signbucks.com
MrDeiz (more than a month ago) +2 + Reply
I'd like to welcome everyone to our forum SponsorsTalk.com That's an awesome place to discuss everything what's going on in the industry and besides it) Welcome aboard!
Mike Henigan (more than a month ago) + Reply
Dear MrDeiz, My name is Mike from vrbangers.com I would like to speak with you asap, please contact me on skype Mike Henigan,
Femdom Destiny (more than a month ago) + Reply
Check out: http://www.signbucks.com/sites/view/id/17133-tranny_facesitting It is not with Verotel anymore.
Bruce (more than a month ago) +4 + Reply
Thanks a lot. I'll fix it ASAP.
Dave (more than a month ago) -1 + Reply
hey - this is just a general comment but if you could get the payment co's from the different sponsors that would be very helpful to webmasters ie 35pps pays with X on check and Y for paxum (though I think check would be the most useful)
MrDeiz (more than a month ago) +2 + Reply
hey. we provide check info into company profile like http://www.signbucks.com/partners/view/id/8-blazing_bucks and you can search paxum at http://www.signbucks.com/marketing/check-and-paxum-senders we didn't make it public because it could be a sensitive info
Dave (more than a month ago) + Reply
Ah very cool (and that makes sense about it being sensitive) - this fills the void of whopaidme nicely! Thanks!
MrDeiz (more than a month ago) +2 + Reply
We have got our forum at http://SponsorsTalk.com Everyone is welcome in discussion)
MrDeiz (more than a month ago) +2 + Reply
We are about to change niche structure at the site and some back-end changes will be made. Please let me know if you have any requests for new features or option we can do during the upgrade process.
MrDeiz (more than a month ago) +3 + Reply
SignBucks is looking for adult article writers I'm looking for article writers for SignBucks article section I pay $7.5/1k of chars if you complete the task. 4xA4 pages of text is about 20,000 chars (that's the medium size of the article), so you get $150 for it. There will be special pricing for specific or valuable topics. I need some professional writings bringing the real stuff, not a ton of words describing the subject in general. If you are trying to achieve it you should perfectly know the subject and request the info as a reporter from involved persons. Those are some subjects for the articles I'd like to have covered: Adult review sites Content theft protection for paysite owners Adult hosting and registrars TGP sites Tube sites Adult linktrades Adult blogging Running affiliate program: perspectives and challenges Launching NATS program Launching CCbill program Launching Epoch/Verotel/Zombaio program First steps for beginning adult webmasters Adult billings and getting them on a paysite Becoming F/M adult model Becoming adult gay model Becoming web performer Professional porn actress carrier The most popular legal surfers BBS boards You're welcome with your own subjects you can cover. If you succeed in your first article we can have a plan with you on the further writings. You should send me a list of questions you're going to cover for chosen topic. That's an example for "Adult review sites" 1. Adult review site as a business model. Includes past and current segment estimates in traffic and sites number, segment trends, etc. 2. Pros & cons for program owners in partnering with review sites (how much traffic and sales do they get, does review matter on paysite image). 3. The most popular review sites and their specific requirements for paysites. You should do a chart including estimated traffic, number of reviews, review quality, etc. 4. What paysite owners think about partnering with review sites. What do they think about their paysites reviews. 5. What major review sites think about paysites and current situation in the industry. 6. Tips for program owners to get higher review score for their paysites. Explain review criteria The article should contain at least 5 expert thoughts, their views on the segment, actual questions, etc. Each of the expert gets a link to his site. If you've chosen the subject - mail me your plan at mrdeiz @ signbucks.com Once I approve it (add some questions I'd like to get covered, etc) you're free to go. I plan to have ~5 articles/month for the beginning.
recommendation and asking (more than a month ago) + Reply
* please make lists of milfever galleries. there are a lot of galleries but i cannot found the list http://www.milfever.com/content/6b370d165562c2e3f85ba1745c8645af/index.html?5x56x42251
MrDeiz (more than a month ago) +2 + Reply
What exactly do you mean?
Now Hiring (more than a month ago) + Reply
No sales! You'll have to be in touch with program owners and affiliate representatives for Signbucks.com needs. You'll get $450/monthly + bonuses if you achieve results. 5 days / week 6h/day Send me your CV at mrdeiz @ signbucks.com Include how old are you, your experience in adult business, GFY or other board profile and location. The only thing required is communication skills and productive activity.
Site News (more than a month ago) +3 + Reply
We have did some design changes recently like - improved list of niched paysites http://www.signbucks.com/sites/list - displaying members area screenshots http://www.signbucks.com/sites/view/id/13903-mofos_worldwide - embedded promo videos are finally being displayed (yep we stored thousands of them into the database, but haven't displayed yet any LOL) - you can comment on every page now. Yep, please comment, it's very important for the site. That's all for today. Let me know if anything Please tell us about those changes and if there's anything else you'd like to have