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Tips for sponsors

  1. Make your decision about program’s script with all seriousness. It could be either CCBill, NATS, Epoch, Verotel, Inet Cash, Mpa3 or some in-house script. For starting up programs it’s better to use integrated affiliate platform like CCBill, Epoch, Verotel or Inet Cash which are reliable and easy to setup. Once you get at least 10 sales/day you can think about switching to NATS, Mpa3 or any custom back-end. They allow almost painless migration, just make sure you are ready for it.
    Frequent change of affiliate back-end for your program forces webmasters to change their links and personal information which is a time-consuming routine nobody likes.
  2. Don’t change paysite affiliate links structure, especially if it requires links change on webmasters side. If you change paysite's tour link structure, please keep in mind that some webmasters are linking to specific pages of your paysites and make sure the traffic is properly redirected.
  3. Industry standard for affiliate sales tracking cookies lifetime is about 3 weeks to 1 month.
  4. Don’t mention webmaster’s real name in promo emails. It’s better to use nickname or login.
  5. Provide webmaster’s personal link codes in emails with promo tools. It`s better to use a blank code like *INSERT YOUR ID* instead of using your program’s code.
  6. Don’t send promo emails too often, especially if you have several affiliate email databases. If it’s promo tools emails, just send them on a weekly basis.
  7. Notify webmasters about important changes 2 weeks ahead. Make an email announcement, post it in your SignBucks profile and on industry boards like GoFuckYourself, GayDemon (gay programs), TrannyMasters (shemale programs).
  8. Check whether contact information is provided on your program’s site. If you use feedback form, always make sure its working.
  9. Set an affiliate referral program which credits your webmasters for referring new webmasters to your program. Industry standard is 5-10% of referred webmasters earnings. In CCBill this feature is called 'Partner bonus program'.
  10. Use members area protection script like Strongbox which effectively protects your members area content from being illegally distributed and prevents hacked accounts from accessing your members area. It's not perfect, but it's very efficient. If your members area content ends up all over the pirate sites you can get it removed with the help of Take Down Piracy or some other company of the kind.
  11. Paysites shouldn't have any 3rd party links or banners used for your ads campaigns. It's called 'traffic leaks' and it's not fair to 'steal' affiliate traffic that way. You have an option to setup a special traffic leaks free tour for affiliate traffic.
  12. Use billings cascade. It allows your customers to join your site with another billing if they get declined by the primary one. It's an efficient tool that increases your sales by up to 10-15%. Make sure additional billings are set up correctly and credit affiliates for sales. If you run your program through CCBill you can add SegPay and Epoch billings into cascade (contact CCBill support for further information). 
  13. Banners, FHGs and tube clips are the most popular affiliate promo tools. Provide short descriptions, model names and RSS feed for FHGs and tube clips. RSS feed allows webmasters to get your promo tools automatically uploaded on their traffic sites.
  14. Use FHG management and tube clips management scripts for CCBill, Verotel and Epoch programs.
  15. Offer webmasters instant online payments like Paxum or ePayService if you run NATS, Mpa3 or in-house script program. It's important for autonomous back-end programs.
  16. It's important to let affiliates link to specific pages of your paysites - it's so called 'deep-linking' option. It could be a page featuring some model, genre or scene the most suitable for specific affiliate's traffic. You should be aware that this option should be activated into CCBill, NATS, Epoch, Verotel, Inet Cash, Mpa3 admin. In CCBill it's called multiple redirects.
  17. EpochStats programs - to set your affiliate program correct you should use join form links only from EpochStats admin: -> Program Reports -> Setup -> Linking codes -> Select Site. It's a frequent mistake by some Epoch programs.
  18. Always mention your program somewhere on the paycheck paper, which doesn't get processed by a bank. Paycheck mail and paycheck part which gets processed by the bank shouldn't contain any mention of your program, paysite or anything adult-related. Make sure we have check sender company for your program at
  19. Make sure your affiliate admin 'Forgot password' option is working.
  20. Get in touch with us to get free listing at once you have your affiliate program and paysites up and running.
  21. Use our links to buy scripts or join billings for your brand new affiliate program. You get additional promo for your program for that (contact us to apply).  
    CCBill for: US/CanadaEUOutside of US and EU (use the link according to your company's jurisdiction)
    Post Affiliate Pro
  22. Support StopFilelockers public service, which shot down major adult pirate sites in 2012 and effectively fights piracy in our business. Affected by Piracy ? Get Represented!
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